Jun 4, 2006

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The "you are not helping here" pose from my furry little friend. To be fair, she WAS there first but she is impeding progress, LOL.

Thank you all for your kind comments about my quilt blocks. In the posts below (dang blogger) are the last sets of four including the two that did not make the cut. All the blocks are sashed and the rows are joined so today will be the border applications. Triple bordered, at that. Mom, 30 blocks with 2 inch sashing in white so the blocks float a bit as I want it to be sure to cover that pillow top mattress. It looks huge to me already but that's what happens when you mainly make kids quilts rather than bed quilts.

Oh, I should say that I was doing a bit of leaders and enders from Finn's 2.5 inch squares bag as I sewed the sashings--that is, when I remembered to grab them. Not a habit for me to always sew through a thread bunny first, I guess. I've gotten three checkboard centers together that can be used as it or for "Whatever" blocks.

Cher asked if I were going to hand quilt my sampler. I have to say, that I am considering it--certainly some blocks would lend themselves to it but should I bother if I want it quilted in the ditch primarily? I DO love to hand quilt and don't get a chance to do it anymore. Would my problem thumbs even let me--might have to try hand quilting something else first top find out. I want this on the bed some decade and this would become (or continue to be?) another UFO, I know. Okay, still debating obviously.

This is not a masterpiece quilt though I tried to do my best piecing. Two blocks were too small by a quarter inch--beyond fudging-- and had to have a little strip added. You would think that one of these days I would square them up or measure them but NO! I'm not saying that to run myself down---I still love the blocks, the fabrics and it will be my quilt made be me and quilted by me someway. Someone in my family may look at it some day and think "looks like Aunt Linda had a problem sewing this one" and LOL, they would be right though she didn't know it at the time. Posted by Picasa


  1. Wow!! That didn't take long at all, I'm always amazed at how quickly you get things done. I would love to have seen you in "action" as a nurse...*VBS* me, hiding in a corner, beyond where you could "get me"..LOL..what fun!!

    Seriously, I do hope you find you are able to hand quilt this, but if not, it won't be the end of the world. It's going to be soooo enjoyed by you, once it's done and on the bed...way to go!!! Hugs, Finn

  2. So beautiful. And what a great giggle about your furry one. Tigger just "happens" to be everywhere first.

    I think that's the same tone-on-tone white I used in my Kaleidoscope Cat top. I didn't know how much I was going to love that material. It gives such depth while not distracting from colors.


  3. Love your blocks. It's always nice to have a "helper".

    Judy L.

  4. Ohhh, this quilt is going to be a nice one - I really like all the colors against the white. :)

  5. Ooooh! Love the kitty, love the quilt. Great job.

  6. as Finn says, you don't waste much time getting the blocks done-and put together. Good luck with all those borders! I know that is not the most fun part of the process. And, I can agree-hand quilting would certainly delay the finishing up of this quilt. what ever you decide it will be a beautiful quilt and all for you!

  7. I love your blocks - and I am truly amazed by your speed - good going Linda ! Someone will think Aunt Linda was a very creative person indeed :-)


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