Jun 16, 2006

no sewing here

I didn't get any sewing done yesterday after all as our pinning "date" was moved up to yesterday afternoon. It is definitely in the works for today as there is no walking today and few errands.

I have essentially been awake since 3 a.m. since little kitty paws were trying to remove my sheet cover telling me to get up. Not really complaining about that since she has not done that for some time. We did the "bowl trot" and of course, she needed nothing. I just couldn't settle down and go back to sleep. I lay there thinking about what to do with this round robin among other things and it is all Aline's fault! She shared what she was doing on the one I had two rounds back when Jane, Sarah and I were over using her pinning table. By 5 I pulled a book off my reference shelf on Seminole piecing and a couple of things might work or could be revised a bit for less seams. At 6 I just got up and turned on the computer intending to look at my project file in EQ. BY 630 or neighbor was out weed whacking so forget going back to bed.

Right now I am thinking about picket fence but needed a clipping from my files before I delve any deeper. Picket fence or garden maze would fit the grandmother's flower garden theme, perhaps? No resolution yet. Double four patches might work and might be a lot simpler. This is as bad as my looking at a menu--I will change my mind about the entree at least 4 times before the waitress takes our order. The longer it takes for them to come back, the more options I come up with. I am rarely this indecisive so I'm guessing this is because it is someone else's quilt.

As we were visiting while pinning, the "mystery" bags I found at the church were explained. Turns out that the bag of non -quilting materials and that lovely top were left by one of our members for another person who occasionally bops by. What she needs it for, I don't know but I retrieved the bag that I had tossed when I got home. If the person does not "bop by" at the next meeting, I know we will not be storing it for her and the hand off will need to handled some other way. The closet already has too much stuff in there and we need a new roll of batting soon. Anyone that has opened 60 yard roll of poly batting knows just how big those expand once the plastic comes off! There goes the quilt top I was so admiring. With no labeling on the bag, how was I to know?

I got my Tailor pressing mat "remodeled". Pippi is sitting on it atop the cutting table as I write this --properly breaking it in. DJ helped me scrape off the industrial strength glue from the mat backing and some Goo Gone seemed to help remove most of the residue. I used double stick carpet tape to stick that mat back on though I rarely use that for any cutting (too hard and dulls up the blades too quick). I do occasionally lay a smaller Olfa mat ON it though. So far so good on the hold. I could not get the goo off the wood backing of the padded part so may as well stick that mat back on it.

My mom needed some help in emailing images (part of the reason why she has my old digital camera) so the two quilts you see above is one of her recently finished WTIL tops. The pinwheel part was made with the cutaways from the heart blocks she sent back with me recently. This was the setting I had inquired in how do I piece this about a week ago. BTW she did it Square in a Square and pieced setting triangles.

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  1. happy to be reading and commenting LJ...love your mom's top!

  2. Well, I guess it's a good thing for the "boping by" lady that you didn't start cutting into the fabrics to make quilts, although it seemed like most of it wasn't quilty material. Did they know that it was the closet that you ladies use for storing stuff for your charity work? I'd of thought that a note or some marking on the bag would have been helpful.

    Glad your mom figured out a great way to piece that quilt. Good work getting those setting triangles so perfect!

    Lucky you that your kitty doesn't wake you up very often! Mine comes EVERY morning and cries and batts me with his paws. He gives me so long to sleep and then it's tummy time and he won't wait any longer!!

  3. sounds like you are getting caught up with things. Like replacing your ironing cover--mine needs it badly. I just hate to take time away from designing, quilting, etc. to do that. now that you got yours done..I better head off and do mine while I'm thinking about it. :)

    PS..I agree with you about the June Taylor mats--they dull blades SO fast! I don't like them.


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