Jun 15, 2006

Weds catch-up

Yesterday was one of those days of doing "necessary" quilt related things. Yes, I was feeling much better though my tummy could cooperate more *VBG*.

DJ was heading right by the meeting place so I rode along with him and got busy pinning the three quilts I had layered. I got them all pinned in 2 hours (they are about 40 x 60 so that helps) with about 5 minutes to spare before he came back for me. I gathered up my batting cut aways and some out of the closet to join up with some that I had at home and stuffed them into a 2X ziploc bag that someone had left for us.

The 1st picture shows just what was in that bag of goodies. Burlap, upholstery samples, a half finished blouse of some sort, canvas like material two patches, some khaki denim, some oriental looking upholstery fabric, olive stuff and that darker green-brown that is some sort of brushed like couch cushion stuff. There is even a small piece of faux fur that I kept out Pippi. I don't know what you call that red and white check fabric. I know we said that we try to use what we are given but this has no use for quilters. Thank you anyway. I can use the gallon and 2 gal and that big zipbag anyway.

BUT deeper down, there was this gem. The hand buttonhole applique is wonderful! The colors are so soft. Unfortunately it looks as though someone tried to set too hot of an iron on it and there is a yellow stain and some holes where I assume the fabric charred and flaked away. You don't see that in camera range nor did I get a good shot of the edges where they have a scalloped edge with that same vine arranged like in ovoid shapes all around the edges and then floral motifs in the corners. Aline said that the bags were not there when they left on Tuesday so they have not seen this lovely quilt top yet. I'll bring it round next time but oh, would I love to keep this.

I sewed two WTIL sized sections of batting together once I got home. Went through the bag of stuff. My back was begging me to sit down at that point. Computer time--read around the ring, wrote some mail etc. Later I pressed another few "miles" of binding for three quilts and finished up the day by finally getting around to re-covering the silver cloth for my big board that I use for pressing. Vacuumed up the sewing room while the cat was out of here too. BOY, did it need it with those tons of strings and binding dog ears. Necessary stuff but not very exciting.

This morning I decided to pull the backing off my June Tailor cutting/ironing pad so I could use a bit of the old, still usable silver cloth to re-cover that scorched pad topping. I still need to get the mat part stuck back on someway. Might require a trip to the hardware store for some industrial strength glue if the old stuff won't hold. It almost took more arm strength than I had to pry it loose and now my back is squawking at me again.

I am planning on sewing today and pinning the last three quilts tops tomorrow if Aline's schedule permits. My low back thinks "good, a sit down job", LOL. But first, some emails and a phone call to return. Posted by Picasa


  1. Here's hoping your tummy is fully cooperative by now. Good luck with the ironing pad repair!

  2. Pretty top you brought home

  3. Can't say good morning, cause it's already afternoon..*VBS* You had a busy day girl! And what alot accomplished. The little gem you found in that bag of misfits, is quite amazing. It's hard for me to understand just how "clueless" non quilters and sewers are sometimes..burlap??? Oh my!!
    As always you make the best of what can be used, an I soooo admire that. Glad to hear you are giving your back a bit of a break from standing and bending.

  4. Oh, LJ, me too me too...I would love to keep that top as well. It is beautiful. Hmmm...do the Belles need some padding in their coffiers?

    Don't you just hate getting those darn donation "gifts" that are useless? UGH!! We finally had to close up shop on donations...too much of it was unusable...we were just a collection box for what others did not want to toss...so we tossed it for them but in the mean time it filled the cupboard full of trash. A few years ago we cleaned out the closet we were using at the church and now it is each woman for themselves. If someone wants to accept a donation, it is up to them do deal with it, but haven't heard much of that going on for quite a while.

    Many years ago we had some friends who were (and are) missionaries in Kenya...Debbie told me that people would send OPENED boxes (ie, partly used) of various items to them as gifts. Whenever I hear of someone donating unusable fabric for a quilt I think about how that made Debbie feel...in her words "like I am second class". Still breaks my heart.


    Rest my friend...you will not do any good if you get too far down!

  5. Oh-oh, just when you thought you were getting caught up ... I sent out a package today. It should reach you the beginning of next week.
    Jeanne :)


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