Nov 28, 2006

wrestling a bear

It has taken the better part of a 24 hour period to get this round robin to this point. First viewed in this post when I asked for your help. I don't think you can tell just how wobbly it was on the outside edges.

I re-sewed the seams that were pulling apart, taking slightly bigger seams. Then I stay stitched it all around the outside as the fabric was raveling and I did not want to have to patch up more opening seams.

My mom had called to see if my day was going any better than yesterday. Well, that was good question as I had just discovered that I was Still a half inch off in either direction. She suggested doing an easing stitch like one would do in garment making--Cher and Pam concurred. It helped square it up but there are a few spots where I had to just trim out a quarter inch seam allowance on one side and re-sew to take up more so the borders will match up at the quarter points. What a giant pain! It is as squared up as it is going to get and laying down the best it will on the carpet.

Okay, the applique people will say that I should have done the applique off the quilt and mitered the corner. I know that is the normal course of action but it isn't happening with this thing. So what is next? Something simple like THIS like I did on Pat's quilt but without the bee hives and maybe less flowers. I have misplaced my templates for the dresden plates and the leaves but overcut the bias stuff on that round so should have enough to go around two opposing corners without cutting more.

Many of you have said that my experiences have kind of turned you off to the notion of making a round robin. Know the ones you work with, is all I can tell you and there are still no guarantees that it will all work out. My problem is that I had to follow someone who was an experienced seamstress but not necessarily a quilter. The seam allowance variances are enough for me to tell that, the fabric choices etc. Medallions are NOT for the accuracy in cutting and sewing challenged. This is the 2nd time I have had to really re-work something she has done. And look, it is a simple checkerboard that could be easily cut and sewn--should not be difficult, SIGH.

On a much happier note, I am going to get a new machine. My good ole Viking is going to be relegated to quilting or backup status. The timing is off yet again and will need service if I wish to sew with it or deal with a very short seam length. It will do okay with the walking foot on or at least this is the pattern we have gone through each year. The shop is about an hour away. I admit to being hard on my machine with all that quilting and charity quilt sewing, broken thread etc. You cannot open this to clean it out properly as the dealer is supposed to be the one who does it......blah, blah, blah.

Mom had mentioned a few months back that the Brother Pacesetter model she had was going to be closing out--those can be serviced here locally. I had been considering it or a baby lock that was a similiar model for that reason. I should have done something about it sooner but was saving up money for airfare to OR. She called the dealer for me today and I could get the model that replaced hers--Brother Innov-is (think that's right) NX450. Pam and Cher said that a working machine was more important; I should get it first and then start saving up again for my future trip. Mom will float me a loan for the balance and I should be able to bring it back with me when we gather for our family Christmas at my brother's home in the Nashville area. Thanks, Mom!

Our guest is staying over another night. I didn't have to cook tonight though I was prepared to make some chicken enchiladas if I had to. Sometimes he wants to go out but no one said anything when they left this morning for the golf course. Popped the chicken in the crockpot and it can wait if not needed. DJ, I knew would want to see part of the Illinois basketball game if possible and I needed to keep stitching. We got pizza instead.

Guess that's about it---applique prep tomorrow........the quilt that keeps annoying

Nov 27, 2006

some people have no clue..........

No picture of completed sewing to show so I'll re-post my favorite picture of Pippi which may have been on my defunct blog. Ignore the unmade bed but she makes it a little difficult to make a bed at times. The quilt? One made for me by the list members of a group I used to moderate--where I met Cher, Pam and Veronica and Ellen the founder of Wrap Them In Love among others. It is reversible with log cabins on one side and Sunbonnet Sue blocks on the other.

It has been one of those days--errands took longer than they should have today. Delays at one store due to lack of personnel. The guy behind me at the self checkout was quite impatient--I know I was exasperating him as I fed change into the machine but hey, there were three other lanes open, he could have gone on when he saw I had a week's worth of groceries. Sheesh. This afternoon I went into make part of our evening meal only to discover that I didn't have one of my grocery sacks--the last one I sacked up that had the celery in it. Not in the car, I know it wasn't in the grocery cart so that left the store---back I go again with receipt. Yep, there it is---surprised Mr. Impatient didn't make off with it.

Then the clincher today---and my reason for saying that some people have no clue. Way back in January-February this year I made this quilt for someone out of her deceased mother's clothing plus bits of my scrap bag. It's full sized but I quilted it on my home machine--ditched in the strips and crosshatched in the plain bands. And I waaaaaaaay undercharged her to do make it---my fault and I learned my lesson. The client was hard to reach, wouldn't call me back when I called etc and I was just happy to be done and paid though it took about 3 months to finally make connections.

Well, she called today and get this, wanted a T-shirt quilt done for her son for Christmas. Like I don't have anything else to do but whip up a quilt for her. There is no way---once I get that king sized t-quilt back I have to bind it as well as quilt the SEC tops, bind, label and put hanging sleeves on them.

I said it would have to go to the long armer as I won't quilt it even if I DID have time and the longarmer is booked up too. I won't get the previous one back until the 2nd week of December. BUT if she were still interested I knew that the longarmer would charge 200-250 dollars for a quilt start to finish. Nope, she didn't want to pay that much as she didn't pay that for this quilt you see here.

I reminded her that I had underestimated my costs and should have charged her at least twice what she paid for it. That was not what I had discussed with her initially so I was not asking for more then. Subsequent quilts would be more, I told her at the time of delivery--she mentioned a t-shirt quilt at a later date. She should consider that rate a gift and my time is worth something. The fabric alone was more than half what she paid for it. One month before Christmas was that later date, I guess. If she can find someone else to do it for cheap, then more power to her but it ain't going to be me. She will get the quality of work that she pays for too.

It took till about 4 till I could get started on fixing the round robin so I can do my work. Her stitching is coming apart in a spots and it flares a bit. I am taking those areas apart and taking a slightly deeper seam to try to bring it back in line a bit. DJ said "why are you doing that and why do you have to keep fixing her work?" Its the last round and too late know to hand it back to her. If she had the skills, she would have done it right to begin with. Then I am stay stitching the edge to keep it from pulling apart on the other seams where they haven't opened up yet. Two sides are patched up at this point.

I already decided that I best stay home tomorrow and work on the robin instead of going to our meeting to pin quilts. Theramae will be the door keeper.

In the midst of that aggravation my husband came in and asked for a seam ripper. His favorite jacket, a birthday present from me from 20 years ago, had shoulder seam coming apart. If he took the stitching out of the lining could I please fix it for him? Hard to tell him "no" if he did half the work plus he was lucky that I didn't have to change thread when he asked, LOL.

Some days it doesn't pay to get up..........sorry for the bitching but it has obviously NOT been my day.

Nov 26, 2006

some thoughts to consider

From a blog I follow from the old home town newspaper HERE

Sunday, November 26, 2006
Find ways to give thanks in everyday life
Filed under: Hearts at Home — Holly Schurter @ 2:00 am

By now the turkey leftovers have been consumed or consigned to the freezer. The Pilgrims and their Indian friends are being replaced by manger scenes and Christmas trees. Our focus is shifting away from what we are most thankful for to our Christmas to-do lists. Before we pack Thanksgiving completely away, it might be good to consider how to make giving thanks a part of our everyday lives.

Imagine what a difference it could make in our Christmas celebration if we practice a sense of thanksgiving throughout these harried days of preparation and celebration — and even afterward!

A sense of thanksgiving encourages us to focus on what is right and good in our lives, and helps us keep a sense of balance. Thankfulness tames our greed, and keeps us from being overwhelmed by advertising-induced wants. When we focus on what we appreciate and cherish, we have more of a sense of well-being.
The more we practice expressing a sense of gratitude, the more we notice all we have to be grateful for.

Here are some ways to make giving thanks a part of your Christmas celebration, as well as your everyday lives:
- When your kids make their Christmas lists, have them make another list of the things they are grateful for, then post that list where they can see it every day. Make a list of your own, and hang it up right beside the kids’ lists.

- Instead of giving in to impatience when you are stuck in traffic or waiting in line, use the time to recount your blessings.

- As you make out your Christmas shopping and to-do lists, consider the ways you are blessed, not just in things but in relationships.

- Make a commitment to be thankful for the little things of the season: ingredients for Christmas cookies or special meals, the bright colors of wrapping papers, or the pleasure of Christmas cards from friends and family you love but don’t hear from often. Indulge in moments of gratitude for the good smells, the lovely music, the joyful greetings of friends.

- As you think about what you are thankful for, focus on different aspects of your life. Which relationships bring joy? What are you thankful for in nature? What opportunities do you appreciate? Which possessions are you thankful for? What activities do you enjoy? Think about these things and be grateful.

- Cultivate an attitude of affirmation: look around you for whatever is good, honorable or just. Acknowledge these things with gratitude.

- Make it a daily practice to look for what is going well in your lives, and be thankful for those things.

- Make a list of the people and things for which you are grateful. Keep it where you can read it easily. Add to it regularly.

- Make it a priority to say “thank you” whenever someone does something for you.

- Whenever you notice something you are thankful for, smile and whisper, “Thank you.”

- Make time to express your appreciation to others: write a note, make a phone call, send an e-mail saying thank you. Make those expressions of appreciation a habit.

- Share the abundance of good things in your lives with others. Look for ways to extend your blessings to them. This kind of sharing sharpens your appreciation of all you have.

- Keep a family journal of good things that happen. Invite family members to write down the things for which they are thankful.

- Make small celebrations a part of your family life. Use those times to practice the discipline of gratitude. Even taking time for cocoa and cookies on a tray after school or before bed can help you slow down and take time to recognize your everyday blessings.

- Say a prayer of thanksgiving before — or after — you share a meal.

- Write a family “thank-you prayer” on a regular basis.

- Surprise family members with notes of appreciation tucked into a lunchbox, a medicine cabinet or under a pillow.

Cultivate an attitude of thanksgiving in your family, not just on Thanksgiving, but every day, and enjoy the pleasure of season after season of thanksgiving.

Nov 25, 2006

goal met

I worked last evening until I had the 2nd SEC top to the same point as the 1st--needing only the vertical borders on both. I pre-washed all the muslin for the backs and a bit more besides and then spent about an hour and half ironing it all with time out to run for more sizing and wrinkle release. That stuff came out looking like it had been accordion pleated!

So when I took this picture I was working on the 2nd top or at least trying too, LOL. Pippi thinks the measuring tape is a cat toy. Not only was she attracted to the top itself but she wanted to play. I still got the series of measurements I needed but it wasn't easy. (That Vanderbilt block threw all my measurements off and it looks better now that the side borders are on.)

I met my goal of having the tops done by the end of this week. Both backs are pieced and all the binding strips joined and waiting to be pressed. Wanna guess where Pippi is sitting now?? Yep, right on a big pile of charcoal gray binding. What a silly kitty! Tomorrow, I'll probably press all that binding along with two other top's worth but it is house cleaning day. I'll lay off the sewing till Monday and then it is onto the round robin since the due date is looming (the evening of December 5th). DJ's friend is here to see him, not me and my only responsibility will be to cook them dinner. My routine is unchanged with the guest here.

Oh, the quilt on the bed? My first quilt--a huge sampler I made for DJ. It got huge because I forgot or didn't remember that the blocks share sashing as a rule. Handquilted in the quilt as you go method--my mom, bless her, sewed the sections together and it was NOT easy. Then of course, I was sick, sick, sick of it and eventually I paid her to quilt the triple borders---7 years in the making or something like that.

Guess that's it for now------

Nov 24, 2006

Peace and Plenty

Peace and Plenty

Good block for Thanksgiving weekend, I thought. #1201 attributed to Farm Journal but looking at me atop the computer and the "365 Quilt Blocks a Year" from Nancy Martin and That Patchwork Place. I have made this block before. One that can be approached several different ways actually but I recall foundation piecing it in 4 quadrants.

Hope that everyone that celebrates our American holiday had a wonderful day with family and/or friends. Ours was a quiet one with just the two of us since we live some distance from our family. Local friends have their own plans. I could have gotten a ride up to IL and flown back but I didn't want to leave DJ alone on the holiday.

I got smart Weds morning when I was making pecan pie and cranberry sauce---if you need chopped celery and onions for supper and for dressing the next day, do it once!! A light bulb moment and how long have I been cooking?? Mostly I just don't plan that far ahead though as I may not know exactly what I am going to make till I get in the kitchen and usually have a couple of options based on ingredients on hand. Who knows what you feel like eating 4 days in advance?

At one point, I wondered why I was knocking myself out trying to get a meal on the table at noon? I don't cook a noon meal--we had leftovers from Weds night. DJ didn't care one way or the other either. It was a holiday was the only reason and I'm not sure that was enough justification. When I had one of those nights with little sleep and had to drag out of bed to take care of a turkey breast, I really had to wonder why I was doing that. BUT, I piled back in for an hour after it hit the pot. DJ was all chipper and chatty and I just wanted him to NOT to really wake me up. It is a wonder the crockpot even got turned on in that hazy brained state of mind, LOL.

He watched a little football, cleaned his bathroom, did some piddling outside and I sewed. One SEC top is completed except for the two vertical borders. Today the other one. I had to re-adjust all my cutting due to an initial cutting error (too short) and trim the blocks down. Every subsequent added strip has needed trimming down as well so it is taking a bit longer. I believe that round 2 will go a little smoother today. Lunch and then one small errand to run and I'll be back at it. I just might make my goal!

See who had to test things out?

Nov 21, 2006

some progress

Some progress being made on the two SEC quilts. The drawing at left is kind of where I am headed with this though I may flip the 3rd row with the 4th. I used a double attic window set last time for the person who commissioned them. After I showed what it might look like in the picture frame set, he said to go for it. Picture of one (3 identical) can be found HERE . There is not a variety of color in these teams---most all are a shade of red/crimson or navy/blue. LSU's purple and Tennessee's almost fluorescent orange are the exception.

I finished up the cutting yesterday afternoon after strip piecing the offset and the shadow section with the exception of what fits around the two odd sized blocks and the borders. I left off last night with about 3/4 of the first tan frames completely shown. LOL, I might have kept plugging on it but I got up to talk to DJ a minute and Pippi thought she would try out my chair. Okay, I guess I'm done. By the time she vacated I was out of the notion.

Cher and I were both cutting on Sunday and in between chatting. Actually we do that quite a bit--Pam too--and spur each other on. That way we don't let the miles between us keep us from working together.

Not much else going on around here. Grocery errands yesterday. We received word that DJ's golfing buddy will be here late Sunday evening so hopefully the weather will cooperate. He is heading further South from here and meet his wife Jacksonville, FL. She flies in from central IL to see friends in the area and sometimes they come back through here and other times, head to NC to visit their son--kind of an "and/or" proposition. I'll know more about those arrangements on Monday. Meantime, I'll keep on sewing and moving these two tops along.

Nov 18, 2006

slow Saturday

Try this again--apparently I cannot post from Picassa with beta blogger as I lost another post. Anyone else having problems? Also I cannot seem to get edit html to open----hmmmm. BUT pictures seem to load from blogger okay for a change. Bloglines isn't notifying either but the "plumber" was visiting last night----hmmm again.

I thank you for the positive comments that you made about my butterfly challenge quilt. Several of you asked about the pattern or block. I should have re-stated the pattern source and had neglected to do that in my post. It is Trudie Hughes "Interlocking Squares" from Crib Quilts. A lot of cool patterns in that book to try out and eventually I will.

I DID draft up the alternating star block in EQ but mainly because I wanted to foundation piece the flying geese type units. Drew up the interlocking square too but that was after the fact and more or less for the challenge of doing so. In paging through BlockBase by pattern type I thought that it most generally resembled the units in Spider Web #292 and use that as a jumping off point and eliminated/added some of the lines. I wasn't having problems with wonkiness or seam allowances on these so I just made them as directed----well, amend that. I kept goofing up the triangles on the outside edge and a few minor snafus along the way but it wasn't Trudie's fault!

Paul at the The Quilter had asked if we knew how to draft. Oh yes, I do! And here is proof. I had taken a workshop from Evanston (IL) quilter Judy Anne Walters in the early 90's at my guild at the time Hands All Around Quilt Guild in central Illinois. She called the block "Interlocking Square" but technically that is incorrect. AFTER I drew mine up I found it in BlockBase called "Interlocked Square" #2618 and attributed to KC Star 1932. No matter though. Judy had drafted up a lot of multi-pieced blocks that many would not have attempted to machine piece and this one was on them. The templates were provided BUT these are xeroxed papers. I was always taught not to trust the printout for accuracy and to draw it up on graph paper to verify and make my own templates. I knew about grids a long time ago and can follow Joen Wolfrom's advice to "Make Any Block Any Size" and draw it up. I may use EQ now but these skills help in that process as well.

Speaking of which, my upgrade copy of EQ6 arrived yesterday afternoon but I was busy cutting squares for the SEC quilts and did not load it till last evening. DJ wanted to watch a DVD together but he was not ready when I was. That just gave me time enough to get engrossed in EQ. Kinda weird having both 5 and 6 available on the same computer. I thought that the project files and all my downloaded palettes would move but I need to check the help files or the manual to see what I need to do there. I drew up the Picture Frame file that I need for the project in custom set so am better able to cut the sashing strips today.

Two plus years ago I had cut squares when I made three SEC quilts--2 for each school (except for Vanderbilt) using both the emblem and the mascot and set those aside for the man's son's quilt that I will be asked to make in the future (he's the one who is getting that king sized t-shirt quilt) SOOO I needed to take stock of what remained of the yardage and cut all that down to usable squares. Had to rob one square from young Vaughn's bag though. Tennessee only had the word VOLS spelled out and it is longer than the 10 1/2 inches that everything is cut and Vanderbilt did not have any licensed fabric available so we have to use T-shirts for that----also oversized. Everything but the sashing fabrics is NOT traditional quilters cotton---canvas weight, what looks like sheets and the t-shirts which will need to be interfaced yet.

The other pictures is my Pippi, of course, curled up in my new bag Cher brought me. She was keeping me company as I worked last night. It is hard to keep her off anything new she spots. Last night after supper I came in here to find her curled up in the bag that was holding the cut squares--she moved before I could get a picture. Then she noticed that I had moved a stack of fabric from the book shelf and she could squeeze in the baskets there. She hadn't been up there in months so I needed the space more for fabric than kitties and took it back from her. Another example: our neighbor brought us some angel trumpet and Confederate rose cuttings to propagate over winter. Bob had cautioned DJ to not put them in the shed as it would be too cold so he stuck them in a container near his recliner and one of narrow windows by the fireplace. Miss Nosy Nose had to circle around there to see what was up within hours of his putting them back there. Like trying to sneak daylight passed a rooster, LOL.

Other than that--big football game on today. Alabama and Auburn (two state rivals) are playing each other in the Iron Bowl. Auburn is leading as they head into half time. DJ watches them both and probably should not admit to not leaning towards one or the other. Fierce rivalry and you are expected to declare allegiance to one over the other. (I think I heard him snoring a bit ago.) He says it is easier on the nerves for him to watch this as he doesn't care one way or the other who wins or loses.

Almost time to think about supper preparation--I think I might go start anyway as we are having chicken chow mein and there is a far amount of slicing and dicing to be done. Not long to cook though. After I change the blade (again--that was a new one but its shot with that crap fabric), I will get to cutting the sashing strips so I can start sewing. I would really like these two tops done by the end of the week. Round robin right after that.

Hope you all are having a good weekend at your spot.......

Nov 16, 2006

challenge completion

I still need to cut out the binding and backing but here is my completed butterfly challenge top. All from my stash with the exception of the butterflies. The turquoise piece is leftover from a quilt back and really picks up on the shade of some of the butterflies if enlarge it or see it in person. The other colors are also leftovers from previous kids quilts. I only bought a tad more purple so I would have enough for binding.

Cher showed you the one that she had completed recently on her blog last week. She's the one that had surplus butterfly fabric left over that she could share with her quilt group, mine and other friends. My mom has one finished that she sent back with me this summer. Finn is working on one a well but is being secretive about her plan.

Beverly was sewing on hers at the meeting the other day using a pattern that started off with large scrappy squares in a row, the following row cut it down to 4 patches and the next row 16 patches. She said that the pattern calls for a sashing strip and then it repeats in reverse order. Lois had her top done and the girls got it pinned--the log cabin she started at the sew in last month. Theramae's was butterfly pattern that we had used in the past in two different sizes. It is so cool how differently these are turning out. Others are still in the planning or sewing phases. We will taking the quilts to the Presbyterian Children's Home in Talladega since they are definitely "girl" quilts.

The quilt at right is the lighthouse quilt that Aline made for the Boys Ranch that I wanted to share with you. I finished up the binding for her last night. Good sized for one of the older boys.

Other than that not a lot going on. Fixed my husband an decent meal last night and spent a bit too much time in the kitchen. With my being gone so much lately it was quick stuff, sandwiches or food out. Since it was cold, windy, damp today he said he would rather stay home and eat leftovers than venture out any day. After hearing his son say that they were off to an Illinois game and would not have time to eat so would grab a hot dog at the game, he said he would much rather sit down to a good meal and watch the game on TV than eat junk food. I don't know if that was a testament to my cooking skills or a compliment or not.

A friend from the round robin group came by this morning to see if I had any fabric that she could possibly use for a small spacer. Janet had been to about 5 different quilt shops or fabric shops looking. Before she headed over to Birmingham, she thought she would check with her fellow quilters. We looked through my color group and one might have worked but I didn't have much of it. I thought from looking at the colors that someone else in my group might have just what she needed and gave her a call. Yep, Pat had some yardage to share and they will do the pass off tomorrow. Janet is doing a really cute appliqued border that the owner should enjoy.

I intend to start on the two SEC tops I have been commissioned to do tomorrow. Actually some of the cutting is already done as I had cut extra pieces of the team fabric when I made three of them a few years back. Just have to do some quick calculations or draw up in EQ as I am using a picture frame set this time. My EQ6 upgrade is on its way!!

(Cher, Pippi is still napping on my new bag--the way it curves she must think it is a little kitty nest. I've not had a chance to get it loaded and make it less appealing, LOL. ) Guess that's it...............

Nov 15, 2006

meeting date wrap up

A wet and windy day here in Alabama. Other than a trip to the post office, I am ready to stay home today, finish up some binding for Aline and finish up my butterfly challenge today. I just realized that this month is half over with commissioned quilts and that round robin waiting to be done--time's a wastin', LOL.

We tried something new yesterday for holding a few of these quilts. Ginny had brought this quilt holder thinking that perhaps we could use it or actually be allowed to mount it somewhere to take our pictures. I put it across the doorway yesterday but it a little "fumble fingers" loading the quilts. Judy is taking it the frame home to ask her husband to invent a better wheel. We think a board about 6 foot long with cup hooks or screws every 6-8 inches would let us put binder clips on the quilts and then hook them over the hook. The doors could be open wider and the board moved out further if the quilts were bigger. He is quite creative if she explains what we want. I suppose a cafe curtain tension rod with clips would work too--my mom does that across a wide doorway--but I wouldn't want it rolling off the door frame with quilt in it!

The quilt is one of five that Joy sent back with me for WTIL. She used a Twisting, Hexagonal Star at the center alternating with a large snowball block to make these cool chains across the quilt. She made another just like it that goes to the Gadsden guild for their donation efforts and is working on two more. Please click to take a closer look at the quilting. Joy's former up the street neighbor who does a lot of her quilts lately did the honors on all the donation quilts but Joy is getting one of her own set up--starts with an "N" and is smaller--guy used to be a partner with Gammill, she said??

This is the other one that was garnering a lot of attention yesterday especially since Judy was working on 16 patches (or double 4 patches.) for a "Whatever" block. If you look at the quilt you see just two scrappy blocks of the pinwheels and 16 patches. But, this is one of those quilts that you see a secondary pattern emerging--tilt your head a bit to the left and it looks like a pieced water wheel /pinwheel block. Joy did hers 6 inch finished so the squares would have been 2 inches cut and the HSTs 3 inch finished but easy enough to adjust to the 2 1/2 inch strips Judy had cut.
(This is an example of what I am referring to at left--waterwheel/pinwheel block.)

There were 12 of us at the meeting yesterday. I think about 7 quilts, maybe more, got pinned yesterday. Theramae, Sarah and Jane had the pinning table under control with assistance from Betsy, Beverly and Pat. It wears you out to stand and pin all day so we kind of float in and out from that job and sew or rest between. Judy was sewing, Carolyn was cutting her challenge quilt using an album cross pattern. Lois pinned for a bit and then started working on labels when she needed a sit down job. Aline was binding like mad. I showed how to do the buzz saw block but I was working on labels, assembling handouts, filing pictures, taking pictures etc---the "usual"

The last quilt we pinned proved to be the most challenging as none of us could quite get our heads wrapped around the idea of putting what was the backing on top. Carolyn had used race car fabric panels and dressed them up with sashing and cool car border fabric for the front of a quilt she is making for her grandson for Christmas. The backing was black and white checkerboard with a red border and then a black outer border cut wider as that part was to be trimmed off. She was going to follow the checks to quilt in a grid and not have to mark it so it made sense to turn it upside down. Centering it and centering it atop the bottom layer which was really the top was where we just couldn't get it right. We folded it, notched it trying to line it up and center it and we would get two sides right but then it would be too close to the edge on the other side. This went on for about 15-20 minutes just trying to get it lined up properly. Finally we mounted the bottom (top) to the table like we always do--along the edge of table on top and left side. I marked in 2 inches with a soapstone for registration marks and we lined those up with the table edge with the design straight on the table---finally success. Bet Carolyn doesn't do that on a back for a while, LOL. Striking and a great idea for the quilt but not when the brains are tired. After we got the tables we drug out put away and Pat vacuumed a tad (church dinner tonight so we didn't want to leave a mess) and our stuff packed up and cars loaded, it was about 3:30 before we got out of there. Normally everyone is gone about 2 or 2:30 or so.

I still need to put my stuff away now that I'm home---in my rush to get packed up I just stick stuff anywhere in my tote bags and then have to sort through it. Last night I finished putting two more labels on the quilts and called several of the girls who were not at the meeting to tell them the plans for the Christmas party. Also I am preparing to send off a box to headquarters along with the updated copy of my document and a CD I burned with pictures of all the quilts for 06 for the gallery pages. Since many of our quilts stay here locally, I have to do my part for record keeping for Ellen. Looks like I'm ready to seal up the carton and brave the rain. Well, after I get dressed that is, LOL. And so it goes in my little corner of the world............

Nov 13, 2006

another day of running

Sorry the picture is a little fuzzy looking but look at this neat bag that Cher brought me today! It is hand knit and then felted so it feels just like a heavy wool fabric. Do I need to ask you who is sitting on it now? My fault that the fuzzy faced one thought that was an invitation because I left it laying on the cutting/pressing table after I took the picture.

Cher, her sister and her sweetie got here about 10 this morning. After a peek at the challenge in progress and my sewing room, we piled into my car to drive the hour or so up to see our mutual friend Joy. Lunch was planned at the tea room--the only customers since it is by appointment. When we went in February, Joy had selected the menu but this time she told Nessa to just "surprise" her. SO we dined on potato soup, baked chicken breast and an open faced tomato and mozzarella sandwich. Dessert was cheesecake with triple berry topping with apple and grape garnish.

From there we went down to the quilt shop which Nessa opened for us--normally Monday's she is closed. Cher found some prints that will probably be used for her little sweet granddaughter along with a pre-print panel in a soft yellow. My purchase, at right, was some more dark Civil War type prints that may head into that round robin or some quilt in my future. Actually the turquoise is more "me" and is similiar to what will be borders on my butterfly challenge. Patty found another quilt for sale and had Nessa help her with the label information on two she purchased last trip. (Cher insisted, LOL)

Nessa's classroom space where the long arm lives is in the store front next door so we went over to see the set up which was still under construction on our last trip.
Cher and Patty helped Joy with a computer issue but we headed back soon after so they would miss some of the traffic problems in the ATL area, with any luck. I think I got home about 3:30 or so?

I didn't get my challenge quilt done on Saturday after all, with all that ripping stuff. Fortunately on closer inspection I only had to move some HST's not all the strips on the twist blocks as I first feared but only half the quilt is assembled. Sunday no sewing as I was trying to clean up the mess from all the sewing and wanted the house to stay clean for more than 5 minutes, LOL.

Tomorrow the Belles will meet for our last scheduled work date for '06. With Thanksgiving coming up and a December meeting being the Christmas party we won't get back into the swing of things again till January. I know there are some quilts to pin but we are also going to try the Aunt Betty Attic with some of the scrappy fabrics Finn sent recently. Joy sent some WTIL quilts back with me so I'll get some help with sewing on the labels if someone is looking for a sit down job. Take pics of them to share in my next post as one uses a neat twisty star block.

I'll be ready to stay home and sew after three days of quilt shop runs and a meeting day. It's fun but not much production once I get home.

A few have commented about not being able to respond to comments. Yes, I did switch to beta blogger this weekend. That part is a drawback, I'm guessing since it defaults to "anonymous" or "no-reply" My end directs me back to YOUR blog with a link to email you from there. In many cases I already have had email contact with you and know what your email is so I would not click on the note to reply to it. But I'm guessing the problems will be gone once everyone has to switch. I backed up my blog template just in case but I see only subtle changes to the blog itself. My archived notes appear to be intact so I'm guessing they have a few of the kinks worked out by now. I lost a post trying to post from Picassa so this is my 2nd run at this but that has happened before so I am not really blaming blogger for that. Sorry if this created some inconveniences on your end because I love hearing from all of you to do come by and leave messages. Okay, cross my fingers that this will upload--surprisingly, blogger let me load pics from there for the first time in a long time. How 'bout that?

Nov 11, 2006

Better luck

I had a little better luck today one the shopping front--both shops were open for business and it is quilter's quality stuff. The yardage on the left is for the round robin border--that "paper bag" color for the background. At right, the top 4 are for me with my $25.00 off gift certificate--1/2 yard cuts for the reproduction stash. The other three may be part of the applique I intend to do on the robin because I have some pieces in the stash that MIGHT work---either/or. I overcut fabric on vines I did on an earlier round so I don't think it will be necessary to make more unless I go with a different color green--also could come from stash, in that case. I am only doing that applique on two opposing corners mainly because it needs a break from all that busy-ness at center but also because I don't want to spend a year appliquing. Aline took to it back to fix a couple spots where the person after her chopped off the star points she had tried hard to do correctly. That's fine---I can wait.

Aline drove and our friends Jane and Sarah went along with us today. Very overcast but that is almost easier to drive in--the sunlight does not glare or strobe through the trees. We took a slightly different route to the quilt shop in that we did not have to get on interstate at all. The trees were gorgeous and new scenery to look at. We had lunch at the tearoom in Trussville when we first got to town. LOL, those "local" quilt shops that are over an hour away.

I got the challenge quilt blocks done last evening and will finish up the top after supper. It is a small quilt so shouldn't be hard to get it done though I may wait to do the outer border tomorrow--BEFORE I clean up this house for Cher's visit. (Finn, I've got that hug ready for her)

Judy, I have tried adjusting the color in Picassa but some old image editing software I used to use would make it far more easier and truer in color---I think I need to be able to adjust the RGB--like add or lessen the blue tones? I played with the two block pictures and just made it worse but gotta love that "un-do" thing.

I'm outta here------- Posted by Picasa

UPDATE: 7:30 p.m. I just discovered that those five blocks that I did last night are pieced wrong----ack! I started off around the ring with the wrong colored strip so I guess that seam ripper is going to get a work out. The one that is right and joined in the quilt looks pretty good if I do say so. Just wasn't watching closely enough and was chatting between stitches. RATS anyway---but if you are going to sew, you best be prepared to do this unsewing.

Nov 10, 2006

field trips and shopping

Pictured here is the butterfly challenge that I should be sewing on. Didn't stick one stitch in in yesterday with all that shopping and running around. The alternating block is shown at left and below what the 6 main blocks will look like along with the pieced setting and corner triangles. The 1st border is pieced into the triangles actually in this pattern. It is an on point set.

The color is off though. That is muslin in the background, hot pink, cheddar yellow and a turqouise band to set them off. The purple looks right but the pink looks coral in the shot below and then the yellow is not right. I think part of the problem is the flourescent bulbs in my sewing room.

9 of us went on the outing yesterday and we left here around 10 CT for the Joann's in Douglasville, GA. (That is about 60 -70 miles or so from here.) I didn't find any fabric that I could not leave behind though I was dragging that round robin with me looking for background "paperbag" color. When I spotted a cart laden with about 10-12 bolts that needed cutting, I put the only piece I had entertained getting (an olive green) back. No books I wanted, no patterns I couldn't live without. Since I had a 40% off coupon, I DID get a pair of 4 inch Gingher embroidery scissors to replace the pair that I lost in the couch frame last year. (Nope, those things are never coming out--we turned it every which way and took a goodly bit of the cloth thing on the bottom off---no luck) 16 dollars and change.

We lunched at the Golden Corral near the shopping center. For a moment I thought that the girl had given me a senior citizen rate for my meal. Turned it was after 2 in Georgia time and we had gotten in at the Early Bird rate, LOL. Lots of things to chose from there.

Then we headed back towards Alabama and exited the interstate for Bowden and a small quilt shop. Oh, oh no one there and a sign that says "be right back" We had this same problem last we went but two ladies who were also waiting said to check with the shop two doors down as they might now what was up. Apparently the owner had decided to take the rest of the week off and someone had been there in the morning but by 4, was gone. Rats!

We came back home then and ran by Hobby Lobby for me to pick up the muslin bolt I had asked them to get for me. Paula asked and come to think of it, so did the staff in the fabric department "what are you going to do with all that muslin?" Quilt backs and piecing on our donation quilts plus it is narrower than I really wanted so backs will have to be pieced. Two years ago about this time I had a bolt my brother and SIL brought me for Christmas when they visited and I already had a little bit on hand. It might take awhile but I'll use it!!

Today, it is approaching 3 p.m. We walked this morning and were home for about 45 minutes again. DJ wanted to look for his Shoebox Christmas cards early this year as they are picked over if you wait too long. We used to combine this trip to track down a pictorial calendar to hang in the kitchen, often a golf course or something scenic. Found the cards at the 3rd Hallmark shop we went to and then headed over to Cici's for pizza. I have to tell you though that one year, he referred to this excursion as "we should head south one of these days" I got all excited--my home loving hubby wanted to go down to the Gulf Shores or Orange Beach or better yet, back to Belingrath Gardens!! No dice---just 12 miles down the road to the mall area for his goodies. Still haven't been to the beach!

Well, if I am going to get this top done in order to show Cher when she comes on Monday, I best get cracking. Aline and I are going to make a run over to the Birmingham area quilt shops tomorrow and hopefully have better luck hunting for my background fabric plus cash in our $25 dollar gift certificates. By next week he will be saying with some degree of accuracy that "you are never home"

At least the pictures show that I am getting a little sewing done this week--not a lot, but some. Next post, the top. Posted by Picasa

Nov 8, 2006

quiet day

Finally the sun comes out and Pippi is rewarded for waiting on her perch. It always seems like it rains on election day--even the primaries, come to think of it and it kept it up intermittently through the night leaving a cool and damp day till about 30 minutes ago.

This is the look I get when I go in to pester her--the big stretch but can't really be bothered pose. Such a lazy girl! She didn't even alert me to the fact that we had a little "visitor" a few day ago or go after it. Now that the weather has turned cool it seems like we get a mouse in the house each year though he has done everything he could to seal things off. DJ and I were eating when I saw something dart out of the corner of my eye. No other evidence had been apparent till he heard my shriek. A few hours later the fresh peanut butter got him. DJ dumped it out on the kudzu that the neighborhood cat patrols--dinner on a plate, LOL. BUT no way did this one go on mouser patrol!

I got my butterfly challenge quilt cut out using the contrasting colors and muslin from my stash. Cher generously shared the butterfly yardage with our group and hers. Two of the alternating blocks are done as of this writing.

Yesterday I made the HST units using cut squares and the slotted ruler quick quarter ruler and was not happy with how those or the part of the flying geese units that I had gotten done had came out. Just some days, nothing seems to go well, I guess. Fortunately I had more fabric and could resort to an alternate plan that has proved to be less problematic--triangles on a roll for the HST's and trimmed them down to the size I needed (duh, could have used the triangulations CD) and drew up the bits I needed for the alternating blocks in EQ. I got one block done last evening and another done today. Now, I'm working on the pieced setting triangles--no critique of those yet as I haven't pressed them. Still, it is more than I had done a couple of days ago.

I'll be going over the Georgia side of the line on a shopping trip with some quilting friends tomorrow. Should be fun. Aline said that probably 10 of us are going. Joann's and I hope the little quilt shop in Bowden. Maybe I can find something for the round robin--that dark tan color for background anyway. I appreciate all the input you have given me. I am still thinking applique but just on two catty corners--no way, no how would I want to do it clear around the periphery of the quilt. The rest would be plain and give the eye someplace to rest while satisfying the requirements for the round--curves, flowers, ugh, ugh, ugh. I have some Civil War repros here but do NOT want to share those with this quilt---most are fats anyway.

If I don't find anything then, there is always Monday to look forward too. I am not sure how or what she might have posted about her upcoming trip but Cher will be driving over from her sister's in the ATL area. We plan on going up to see our friend Joy and have lunch in the tearoom and hit the quilt shop in Collinsville again. The shop is normally closed on Monday's but the proprietor also has the tearoom by appointment and will open for us. Her sister made it well worth it last time we went---bought 4 quilts, two of them bedsized!! No doubt, Ness remembers that, LOL.

Our move to a different satellite TV provider was completed on Saturday but we have a DVR now and DJ is having to learn how to use a new toy. Well, I guess me too--the 2nd room it powers is my sewing room. The only glitch other than we had to give up a few channels that we liked to watch was that my old TV did not have a connector it needed. I was told to get a RF modulator in order for my DVD player to work--apparently you need some box of some sort with connectors to bridge the two devices. I tracked one down on Monday when I got groceries at Wally World. I hooked it up with some assitance from DJ but I was missing a cable I should have purchased. Of course, I was ready to hop in the car and go get it but it was late and time to cook dinner. I got the "no patience" lecture too. Purchased and installed that yesterday. Player wouldn't work--what the heck am I supposed to push, poke, whatever on the remote or TV to get the disc so show up??? I put a call into the service person BUT...........when DJ and I put our heads together, we have a fully functional brain on occasion. Change the channel on the TV to 3 and the disc played!! I think it helped that he worked as a technician for a cable TV concern for 25 years. The newer stuff might buffalo him a bit but hey, most things have to be on channel 3 or 4 or something switched to 3 or 4. I know he is struggling a bit with the new remote but I've got that down, LOL.

Ah, Hobby Lobby called--my muslin bolt is in--hopefully I can convince the driver to run me in for that on our trip tomorrow as we will be going right by the shopping center. (It is a good 15 miles drive from my house.)

Guess that's it for now---a little stitching. Oh the picture is the Bradford Pears at the end of our lane at the entrance to the subdivision. Three rows of them. Love the white flowers in the spring, the glossy green leaves of summer and they are so gorgeous when the change too. This was from last year but pretty much what it looks like now minus the gloomy skies. Posted by Picasa

Nov 6, 2006

suggestions please!

Sorry that I could not get a better picture of this--the background at center and with that SW motif is about the color of a paper bag. The round with the stars is an "old gold" but a fairly clear pretty blue.

Boy, oh boy, do I need some suggestions about what to do with this round robin. It is Gary's who started with a low contrast block of Carpenter Wheel in the center. Aline did well, I thought ,with the small Friendship star round. Then Karen decided that it was going to go Southwest---HUH? What has that got to do with a Civil War theme? Remember me saying that one of these quilts had acrylic paint on it? Those black marks are all painted on. Of course, that was a "no, no" in the rules.

Lauren kept it simple and tried to calm that all down by using the 1800 repro dark pirnts with a lightish black and tan print around it. Pat carried the blues and starts outward. SIGH, who the heck knows what Mildred was thinking? It is not black but navy--the last two rounds have been navy and another color. I imagine she thought she was picking up on the navy in the first star round and possibly the red tones.

Okay, my instruction for this round are enough to curl my hair if it weren't naturally wavy/curly to begin with---make my hair on my neck stand up maybe?? "Add a border no wider than 6 inches finished to pull the quilt top together using at least TWO of the folloiwng--applique or pieced: hearts, curves, houses, stars, flowers, fans, bowties, pinwheels. For added touch, you can applique something special anywhere on the quilt"

I'm thinking the background needs to go back to that paper bag brown color but beyond that who knows? As much as I am not fond of applique that is what my mind keeps coming back to. I am afraid to measure this as it would just make me want to stuff it away again. It is due on December 5th so I do have time to do the two commissioned SEC quilts late this week and early next. I also cannot keep handling it as I noticed when I went to hang it up that it has a lot of places were it is coming unsewn at the edge--need to either stay stitch it or go back and re-sew it. Seriously, I need some help or a clue or something. Finn already said she would duct tape me to the chair if I said I was ever doing another one of these.

I still have hopes of at least cutting out my butterfly challenge today but time is slipping away. Errands and a walk in the local park took a big chunk of the morning. This afternoon, Aline needed my help in taking digital pictures of her with the quilt she made for the Steel Magnolia group of the Calhoun County Cancer Society. You can see it HERE. The picture will be submitted to the Community Pages of the local paper. I ran out to her house and verified who got copies and where it should be sent once I got back to my email addy. The instructions I had about 200 dpi resolution was confusing me--you need that when you print or scan but not emailing that I know of. SOOOOO, here's the picture you do what you need to do, LOL and let me know if I have to do it over again.

I'm outta here--try some cutting and hope those butterflies aren't going sideways like these poor animals in this one I did a few years back seen HERE. Maybe just cut a chunk of muslin, mark arrows on it for directional lines and see before I cut out ALL the butterflies? Not much room for error with only a half yard to use. Later........... Posted by Picasa

Nov 5, 2006

Toadie done

Got my toadie top done this afternoon, backing is readied and binding cut and seamed and waiting for pressing. I had hoped to do a bit more cutting but my thumbs are not being very cooperative for flexion and extension activities. Cutting my butterfly challenge will wait till after Monday errands.

The BQ pattern does not call for borders but I had resized the blocks to 12 inch to accomodate the amount of yardage I had been challenged by Finn to use in some manner. The resultant quilt would have been a bit small if I had not used a 3 inch finished border. I will bind it in the red print and use up some more of that "kit" red.

I don't know if it will be really obvious to the casual observer but I DID mess up a bit. The strips sets of muslin and red print were supposed to be cut in 3 1/2, 6 1/2 and 8 inches. Somewhere between the first trial block and cutting for the rest I got 8 1/2 inches on the brain. ACK!! I did not want to un-do and re-sew 11 blocks when I could just trim off the excess--rip out the one that was "right" instead. All it means is that some of those "Illinois Road shapes where they join are a little skinnier--no biggie.

I have some cut squares of transportation themed stuff that would be a good one to do this same way so I'll have to count up how many I've got and maybe follow the pattern this time---Beaves gives instructions for an 18 inch block as well as a half sized 9 inch one for wallhanging type size. Ah, I think I can figure out how to add a few more or less blocks.

Other than that---last night we went down to the neighbor's down the lane for the hot dog roast and chili. Bob made that chili plenty peppery so it warmed from the inside as well. It was in the 40's but damp feeling so that bonfire sure felt good. I couldn't eat with gloves on my hands so it was hard to work on the computer when we got home. Hard to believe that it will be in the 70's again by the end of the week but probably rain.

Guess that's it for tonight--- Posted by Picasa

Nov 3, 2006

200th post

Well, actually I probably passed that about 2 months back as this is my second blog---I lost about 6 weeks worth of posts at one point and had to start over way back in March. I guess that means that I can pull out some oldies but goodies pictures at some point when I can't refer back to the archives.

Good of all of you to join me along the way--some comment and some don't. Always meeting new people from the world over and adding more blogs to read to bloglines too.

On the quilting front--well, nothing so far today as I have been piddling with some computer downloads and had a couple errands to run. I DID get the little nine patch quilted yesterday afternoon as planned. (Jan and Cindy, the box went out this morning) I am going to work on my toadie BQ though in a few minutes. I may cut out my butterfly challenge top if I had time leftover today---or that gets done first thing tomorrow.

Baked a "Better Than Sex" cake to take to the neighborhood do tomorrow night--I guess that is the name? I got the recipe long ago at a lasagna dinner hosted by on the local churches during the AQS show in Paducah so I doubt they called it that!! If you have ever been there at show time, several of the churches host dinners or luncheons for influx of people as a fund raiser. It provides a nice alternative to heading out to a local restaurant and waiting in line.

The quilt I am showing is one that I made early on for WTIL. I had seen a picture of it in an advertising circular and like the colors etc. I figured that is was based on 4 inch squares and I could figure out how it went together. At the time I was not machine quilting my tops but my buddy Joy was. I took my top over to her house and proudly showed it. She didn't say a word but headed to her sewing room and pulled out HER top which was just about an exact duplicate for mine!! Like minds, I guess. I thought I had a picture somewhere of the two of them side by side but cannot dredge it up to show you. We would have had to have had a 2nd holder though--she owned the digital camera but I was always the quilt holder at the point.

DJ called to switch our satellite TV provider and the servicepersons will be here tomorrow anywhere from 12-5 to do the installation. I don't really care which one we use but I know that I will lose a couple of the channels that I sometimes watch while I am working in my sewing/computer room. The switch will get us use of a DVR player and free movie channels and cost a bit less for short time anyway. The sports channels look interesting though---even though we are "out of market" for our teams (St. Louis Cardinal baseball, Illini basketball, Chicago Bears football) I hope that this change will let us (more like DJ) watch some of these games. The lineup looks like it will be possible. Too late for this year's baseball, of course but college basketball will be starting soon and the Bears are having a great year!

Guess that's it for now if I am going to get any stitching done before supper preparation ensues.......... Posted by Picasa

Nov 1, 2006

day off/goals list

Well, I had planned on quilting a third quilt today--the little nine patch on point. It's the one on top of this two quilt stack that Pippi was circling and trying to get comfortable on last night. She ended up sleeping there so must have gotten a proper kitty dent made.

We had a lovely walk today on a picture perfect day. Back to my biker shorts and T-shirt--low 60's, sunny, slight breeze. I think what I like most about fall in the south is the break from the sometimes unrelenting heat and humidity. I have often said that I didn't move South for the summers, LOL.

He needed to go into town to get his flu shot and take our library books back. I went along for the ride and picked up some BBQ sandwiches on the way home since we had no leftovers on hand. I told him a long time ago to not expect me to cook lunch passed making a grilled cheese sandwich--suppers are enough! Of course, tonight's supper did not turn out well--the roasted potato mix was too peppery and salty and the minute steaks tough. The peas and carrots were fine and so was the blueberry pie, LOL---sure want to eat that again tomorrow, NOT.

DJ suggested by mid afternoon that I just hit the couch and take a nap--he was dozing off and on in his recliner at the time. I didn't do it but look how relaxed Pippi looks. Almost enough to make me want to join those two lazy bones. He said "you push yourself to hard--take it easy!" An hour later after that talk , I still hadn't started quilting the nine patch. Instead I decided to catch up on reading some blogs, play some cards and piddle the rest of the day away. Always tomorrow, right? I got the two snuggle ups done last night, binding applied too before I called it quits. Did that put me ahead of the game or behind?

I have updated my November goals list--actually what I had for November got moved to December. Like Judy, it is the same 4 projects that just have not been tended to. I did okay in October really---who knew that I was going to have to do make a monster t-shirt quilt when I first made out that list. That phone conversation about possibly doing this was two years ago, for heaven's sake!! Who knew that I have to make two more SEC quilts either? That definitely has to go on the November list. Round robin top done with the last round, thank God, due in early December. I am so ready to NOT have to work on any of these but my own ostrich.

I got 4 donation tops pieced and 4 quilted--not the same four but four are done. Not bad there either. The toad BQ is cut out, one block done and the strip sets waiting for me. It should go together quickly though I had thought about possibly adding some green blocks with a different band to make the quilt larger. Not crazy about the fabric on hand so it will probably not happen for this first stab at it.

I think the November list is do-able though finishing the quilting on my 30's sampler might be pipe dream and I don't have the first clue about what to do with that robin of Gary's--that might span the first week in December at any rate. BUT these goal lists are just suggestions and a way of keeping on track or prioritizing. I made the list and I can be flexible enough to change

That pile of fabric next to Pippi on the cutting/pressing table will be my butterfly challenge--well not the two on the top--those are something that I need to take to the next meeting. I may cut that top out before I start on those SEC tops. Then I can sew that as a reward for finishing those up! That top is due in early December whenever we schedule our Christmas gathering for. Where has this year gone? Posted by Picasa

Quilting MeMe

Courtesy of Shelina and making the rounds of bloggerland. I like this one as it is not requiring us to run down ourself by naming odd or weird things about our personalities but rather share our experiences in quilting. Bold face indicates something we have done---copy/paste and add your two cents on your own blog if you wish. No tagging needed.

Have You Ever?
1. Taken a quilting class (now ask me if I finished the class project, LOL---only once)
2. Paper pieced (Love it and do it often)
3. Hand quilted (not often enough)
4. Hand pieced (rarely)
5. Created your own pattern (that is half the fun of playing with EQ!)
6. Published a pattern in a magazine or book
7. Gone on a quilting retreat (what fun!)
8. Gone to a quilting convention (AQS show many times as well as a few NQA's)
9. Met someone who wrote a quilting book (including my friend Cheryl Adam but guild speakers too--a good many of them)
10 combined your quilting with some other craft ( a vest or two used some quilting-appliquilting techniques)
11. Done any three dimensional quilting - like fabric origami (I have a folded flower block done)
12. Made something using Thimbleberries fabric (not my fav fabric line but yes, challenge project)
13. Made something using batiks (the aforementioned flower block is one thing)
14. Dyed your own fabric (yes, and it is a blast to do with friends and then divide up the fabric you all created)
15. Made a landscape hanging (well, it is not completely done but I have one started of a golf course)
16 Made a New York Beauty quilt
17 Made a baby quilt (shoot, all the time on this one--I make charity quilts for kids)
18 Made a wall hanging (yep)
19 Made a journal quilt
20 Submitted your journal quilt for viewing
21 Made a fabric postcard Have no desire to do this but admire the ones others have made
22 Made a artistic trading card (ATC)
23 Exchanged artistic trading cards
24. Mailed your own postcard
25. Made a lap quilt (oh tons of these!)
26 Made a twin size quilt ( Beth's Indiana Puzzle--Allison's grad quilt among others)
27 Made a full size quilt (several of my own that need quilting)
28 Made a queen size quilt (my 30's sampler and DJ's quilt)
29 Made a king size quilt (the t-shirt quilt recently comes to mind)
30 Donated a quilt to charity (tons of these--most of my quilts are donated)
31 Sent a quilt out to a quilter ( a couple of times but mostly I do my own)
32 Thrown away a UFO (it needed it!)
33 Given away a UFO (so did this!)
34 Cut up a UFO and made something else with it
35 Ripped fabric instead of cutting it
(sometimes it is easier on borders)
36 Made a quilt exactly like the pattern, with no changes whatsoever (yes but it is rare)
37 Done any Sashiko
38 Quilted your own quilt (frequently)

39 Did free motion quilting (yes, but not my favorite)
40 Put any embroidery or beads on your quilt
41 Given away your quilt to a stranger (all the time)
42 Swapped fabric
43 swapped blocks
44 participated in a round robin
(but this last one has about done me in--no more!!!!)
45 participated in an ostritch round robin
46 kept a journal about your quilting
47 written a letter to someone who made an antique quilt
49 kept a blog about your quilting
50 participated in a gift exchange
51 sent a quilting random act of kindness
52 joined a newsgroup about quilting
53 made a quilt using a pattern from quilterscache
54 joined an online block of the month
55 made a block of the month quilt
56 subscribed to a fabric of the month club
57 bought fabric at an online store
58 bought fabric from ebay
59 own more than one sewing machine
60 have a room dedicated solely to sewing

61 hide a fabric purchase
62 finished making a holiday gift before July
63 spent more than $200 in one quilt shopping trip only if you count buying my Jem
64 made a quilt using a book from the library
65 worked with someone else to make a quilt
66. joined a quilt guild
67 become president of a quilt guild
(Lol, I am all the officers of Bama Belles because we don't have any but I'm the group leader)
68 taught a quilting class
69 helped someone else get the quilting bug

70 taught a child to sew
71 made a Dear Jane block
72 Made a miniature quilt
73 watch QNN - quilters news network
73 subscribe to a quilting magazine from your own country
74 subscribe to a quilting magazine from another country
75 buy fabric from another country
76 swapped completed quilts with someone else
77 asked for quilting help online
78 gone to a quilt shop to ask for quilting help
79 bought fabric at a local quilt shop
80 traveled more than 100 miles to go to a quilt shop

81 used nontraditional fabric for a quilt - something other than cotton or flannel
82 made a quilt using instructions given to you on a blog
83 make comments on someone's quilting blog
84 meet a quilter in person after only having talked online
85 had a quilting retreat in your home
86 own quilting software
87 made a quilt you designed on your quilting software
88 done any quilt research - history, interviewing quilters, etc.
89 had any quilt related subject published anywhere
90 donated a quilt to a museum
91 bought a quilt from a thrift store
92 made a quilt using fabric from a thrift store
93 made a quilt using photos
94 made a pastel quilt
95 made a quilt using brights
96 made a quilt using ethnic fabric from another country - African, Asian, etc.
97 made a quilt using leftover blocks from other quilts
98 had your quilt in a magazine, newspaper, newsletter, TV, etc.
99. submitted your quilt to a quilt show
100. won any ribbons with your quilts
101 had more finished quilts than UFOs (just the reverse of that)
102 made a quilt using reproduction fabrics
103 took a break from quilting that was longer than a year
104 made money with your quilting
105 had a job in the fabric / quilting industry