Jun 4, 2006

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Montana and Arrowhead did not "make the cut" but they posed anyway. The Arrowhead is one I made because it a "crossing block" that at the time, I thought I needed for balance. The Montana block got dumped too but that was because of the black fabric. I believe we did that in October when the quilt shop had Halloween on the brain so the only repro fabric in it is the orange in the nine patch. Other than the black stitching around the Dresden Plate, there is not black in the top--you're outta here! Posted by Picasa


  1. Thanks for sharing your blocks - complete with names. This is a nice reference. This quilt will be beautiful. I am glad to hear you are keeping one for yourself! After all your generosity to others, it is time to be generous to yourself!

  2. All the blocks are just wonderful Linda, as I've said before...you did a great job!!! And if I had to "boot" one or two, for sure I would "boot" the one with that much black. It's a great block, fun to look at, but it does stick out from the others.
    So nice to hear that your are out to borders already!!!


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