Jun 20, 2006

Tuesday check in

Thanks everyone for your compliments about the Friendship Star with alternating chain blocks. I am pleased with how it turned out. Consider it my contribution to the spate of patriotic quilts on the blogs *VBG*

At left you will get an idea of how I spent part of the last two days. Not the best picture in the world because the block colors show up SO much better in person. I decided to use a set I saw presented on "Simply Quilts" called Mennonite Bowtie or something like that. They showed it with red, blue, yellow calicos, as I recall.

You see, a package from Finn came in the mail yesterday which contained many of the bowtie blocks (among other things!) that you see here. I made a few just to get the number I needed to make the top. Yesterday I thought I might have to make a trip to the fabric store but was able to scrounge up just enough of the same WOW that I used for a heart quilt alternating block, sashing and borders on my 30's sampler, the W in the RWB stars and now this. There is a little bit left over though not much, LOL. I would say that yardage was well used, to say the least.

Only problem was that I forgot the blocks were 14 inch complete NOT the standard 12 inch so had to sew some fabric back on the strips. DUH! What was I NOT thinking?? The red, pink, coral print used in the blocks and cornerstones was some that I bought when Cher was here visiting earlier this year. It was leftover from one of the heart quilts but something I may use for some Atkinson confetti blocks at some point. Got the book but haven't made any yet.

DJ dropped me off at the church on the way to golf this morning so I got a couple of tops pinned but mostly I have been sewing. Some backing and binding to seam yet tonight if I am so inclined. Tomorrow is definitely quilting mode since now there are 9. Those bowties sidetracked me---oh yes, they did!!

And here is today's kitty picture so you can see her cute little face. She had just torn through the hallway--I think under the effects of the catnip on her scratchy box. Last year at this time she was recuperating from ACL repair to her left hind leg. Yep, surprised the vet who said that small dogs have this happen but he had never known of a cat to blow out a knee.

Off to see what you all might be up to-------- Posted by Picasa


  1. The bow tie top looks really, really great Linda. You did a fantastic job with those poor unloved blocks..*S*
    Can't believe how much mileage you get out of EVERYTHING...LOL

    Sorry that the "to be quilted" pile keeps growing. But I'm guessing the end is in sight for the Girl's Ranch??
    Pippi looks sooo sweet and innocent just laying there sizing this up...what a treasure she is..*VBS*

  2. the bow ties look great.... Glad you had enough WOW even with the extra seams needed :-)

  3. What a sweet kitty face. I love those perches, so do my cats!Pippy looks well contented in the sunshine!

    I like the bow-tie quilt very much. You are wonderful with making the very last drop count!

    You know I have some blocks that have been sitting around for ages and I might sew them together, or just send them to you for you ladies to use however they will be used best for WTIL. I'll email you about it.

  4. Love the setting for those bowtie blocks!

  5. Such a nice picture of the cat in the window! She looks so comfortable lounging there - she's a cat who likes a view, I can see from the posts above!


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