Jun 30, 2006

Day off--field tripping!

Such a sweet little face---she DID come out to greet me when I got from our field trip today. That is more than DJ got when he came home from golf. First time she has been on the bed for quite some time but I have a feeling she was getting a little too hot on her perch in the blazing afternoon sun. Our thermometer says low 90's and I believe every bit of it. Breeze blowing but just hot air.

SO as a followup to my note from yesterday--when I told you my mom could work rings around me? I got her into making a few quilts for Wrap Them In Love (WTIL) way back in 2000. She would tell you that her intention was just to make a couple to help us out. 422 tops later, she is still at it---and it is all my fault, LOL. I wish she could find someone to work with up there in IL but the area quilt guild probably has something else in mind for Community Service project. You may have noticed that the Project Linus is a P. O. Box in Bloomington, IL? (that is basically where I was from till DJ and I moved south) Anyway, I suspect that it gets a bit more attention than the grass roots organization we support.

Bonnie wanted to see how that Friendship Star and Alternating Chains turned out quilted---the binding, of course is not done but here you go! Just in the ditch to accentuate chains. I do a lot of ditching quilting actually especially if the quilt calls for it--and this one did.

I got both of Jeanne's quilt tops finished up yesterday leaving only one quilt NOT quilted towards my June goal. Her lovely pink and black retro was a quickie so that helped. No pictures of those till the binding is done. I know that there are few more hours of June left but I am taking the day off though I might consider doing some hand finishing on some binding.

Five of us girls headed over to the Birmingham area quilt shops this morning. So the photo at right shows my three purchases on the bottom. The celery green print will go very well for my round robin plans and allow some other color introductions for those who follow. The tealy-aqua-turquoisy looking stuff is actually more green in real life and is some fabric I am collecting each time I go to that particular quilt shop--just yard cuts. LOL, I like the one piece so well I have bought it twice. I really should have looked before I left the house to be sure but hey, I'm not sure what I am going to do with it yet so I may well need this down the line. I didn't buy any books, magazines or patterns as really only one even remotely tempted me. One shop had some fabric for 40% off but you had to buy yard cuts---didn't even interest me. I spotted what I wanted for the robin almost immediately and then had fun helping Pat pick out something for the next one she will work on.

The two pieces above that: The train piece is something my Mom just sent for a fun boys quilt and the cats is from my friend Marilyn. You all know how I feel about cats! This will have to be kept in fairly big chunks so I'll ponder a pattern choice for that---neat colors to play off of though.

We had lunch at one of the local tea rooms between the two shops. Good food and good company but that parking lot in and out is a nightmare. I was beginning to think we were going to be stuck there all day but we hit the 2nd shop in due time. By the time I ran 2 of my riders home and picked up some grocery odds and ends I got home a little after 3. Now its time to start supper (Maid Rites, deli potato salad--easy peasy)

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  1. Hi Linda, I think a day of road trip was a great idea. Complete change of pace, but fun, fun, fun!!

    The Friendship Star quilt looks awesome. I really am soooo impressed with how great your machine quilting looks on all these quilts. I think it must be about the perfect height of batting, cause the rise from the loft getting seamed is perfect. Not to high and not to flat...I really love the look.
    I'm kind of an outcast in quilting circles because I like polyster batting. I think the cotton batts are fine, and for some stuff it's the best choice. But I like the shadows and dimention you get with a batt that has some loft to it, and cotton has so little. And as I age, I'm finding the weight of cotton batts harder and harder to handle.
    You'll have to tell your mom my hat if off to her!!! 422 quilts for the cause since 2000....really outstanding!!! IF I were closer I'd be happy to be in a group with her anyday..*VBS*
    The fabric purchases look great! I can see why you like that one..*G*
    I managed to get my computer fixed myself(I hope) and it's running at normal speed now..hurray for that!!!
    Talk to you later, Hugs, Finn

  2. Sound like you have had a lovely day. The friendship star quilt looks very good from here :-)

  3. Great quilt and your day sounded like fun!

  4. I really like the friendship stars. What weight batting are you using? I get the 3.5oz on the roll because for the kids I think poly holds up better the all the washing the quilts get. Good job. I'm surprised the pkg. came already as it was mailed on Weds. Hope you like it.

  5. sounds like a great change of pace for the day. Enjoy!

  6. WOW to mom! Way to go! I agree with Finn, if I were closer I would be honored to be in a bee with her. My guild here is so big it's too tough to break into for new people, I tried!

    I agree with Finn about you batt being just the right choice. What kind do you use, by the way? The quilt is fabulous! The quilting makes all the best parts stand up and look fantastic!!

    Cool fabric, can't wait to see you RR plan!

  7. Love the friendship star quilt - the batting really makes those stars stand up beautifully - I do like a puffy effect

  8. Such a darling kitty! Don't you just love it when they let you know they missed you?!? Sounds like you had a great field trip. And the friendship star quilt is wonderful!!! And--do I detect a Laurel Burch cat fabric??? Love her fabrics.


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