Jun 13, 2006

missed meeting

I missed our meeting today because some headache from you know where/upset digestive tract thing slipped in here last evening. Aline, bless her, stopped by the house on her way in to pick up some things that needed delivered to the group. They pinned one top for me and she brought me batting for 4 more. She also brought me the completed quilts that were turned in so I could get pictures and log them into our document.

Quilt Holder helped me with these a little bit ago so I have some to share with you. Not sure where the text and pictures are going to land so the tulip top you see was made by Theramae using a panel piece at the center as her jumping off point. I could not quite get the colors adjusted properly. Pretty clever quilt, I thought.

The little redwork quilt at right was made by Lois. The embroidery was done by machine and has the cutest penguin fabric for the print squares. Red heart buttons anchor the setting squares and the color picked up by the outside border.

The 3D bowtie quilt--sorry looks a little fuzzy--is one that Beverly made which has an unusual border in that she made 3D bowties entirely in white for the outside edges. The knots and the quilting add such a dimensional touch. It is backed with white flannel. I hope that you will be able to click on it to see the detail

There were others as well but you have seen Finn's bowtie and basket when they were just tops. I know I showed the sampler top Aline had assembled in an earlier post too--probably in the spring sew-in wrap up.

Other than pressing miles of binding and layering 6 tops, taking those pictures and updating the quilt documen that is all I have done today between bouts of laying down. Aline said that several of the others did not feel too red hot today either so maybe it is something going around. It can leave anytime.........


  1. So sorry to hear you have been "bugged" and had to miss your quilt meeting. Those darn things making the rounds again, I have heard.

    Sounds to me like you got lots and lots done anyway. the quilts that you show are really nice, but an interesting idea to make the border from pieced all white bowties. I like that with those in the quilt being 3 colors(vs 2) that some of them look like they change directions...LOL..really great!!

  2. cute quilts- I sure hope you are feeling better soon!

  3. Hope you are feeling better today. Feeling rotten is just the pits when one has so much one wants to do. All the quilts look great! You ladies do such amazing work for WTIL.

  4. That bow tie quilts jumps around on you a bit. Some of the blocks look like they could be seen either way! Too fun!

    You are moving right along on your June goals and crossing them off very quickly! Hope you feel better soon.

    I talked a good game but I don't think hubby is interested in moving to your back yard. Darn! I was all excited about a cheaper house and a good quilting friend steps away! I had that bonus room all planned out! *G*

  5. Great quilts Linda!!! Love 'em ALL!


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