Jun 18, 2006

quiet day

It being Father's Day, I bet many are involved in family get togethers. I told DJ "Happy Dad's Day" but only because it is a special day for him as I, in no way, think of him as MY dad. That honor is reserved for a special man back in IL. I love you.

So before I make myself any more homesick, it has been a pretty quiet day around my house. DJ left earlier to play golf and then later was watching golf--the US Open being played this weekend though he was intermittently switching over to the Cub game.

I was listening to two public radio programs that I enjoy and then switched over to the Cardinal game online while I sewed. We are both Cardinal fans from way back but rarely get to see them play since we are out of market--Gameday Audio and Gameday at least lets us stay aware of what is happening. He watches the Braves because that is what IS on in our market.

I finished up this top a little bit ago. You saw the pile of 4 patch stuff in the previous post so that is the part I made--the rest was assembly. I have Cher and the Portland Piecers to thank for the friendship stars. She said that the blocks were some made for National Quilting Day at the local quilt shop where they meet. They were given to their group and then passed onto me.

Other than perhaps piecing some binding and winding some bobbins (again!), I am done for the day. I had toyed with the idea of putting a white border on the outside with a little four patch for corner blocks but it is big enough like it is. I am not crazy about putting on borders anyway so I'm not gonna, LOL. Other than that not much going on--tomorrow will be walking, grocery shopping and start quilting on the that pile of quilts.

This is how Pippi spent a chunk of her day. Actually I am happy that she has re-discovered her perch. When we came back from our trip a month ago and even a bit before that, she would NOT get on here for anything. Quite odd as it was always one of her favorite spots. (That and lolling about on my bed and her catnap box in the living room.) She has another perch in the sewing room and would not/will not get on it either. I would prefer this to the microwave if I were her but who knows what goes on in their little heads? It didn't dump her on the floor or fall off the Velcro---I don't get it.

The across the street neighbors MAY have gotten a new dog--looked like a little black lab or lab mix and Pippi knew it. So did I when I heard puppy whining/barking during the night and early this morning. Just what this neighborhood does not need is another barking dog. There are about 7 or 8 in the immediate areas as it is. SIGH

Guess that's about it for today---catch you later.


  1. great looking top Linda! those setting blocks you made really make those friendship blocks sing!
    woo hoo! on to quilting for you.

  2. love the friendship star quilt Linda! Great job!

  3. Just dropping by and leaving a big hug for you this Father's Day. It hard having one home be miles and miles from the other home. Having our own homes doesn't seem to lessen our love or longer for the one of our youth. You are truly blessed if you have both of your parents living..*VBS* And since I know your mom is, I'm gonna hope that your dad is too..*VBS* Hugs, Finn

    P.S. really like the setting you chose for those friendship stars..it's very striking!

  4. I too like the setting you chose for the friendship stars. I know too what it is like to be away from "home"; my dad is in TX and I am in WA. Called and talked to him for about 30 minutes and enjoyed a nice chat.

  5. I love how you set this quilt! It's bright and cheery and works perfect with NO border!

    Cats are fickle and I haven't got a clue why they sour to a sleeping place, but if you find out you let me know! We have a perch that's solid..not a hammock and they won't sleep there, but they do sit there alot to scope out the window. I think they are great! My cats move all around finding new spots all the time.

  6. Oooh..love that friendship star quilt! And Pippi is a doll too! My two cats sleep all over the house--anywhere they want LOL!

  7. love the friendship stars....

  8. Sounds exactly like how my DH spent the day - first on the course and then watching the Open. The kids came over just as it was finished - their timing was great. I had to watch the Mariners game in the longarm room. :-)

    Love the Friendship Star top!

  9. Cute kitty picture & I love what you did with the friendship star blocks!

  10. That quilt is so cute! You can't beat red, white and blue!

  11. Wow, you're making lots of progress - I'm jealous! I like them all!


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