Jun 9, 2006

working in series

Our local Hancock's opened several years ago and I was asked to teach some quilting classes. I guess that the manager had talked to people who said they were making a quilt to see who might be able or interested in teaching because my name kept coming up from the help I had given my quilt group. Okay, I was in. I could do this since I was doing it informally anyway.

A small sampler seemed like the way to explore doing some of the basics of rotary cutting as well as the techniques of the basic blocks units--four patch, nine patch, HST's and QST's. The quilt at left was one of three that I made as my class sample. I have a 4th cut out as I kept making them and then giving them away to WTIL when there were no class prospects. I'll get around to piecing the rest of the 4th sampler one of these days but it won't be used for teaching purposes this time around.

Eventually in frustration, I quit trying teach and someone else has the honors (doing a crazy patch block from what I understand) You see, all too often people would sign up saying they were interested. You would spend hours and time away from your "work" calling a long list of people to set up a time and date. Then only one or two would show up. With no money taken in advance why should they bother to call to say they weren't coming? Several people got one on one lessons but not worth all my time and effort writing handouts, etc. I can only hope that I got a few people started on the way to quilting.

I didn't get one thing done yesterday in the sewing department though I certainly had ever intention of doing so. First, I needed to run to Walmart for a couple of things: my meds, a colored ink cartridge, a background fabric for the Whatever blocks and a few groceries items. I tell you what I was shopping for only because it is integral to the story.

I got home and my husband questioned the amount I had to pay for one med---it is pricey and I had just gotten a card from the drug company to help pay for it. DJ got on the phone---first to the company that issued the card and then to Walmart pharmacy. This after they insisted that they had applied the new card when I questioned it in person--very little off the bill from what I normally pay. Turns out I DID have a refund due me.

In the meantime I wastrying to install the color cartridge but the printer did not recognize that it is even there. Come to think of it, all the sudden it was not recognizing the recently installed color cartridge anymore and said the ink was gone. Since I had not really printed much there is no way that should be happening. I decided to try to uninstall and re-install and see what would happen. Meanwhile he gets off the phone and I told him to get in the car so we could straighten out the med snafu in case the person he spoke with was not there. Smart girl--left the refund before she left for lunch. Go looking for an item I forgot on round one--back in the photo department near where the printers and ink cartridges are--it is up on a top shelf if they even have it so forget that for now. I pointed out to DJ that the all in one printers are pretty cheap and only about 18 bucks difference between the ink cartridge that does not seem to be cooperating. HMMMM, buy a new one? Refund from my med over charge and the cartridge would almost pay for it.

Came home and threw the fabric in the wash--get back to the computer and naturally it is a "no go" Back to Walmart--refund my money for the ink cartridge, buy the printer. Two stops later the one thing that I went to the store for in the first place was in hand--those album pages for the Belles. Not exactly what I was looking for but they will do.

Went home, installed the printer and the printer software, filed the pictures. Next thing I know it is about 4 p.m. and almost time to think about slicing and dicing for supper--Szechuan chicken so lots of prep but not so much cooking time. Why bother to get started sewing now? Then it is 7 p.m. and the same thing holds true. I started looking through a quilt book and read the morning paper and zip, its time for bed.

So much for being productive, LOL. I guess you could say I have my moments--yesterday was just not one of them at least not when it came to sewing. My sewing room floor stayed clean for one more day. Not holding out that possibility today unless I get off this computer. Did the editing and addition make this worse or better?


  1. Wow! Wow! Wow!..I have no words...LOL. They are each amazing. I love the scrappy look of the first one...great job selecting blocks to make.

    The pink and blue one is so sweet, and soft to look at, and I especially like the last one...LOL, and I did notice that you used a different bow tie set...*VBS* I think it would sooo much fun to take a sampler class from YOU..*VBS*

  2. Boy, I hate shopping in the first place so it always irks me to have to take something back. And to have to go back three times. Arghhh!!

  3. well, I suppose all that to-ing and fro-ing paid off in the end-but what a busy day for not getting as much accomplished as perhaps you had wanted. Wonderful sampler quilts! You do have a way LJ!

  4. Your samplers are beautiful. I especially like the first one.

  5. So happy to hear the rest of the story...remember that used to be ont the radio over the noon hour.."And the Rest of The Story"...I can almost remember the guys name who read it.

    Sorry that it was such a round about day..somedays you meet yourself going and coming!! But the stuff got accomplished...Hurray for you!!!
    And I think you'll love the all in one printer..I DO!

  6. It's so interesting to see how the color combinations can completely change the whole look a feel of the quilt. All wonderful in their own rights.

    Sounds like your day was similar to mine! I've had a day from heck today. Glad you got yours all worked out and sometimes sewing is just not in the cards!

  7. Your day sounds like the day I had this past Tuesday!!! I guess you gotta have 'em once in a while so you appreciate the smooth ones LOL.

  8. Very nice sampler quilts. They show very well how a colours can alter the whole impression. I have 2 for one of my classes, one in country colours and one in red and white. Most people think they are so different even if they in fact are not. Same methods, same size blocks.
    Some busy day you had yesterday.
    It is good it all turned out well in the end. Good not all days are like that.

  9. The samplers are great! Love the different color schemes!

  10. I want in on your sampler class too. I've been gathering black and white fabrics and this may just be it. I call a day like you had my Murphy's Law Day. If something can go wrong, it will.

  11. Three times to Walmart in one day -- whew, you deserve a medal, or maybe a glass of wine!
    Jeanne :)


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