Jun 24, 2006

bright and early

I slept pretty well last night but by 530, I was done with that. Pippi had already drug DJ out to the kitchen for her morning feed but she still pounced up on the bed and was tearing through the living room like her tail was on fire---that finally convinced me, LOL.

I have gotten two of the WTIL quilts in my quilted --the Hearts on Thursday and the Whatever yesterday. If you want to see a full out shot click on the links of the quilt name--the hearts looks slightly different because I left off the borders on this one. I like those zigzags and the gold fabric on the "Whatever"--fun setting and fill quilting though both of these are headed to the washer once the binding is done to remove the markings. Today, Finn's "Broken Dishes" is parked next to the machine for its turn. (sorry cannot find the link right off so will post a picture of the quilt with unfinished binding later)

There is absolutely nothing noteworthy going on today or yesterday either. Just an average, routine type day. Marilyn dropped by briefly to drop something off but otherwise two quiet days in a row. Didn't call anyone, no one called me--walked, chatted with my husband, ran one errand to get stuff for supper and then didn't fix it. *VBG* I sprung for the pizza and had him pick it up because I was back in my cool nightgown ( cool for comfort, not the usual definition) After my moaning and groaning about the a/c situation, a girl has to do what a girl has to do especially with a quilt on her lap! I know I am not alone in feeling like I'm baking--it is hot everywhere! We have gotten some much needed rain the past two afternoons accompanied by some tstorms.

OH, before I forget--Serena commented about the hanging basket trash bag I have hanging from my sewing table in this post from a few days back Sewing and Computing That is a gardening basket that collapses down, made from canvas. I happened to purchase it in Paducah some years ago from a friend from my at the time guild who was vending at one of the spots downtown but I suppose they can be purchased anywhere. Becky had a metal clip with it that was a table cloth "holder-downer" but I found that one of those big binder clips that I use on my shelving units and when I pin quilts works even better for holding this on my table. The clip is stuck on my pin mug so I won't lose it though. I don't think you can see it but the little tray that normally would go on a quilting frame sits to my right and holds my "toys"--that goes atop the trash bag with a tiny little mat shoved underneath for small foundation piecing work. Maybe I'll need to take another picture later to explain myself better and show my setup. Funny, the table does fold up but I could probably count on one hand how many times that has happened over the years. Pre-computer I always sewed atop my office desk--then when the giant paperweight moved in---no more!

This is the view from my desk--she wants me to trot out to the kitchen, yet again, to check her bowl. We both know that nothing has changed. LOL, all the cozy spots she could be laying and she prefers the hallway. Already have strings on the floor--no surprise there!

Hope you all have a much more exciting day planned. I'll keep plugging as the binding volunteers will be looking for something to do come meeting time on Tuesday. Posted by Picasa


  1. Good Morning Alabama!! Sounds like the heat index is still a factor for most of the south and southwest...does seem early for it.
    I remember summer in Biloxi, MS all too well..no AC in those days.
    Better to get up early and get moving I guess. Your June list looks awesome!! It's amazing to watch those number grow on your finishes list...*VBS* Not much new in WI...I'm in border land for now..a couple more to go. Not my favorite part!!

  2. I know you have to be hot, because we are around 95 right now in Virginia, although thunderstorms rolled in last night and brought us down to the 85 mark. If I could convince hubby to buy that house for sale in your back yard you'd be welcome to sit in my very cold house and quilt ALL DAY!!! Judy doesn't do hot or sweaty well.

    My husband is loving Pippi's adventures! He's very impressed at the wall picture and the heights she can achieve!

    You are crossing off those quilts with amazing speed! Great job!

  3. Just had to wander through again...LOL.I've gotten myself into a "border battle"..very strange and alien land that one is....but 2 are done and ironed, and I've got half of the borders on the strip twist.
    I have a stack of "centers" laying here for the "whatever" blocks, and must cut some lights for that outside part. Had to come back and see how many you used in the one you put together with the zigzag. I've got 20 centers done, but haven't decided how they will be set.
    once I'm done with the borders I can play with them again..*VBG*
    I love the links you put in your text, just scooted back to see the bits and pieces on the day your gals made the whatever blocks...*VBS* I definitely see some I recognize there, and it's fun to think about you sewing with my fabric clear across the USA..you touching on edge and me up on the opposite edge..*G* OK..back to work now..


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