Jun 17, 2006

sewing and computing

Yesterday was sewing day and I was able to get the 2nd pineapple blossom top together. Cross another one off my June goals.

I appreciate Linda making me a full set of blocks so we have another of these fun tops to donate to the cause. I noticed that a couple of the fabrics in the strips are a little light and kind of fade away. Something to consider when I take on the remaining 7 blocks that are started at some point. I do love the scrappy!

You may notice that I did not press Quilt Holder into service. Just clipped it to the lip of my shelving unit giving you another shot of my sewing room. The two red baskets and the yellow atop it hold the remaining 2 inch strips. Slowly and surely they are finding their way along and into tops. Some backing fabric that Pam sent a few months back will be used and probably blue WTIL kit fabric for binding though I did not cut it yet.

A lovely package came from Jeanne today---her yellow and orange Quilt spectrum quilt (see April 20th post) and the Pink and Black retro (see June 3rd post) quilt tops along with backing and binding fabric and more neat-o yardage for quilt backs were inside. Thank you so very much, Jeanne , for your help in reaching our goals for Girls Big Oak Ranch and WTIL.

So what have I been up to today? Mostly fighting with my computer. Like Cher, it seemed that the automatic update from Windows was messing up my ability to open my own blog and anyone elses! That just would not do. Restored the computer back to an earlier time more than once---shut off the automatic stuff and put them back in one by one till I thought I narrrowed down the culprit. Then at one point, my server did not want to allow me to sign on. Talk about frustration. Obviously I am back in business. In between times, I started my strip sets for a pile of four patches that you see below and wrote a long, long email to a dear friend who I have reconnected with.

I'm doing a four in nine patch type chain block between some friendship stars that Cher and the Portland Piecers sent to help the Bama Belles cause. You can see the EQ printout clipped to the basket in the picture. I am still working on the four patch spiral thing and finger pressing enough for 18 blocks and the corner blocks. I've pressed the Jem into service to give the Viking a little rest---it is going to get a work out quilting soon enough, LOL.

Hope you all have had a good weekend so far--I'm off to see what you have posted.


  1. Hi Linda,great job, really!!!! Also the colors are good together :)))

  2. I too love that scrappy look of the pineapple. Thanks Jeanne! how wonderful to get competed tops for WTIL! I know some little girl is going to be thrilled with the pink/black retro!

    LJ, keep on keeping on...you make me tired! When I grow up I wanna have as much sticktoitist as you have!

  3. good for you LJ...! and hurray for Jeanne coming to the goal aid!

  4. Looks like some serious chain sewing is going on in your neck of the woods. I see what you mean about some strips "fading away", but I like how the middle diamond is so bold and the others are more subtle - so it looks like it was done on purpose!



  5. I love your little trashcan bucket hanging right next to your sewing machine...very handy!!


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