Jun 3, 2006

more blocks

Lazy Saturday morning so far. It is a little cool but sunny but that won't last--the cool part, I mean. Who knows about the sunny when we are getting some pop up rain and thunderstorms. (Not suprised the Braves game got rained out when my cooking out did earlier in the evening.) The birds are chirping like crazy. Pippi is curled up on a couple quilts atop what used to be my scrap basket keeping me company. So far, I have not heard the magic words "how soon you be ready to go walk?" as I sit in my nightgown pecking at the keyboard, LOL but they are coming!

I did my cutting for my 30's sampler yesterday and began stitching. While I had the WOW out, I cut the alternating squares and borders for Gail's memorial heart quilt that will be assembled in the coming week--good thinking, huh? 3 rows or half the quilt is joined so far. When I told DJ that I was working on something just for me, he said "you won't keep it" OH, yes I will--it goes on MY bed and it is made with my favorite fabrics, I responded. His reply? "What is wrong with the quilt you have?" Nothing, says I but it is not one that I have made all by myself. Current quilt is a bowtie top that I bought, shifted the blocks around to fit my bed and quilted. I COULD have said "which quilt?", for that matter, but the point was that I did not make it start to finish.

(Looks like he is starting the laundry so I have a couple minutes reprieve--gotta love it.

So, some more block pictures--a good many of these were for the Pioneer Sampler but Rolling Stone was a Belles BOM as was Prairie Queen (gotta have a block with that name being from ILLINOIS!). I love that Dandy simple and effective--also one I chose for the quilt group: Aunt Dinah and Propeller, too. I actually like the Propeller smaller as the pattern showed on one of the Connecting Threads catalog--the pdf pattern should still be available online in their free pattern sections. Last two, tomorrow.

There we go--what I knew was coming. Best get dressed and get moving before it gets too hot and sticky------



  1. morning Linda, sorry to hear about that rained out ball game...and the change in supper plans.

    Love the blocks..you do such a great job with color, it's going to be spread soooo nicely across the sampler..*VBS* Still have to say that it's about the nicest collection of blocks I've seen...maybe ever!
    I love the fact that you chose certain blocks for a certain reason, and all of this quilt will reflect your love. You inspire me!!! Hugs, Finn

  2. Oh Linda...it's fantastic! I agree wholeheartedly with Finn.. the color choices are perfect and the blocks are picked out with such a great eye. You are going to make me have to save your pics in a future folder marked "something I really ought to do one day"

    They really are going to make a wonderful quilt! I got a small taste in the sampler I made but yours are much better. Isn't it fun when you get to sample all the best ones you like. Have you thought of Corn and Beans? It's one of my favorite blocks.

  3. you certainly have a variety of blocks! Some really speak to me, some seem like a lot of work if you were to do more than one! yes, color me lazy lol-I am so happy you are doing this for yourself and have the blocks you like best in the colors/fabrics you like best-are you considering hand quilting this one? it sure is worth the time that would take!

  4. How many blocks do you need for your quilt? It is going to look great. Hugs, Mom

  5. Gosh I've enjoyed looking at all the blogs on your page. I had just posted to Finn that I loved looking at blocks and seeing all the part that make up the blocks.

    Jigsaw puzzles in fabrics. And your page really played right into my current obsession. LOL.

    Thank you for all the pictures.


  6. Oh, your blocks are so pretty and cheerful!


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