Jun 6, 2006

done and done

At least for now I'm done---I know that I could spend a few days cleaning out my desk and file drawers if so inclined. Nope, "beach day" was probably all in my mind although I did go to lunch with my husband. He had gotten some found money and I was thinking of ways he could spend it---take his wife to lunch was one thing and a pair of alligator loppers for our overgrown bushes that need cutting back was the other, LOL. We enjoyed a good walk through our local park earlier in the morning. The weather was in the mid 60's and a nice breeze was blowing, humidity was down for which I could write a "gratitude" like our Jeanne does.

I would rather be quilting or piecing so some paperwork things get put on the back burner. Yesterday I was scanning and editing pictures and trying to figure out which quilt was which for the Bama Belles Quilt documents. Of course, the procrastination was making it a harder task. When we use similiar patterns, even though I try to pick out some identifying name or description it still doesn't help. I could not be sure that any of the pictures from 05 had been sent and probably was re-doing some work. All those Snuggle Ups and Houndstooths especially when we cut several from the same quilt kits---oh my.

One thing that did help with the 06 stuff is that the quilts, almost all of them are at my house. Missing a picture or not sure on a number? I could go look. Of course, I had a little "help" when I pulled all the ones out of the closet. The silly girl has not been on my bed in weeks---until she got a crack at all the quilts piled up. Naturally she is parked on the three that I needed to verify, LOL. Since I got up on the foot stool to put them back in the closet, I was able to cram a few more in there and move some from the hamper for the time being.

I went to bed looking at the photo albums of many of the quilts that my mom and the Bama Belles have done along with shots from past sew-in's and Christmas parties. It is always inspiring to me just to see the volume of quilts that we have done or to re-consider a pattern or two. As new or "new to me" fabric comes along you think "that might work for this yardage" In fact, I've got one that you can probably help me figure out how best to piece that I will share with you tomorrow perhaps.

This morning was more of the same--quilt documents and scanning-- with time out to chat with my mom. Finally I was able to burn the picture CD's and print off the documents. Then reconcile a couple of bank accounts for Home Extension and Bama Belles with more paperwork for Home Extension. By 4 I was finally off to the bank and post office. Clean, toss and purge a little bit in various nooks and crannies but I could have a field day in that filing cabinet and one desk drawer. I will probably get back to my sampler tomorrow---that's the plans anyway.

Weird that I can get into my blog now and apparently post but the font looks different. I didn't change the settings on my template either. Little poltergeists at work on my blog and others?? Finn, I notice the dreaded red x's for the pics lately but those seem to come back when I refresh--same for you as well? KC Quilter, you didn't say what your problems were specifically. I don't know whether to feel relieved that I am not alone or worried that we are having problems. I tell you, looking at a blank page in the correct colors that says "done" is not my idea of fun. Here's hoping that it straightens up tomorrow------


  1. I'm leaving an extra Gratitude for friends who make me smile!
    Jeanne :)

  2. Cats are so darn helpful, aren't they?? My only blogger problem for the present (who knows what awaits?) is that my profile, archives, and links are at the bottom of the webpage instead of the top where they always were. It could be worse! Sometimes when I visit one of those blogs where the red X is in place of a photo, I click the box to enlarge and, lo and behold, the photo appears! Go figure.

  3. glad to hear you have all that paperwork behind you! I look forward to seeing that top done-color me the slavedriver, crack!

  4. great job for tackling all that paperwork...it's a drag sometimes, but it sure takes a load off your shoulders so now you can quilt, guilt free!


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