Jun 22, 2006

color me distracted

I had the best of intentions of quilting yesterday--and actually, I came close to doing it. The Jem is put up in preparation for dragging my old workhorse Viking out. Looks like enough bobbins are wound already etc. Floor is even vacuumed up but I have since started messing it up again, LOL.

So what did I find myself doing? Sewing backing fabric for three quilts and pressing binding for 4 and dis-asssembling a quilt Finn sent on behalf of her friend Betsy. It is may be full-queen and would be great for a boy but wayyyy, too large for WTIL purposes. I've got a before shot taken so you'll see it down the line. Large sections can be used but re-sized and other parts I am cutting down for 3 inch finished HST's. I knew that the 4 inch bias square I own would come in handy some day.

You see, it officially hit 99 in Anniston yesterday--95 by our thermometer. By the time Mr. Clueless put on the a/c at 11 it was up to 84 in the house so it takes a long time to get reasonably cool in here. (It goes off promptly at 10 p.m. when he goes to bed too so at 7 a.m. this morning it is about 71 out and 78 in---my continual summer complaint, I'm afraid) Can you see why I might not want a quilt on my lap when I cannot stop sweating even with the a/c finally turned on and a fan blowing too? I ran an errand yesterday morning--at least the a/c is on in the car-- and immediately got out of my street clothes and back into my nightgown as it is the coolest thing I own. Quit bitching about it because it ain't about to change anytime soon, Linda. After all, you didn't move South for the summers!

So what are you viewing in the picture above? Well, I went out to the kitchen about 1030 last night and where is Ms. Pippi? Up high on the pass through window between the kitchen and living room. And her with the repaired leg!! She hops up on the back of the couch which is below the window area, up to the fridge which is on the left, atop the cabinets and then up here. AND then looks to see how much higher she can go! Sorry, Kits, that is as far as it goes with that vaulted ceiling. Here she is laying on the windowed area below but looking from the living room side into the kitchen.

Laundry is started, breakfast consumed, back to cutting down some huge HST's and flying geese and then sack this up for later sewing. Finn, thank Betsy for me.

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  1. Oh I can understand not wanting to quilt in the heat, but, if it never cools off at your house-which is how it seems given the a/c director's timetable..do you think it is cool enough at 2 am ??
    to quilt?? LOL..just kidding-you surely have been on a roll my friend with piecing! they all look wonderful-way to go!

  2. I'm actually kind of relieved that you spent a day geared more towards puttering with small quilt tasks and left the machine quilting for another day.

    I think I finally figured out why I feel guilty about increasing your work load..it's just that. I always feel apologetic whenever I make more work for someone...sorry! Old habit I guess. Everyone has sooo much to do already, I hate to make it worse...LOL. But I'm working on just trusting you to tell me.."enough"..*VBS* Hugs, Finn

    P.S. The book that quilt is from?? A weird one Betsy bought called "One BLock Says it All"...when you make one block this is the whole quilt...things DO get BIG!!

  3. {{{Hugs}}} and smiles for the "too-hot-ness" -- you totally have my sympathy! I'm campaigning for retirement in the mountains at a ski resort!
    Jeanne :)

  4. sounds like you're melting. I live in central Canada where it doesn't get really really hot in the summer but must admit I enjoy having my central air set and just left on all the time....

  5. It's hot here too. Heat index is 108 and my a/c just can't keep the house cool when it's so blasted hot.

    Judy L.

  6. My kitties try to get as hig as possible too!

    Hope the heat doesn't beat you too bad!

  7. That's why I'm in Michigan during the summer and not Florida. See my post about the polar bear. Wish you could be there.

  8. My cat loves to sleep up in high places also!! I hope you are able to stay cooler today! :)

  9. My mother is the same way. We lived with her for about 5 years after my dad died, (she was terrified to be alone)and I almost killed her over the blasted AC. You just can't turn it off at night and expect it to stay cool. I could never make her understand that it was costing her twice as much to have to cool down a HOT house in the morning. Keeping it on one level costs much less than moving it and turning it on and off.

    Mine's been on for months!

  10. Linda: I love reading your posts every day. I feel like I get to know you just a little better every day by reading your posts. What ever you do, don't stop posting!


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