Jun 7, 2006

so how do I piece this?

This is one of my mom's quilts that I stumbled across in the photo album the night before last. I asked her how she pieced it but she could not be sure just how she went about it. It might be perfect for those remaining embroidered quilt blocks as I think I have about 8 cut 8 1/2 inch square.

I can see this one of two ways---
1) Square in a square but set on point with the setting triangles pieced in two colors--but how do you get them to line up so perfectly?

2) Embroidered square alternating between hour glass blocks but then how do you piece the outside edges? Mom thought maybe big flying geese above the cut squares and rectangles cut the same width above the hour glass blocks.

I have a square in a square ruler but would the images stay pointing the correct direction if I use it. Any thoughts on that? Just try it on some fabric I don't care about?

Well, since Cher is cracking the whip I better get busy with my sampler borders. I will as soon as I do something with this hair fresh from the shower---my gratitude today? Among other things, probably that in spite of whacking off 12 plus inches of hair earlier this year for Locks of Love, it is currently just long enough to get it pulled back into a "puny" tail and out of my face. It would be a longer and hotter summer otherwise.


  1. Much better, blogger was acting so weird and then of course they took it down to repair and now all better I hope.

    Well you stumped me too. I see both ways you mentioned, but I was trying to make it easier and I can't. Let us know what you decide!

  2. Hi ho...just "scrungy eyed" me wandering through..*G* That quilt looks perfect for the embroidered blocks.

    The blocks are all sq in a sq...just tip your head to the left while looking at the picture..*VBG* See what I mean??It's sq in a sq with a diagonal set

  3. leave it to Finn to make it easy.
    your poor mom...asking her to remember something that far back? I read she is working on another one trying to do it again! hope to read borders are on tomorrow as I did not catch you online this am nor pm either....

  4. Ah yes, square in a square - and a pieced setting triangle. Should be a snap once you tip your head like Finn said. (I have this funny vision of all of us Quilt Mavericks standing together at a quilt show with our heads tipped to the right - sort of like how cats look when they are together watching the birds!)

  5. Square in square ! If you have the the ruler it is easy, if you have not it is still easy, using the 45 degree mark on you ruler. I bet you have already tested it by now :-)


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