Jun 14, 2006

special day

Happy Birthday, Mom--I love you

Yep, a Flag Day birthday. She will correct me if I am wrong about this family story, but her younger sister could not see why SHE didn't have one out when it was her turn if Elsie did.

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  1. Soooo beautiful quilts! I wish i had one of these.

  2. Happy Birthday Elsie!!! What a wonderful day to have a birthday on..everyone can celebrate with you! Sending red,white and blue hugs and birthday candles your way!!! Finn *VBS*

  3. Today is also my baby sister;'s brithday and when she was little we told her all the flags were out on the streets because it was her birthday!!! They used to line the major highways with a flag on every light pole! I think she was about 10 before she realized it wasn't true!

    Happy Birthday Elsie!!

  4. Thanks all for the good wishes. It has been a good day, cutting out and beginning a new quilt and also finishing up some fabric that has been in my stash for ...???? Hope you are feeling better today, DD.

  5. Happy Birthday to your mom!!!

  6. Hope you shared a VERY happy birthday set of wishes from us bloggers!

  7. My uncle is a 4th of July baby & for several years they had him convinced that the fireworks were just for him! (He was an oops, so his older siblings were "wise.")


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