Nov 29, 2013

staying on task

I'll get the glamour shots later when these are completely finished but this is how I have spent my week----quilting, quilting, quilting!

After I posted on Monday, I quilted Kristine and Andy's tree skirt, shown in THIS POST.  It is on the bottom of the pile in this picture.

On Tuesday:  I had my Bama Belles meeting.  I cut the center holeand side slit and got most of the binding attached to it before I went home around 2.  I needed to do the join essentially and did not have what I needed to finish.  I finished off my afternoon evening by completing that and started quilting my paint chip challenge.  That is it on top.

On Wednesday:  finished the challenge piece, put on the binding and tabs.  I marked the wide border and locked in the blocks. Pressed the binding for it.  Then I headed to the kitchen to make cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie, pumpkin muffins and our supper.  I finished off the evening by working on the tree skirt binding for a couple of hours and read part of a e-book on the computer.

Yesterday---yeah, I know it was a holiday but we were not eating our holiday meal until evening.  I told DJ that the Wednesday leftovers needed to be consumed first to make room in the fridge for turkey leftovers. I also needed some of the baking dishes.  So I quilted most of the day, before and after our meal watching "Castle" marathon on TNT.  I was just about done!  More binding and finished the e-book.

This morning:  I finished up between laundry detail.  about half of the last side of little blocks, all around the outside border and slap on the binding.  I remembered to put labels on the challenge piece and the donation quilt too.  I do not know how long that Hopscotch top (Pattern:  Atkinson Designs) has been pinned and waiting but I finished the top in late October 2012---shown here.  I know that I was working on it at the Belles fall sew-in date when my friend Cindy came to join us.  About time it was moved along!  It is about 55 x 68 big so should be good for an older teen and I hope it will work out okay for Gene's Angel project.
Next thing I knew it was time for lunch---fast food run, showered, vacuum up the strings and put things up a bit, now posting.

Now I will spend another 5 or 6 days working on binding.  I WILL make my deadlines even if my bottom is permanently stuck in this desk chair doing it.  Maybe I can finally catch up with the blog hop---yeah, today is the last day but you see, I have been a busy girl! Three more await quilting and that is part of my December goals.

Nov 25, 2013

binding, tabs and ties

On Friday I had completed the pieced center of the paint chip challenge with some half square triangle unit trimmings to go.

On Saturday, I trimmed the units and got the borders on it and began the button hole applique that it required.

On Sunday I finished the applique, pieced the batting, marked it and pinned the piece---it is there on top.

This morning I am pressing binding in preparation to quilt those three pieces----the challenge piece, the tree skirt and a donation quilt that I would like to go to Gene Black's Angel Quilt projects along with another I have been holding till I get this one finished.  You can read about the effort on his blog HERE.  I discovered that I had NOT pieced the binding for that particular quilt or another one that is sitting atop my dresser.  I also forgot that the paint chip challenge needed some tabs made, it being a Button Up version and that is how they hang.  I'll do that before I start quilting today.

I follow my dear friend Joy's example of cutting the binding right along with cutting out the quilt top, seaming it when the top is done and then rolling it on section of cardboard like you do embroidery floss.  I pull and prep the backing as well and then pin it when it is convenient (read: corresponds to a meeting date if possible).  Joy often left "the spool" in the folds of the quilt.  I sometimes do that as well but mostly I file it in a couple of containers that I have set aside for this.  I check there first.  Occasionally I slip up or change my mind about what I want to use but I do try to make a habit of it.  Then there are no deterrents to quilting if the quilts are pinned.  If there is no deadline to worry about, I can pick whichever quilt I am in the mood to deal with.

All three of these have a deadline----the tree skirt I want done ASAP, the Angel Quilt before the 12th and the paint chip challenge on December 14th.  I best get cracking!  I'll see how far I get.  Guess that means I am quilting or working on binding at Belles tomorrow.

And sew it goes------

Nov 22, 2013


I have Nancy J. Martin's Perpetual Calendar 365 Quilt Blocks a Year
 atop my computer.  Today's block is a 12 inch block called Indian Mats.  Now I know what my recent "Reflections" most reminds me of!  I thought Delectable Mountains maybe but still, that Southwest vibe.  Not quite it.  

This block according to BlockBase software is attributed to Nancy Cabot and dates to the 30's.  (BlockBase is the Electric Quilt's software version of Barbara Brackman's ground breaking work in Encylopedia of Pieced Quilt Blocks and is derived from print sources from 1830 to 1970.)

On the notecard is a little bit about Nancy Cabot.  I don't know how well the font will show up in the screen capture or of course, who really designed the block.  Do we EVER really know when one is dealing with geometric shapes?

My Billie Lauder version is quite similar in the basic shape outline, though the technique of arriving at that point is quite different.   Visualize lines across the block and a change in coloration.  The Reflection block is slightly rectangular with blocks finishing at 9 1/4 x 10 and working with two pair of essentially 10 inch squares.

Below my quilt for comparison.

Back to sewing---at the moment I am working on the ties for the tree skirt before I change out the thread and start sewing on the paint chip challenge.  The applique stuff is all ready to roll and I hope to have this completed by tomorrow evening.   We'll see!

Nov 21, 2013

this and that

When I was back in Illinois last month visiting with family, Mom and I were discussing some possible quilt choices for the grandkids.  She has been working steadily on making full sized quilts starting with the older grands and working down from oldest to youngest, more or less.  Two are married now and received their quilts as wedding presents.  Allison was engaged and has her quilt.  Other tops are done, one or more quilted and waiting.  Another in the works that she laid out for preview.

Mom has some thoughts on what she is making for the younger set based on their color choices.  Anyway, this block came up though neither of us could remember what Judy Martin had called it and could not lay hands on her Scrap Quilts book right away either.  It is called "Country Cousin" and has sort of a "Rob Peter to Pay Paul" positive/negative deal going on.  (ED:  11-28 on the 365 Quilt Blocks perpetual calendar calls this 4 Knaves.  BlockBase #1197 Nancy Cabot 1938)

We had done  this years ago as a block raffle at Hands All Around Quilt Guild.  I won a pile of them and have obviously done little with them.  However, I did make a more, even hand piecing some of them in the car on vacation even.    There are 45 in the stack, 4 are joined even as it makes a secondary pattern when the blocks are joined.  BUT check the year on the postmark!  While I still like the blocks, like the red and lights combo etc after this length of time am I really going to ever get to them??

I told Mom that she was welcome to them to jump start her granddaughter's/my niece's quilt proposed quilt.   I keep forgetting to box them up and she had to remind me at one point too. That "remember-er" is not working as well as it once did or I am more easily distracted and less able to do 4 things at once, LOL.   First I needed a small box, then needed printer ink.  I've been a little busy sewing and quilting lately, really busy and it is not apt to slow down for a couple more weeks either. Well, they are boxed and ready, Mom and I'll be making a post office run as I have another outside errand (or two) to tend to before I hit the machine.

Skyler rousted me at 6:15 wanting his treat bit of Fancy Feast.  Unfortunately that hour was after only about 3 hours of sleep.  SIGH, one of those nights where I could not get settled, restless, uncomfortable in bed, pj's kept getting all twisted up.  Little booger rousts me so HE can climb back in.  Well, forget making the bed for awhile, LOL.  Normally I am up at 7 or so but there was no going back to sleep.

Instead I have been preparing that mailing and found a box that might work for the tree skirt mailing while I was it.  I have pre-washed some fabric for a friendship project (requiring two loads of wash be done).  I actually made oatmeal for breakfast instead of my usual peanut butter on one slice of whole wheat bread . I hate cooking in the morning!  Also not all that fond of cooked cereal but toss in some walnuts, raisins and cinnamon, it was not that bad.  Looked for a decent recipe for cooking steel cut oats in the crockpot thinking I could just re-heat a portion.   Checked my email, checked facebook and a few headlines that caught my eye.  Looks like the Cardinals can forget a trade with the Rangers that might include Ian Kinsler as he is headed to Detroit in place of Prince Fielder.  Detroit loses about umpteen million dollars and 7 year left on that contract.  HMMMMM.  Will need to catch up with the blog hop when I have time for a computer break, here and there.

I have also done a bit of prep work for the applique elements of the paint chip challenge.  I cut out all I could of the pieced elements yesterday.  Because of the adjustments I made in the width a couple things will have to wait.  I can start sewing but there are a couple of appliqued elements that can be stitched into seam lines so I'll get that part ready to go.  The fabrics are pulled and pressed already, waiting.

And sew it goes----you know where to find me! 

Nov 20, 2013

finished to flimsy

The color is not correct as it looks far too yellow but I was taking this at night and in a different room than normal.   The color DOES look "right" in the post for a few days ago.   Woohoo, the tree skirt piecing is all done as of yesterday afternoon.  I had 5 blocks to piece, the lower 3 rows to join and borders to put on.  Then a lot of fabric pressing for the binding and back piecing.  . Even had to piece the batting.  The binding is cut but I still need to seam it but that meant a trip to the store for the correct shade of rusty red.  I was thankful to get my jammies on and hit the bed as my back was really squawking at me by 8:30.

I got the okay to go over to the church fellowship hall to pin this morning.  The pastor was there and came in to put up some of the tables that were set up for Bible Study as the congregants will be having their Thanksgiving meal this evening.  I was especially mindful of getting any loose strings up off the floor before I left.

SO I could be quilting but I am leaning towards piecing my guild paint chip challenge first.  What I have in mind for the challenge will not take long to cut or piece.  Quilting means swapping out machines, relocating the sewing table and generally tearing up the room for a bit.  And then dragging out the preferred piecing machine all over again.  I'm thinking that I can quilt the paint chip piece, one more donation quilt that I want to turn in and of course, the tree skirt after I am done with the challenge piece.  I estimate about 3 or 4 days of quilting.  Then, oh boy, spend a week doing binding.   Yep, that I what I think I'll do---as soon as I clear off the stuff I dumped on the table on my return from pinning, errands and the library.  I've got Bama Belles next week and a couple of sew in days coming up on the 6th and 7th of December.  Paint Chip Challenge is due on the 14th.  Belles have a challenge too supposedly due on the 10th but I am not so worried about that.  If it gets done then or a week from then---we are pretty loose about deadlines.  We have not even decided what to do about the Christmas party either, LOL.

Okay, talking about it will NOT get any of that done----------hope you have had a good day so far.

Nov 19, 2013

Black Tie Boogie Schedule

While I am not participating this round, II did have an idea for this round but NOT the time to do it. I DO want to support the bloggers that are featuring their work in a chicken/rooster theme that Mdm Samm of Sew We Quilt chose.  Head cheerleader this round is Vickie of More Stars in Comanche who does beautiful work herself. Vickie's love for chickens has been shown in some of her blog pieces in the past so I have no doubt she has something good up her sleeve! The schedule is posted below the logo.

Black Tie Boogie Schedule

Tuesday, November 19
Wednesday, November 20
Thursday,November 21  
Pigtales and Quilts ~ Happy Birthday Thearica !

Friday, November 22
Monday, November 25
Tuesday, November 26
Wednesday, November 27
Thursday, November 28
Friday, November 29
Sew Incredibly Crazy

Nov 18, 2013

changing holiday theme

 Since last week's blog hop, I have been stitching intermittently on Kristine and Andy's promised Christmas tree skirt.  At this writing I am at the half way point.  The plate and measuring tape show where it will be cut to accomodate the tree trunk.  The edge with the quarter square setting triangles would be the front edge of the skirt.

You may recall that earlier this summer I had made two tree skirts for the HO HO HO hop?  They are shown in THIS POST.  One went to my niece/godchild Allison and the other to my nephew Blake and his bride Julia as delayed wedding gift,  Well, Kristine has been married a bit longer than her brother Blake and I asked if she might want one for her holiday decorating.  Obviously she said yes or why make another?

When pointed to the photos of the other two, she liked the style of Allison's better so I said I would do something similar but use a different block pattern.  Since I over-cut on Allison's project, this has allowed me to use quite a few of the leftovers from that going with a modern and traditional palette of holiday prints.  I did get one charm pack that blends with the border and binding choices though to carry those colors out a bit more.  I hope it looks like little sparkly jewels against the neutrals of the block.

These are 8 inch finished Patience Corner blocks and use 3.5 inch cut squares and then strips cut 1.5 x 3.5 and 1.5 by 4.5.  It is not a hard block but you DO have to pay attention!  If it does not look like a right leaning figure of 8, then you have done something wrong and get out the ripper.

I cut the setting triangles one inch larger than I needed them to actually be.  I may elect NOT to trim then down and in fact, add a fabric strip on the corners for a mock inner border.  I'll decide that later.

And sew it goes--------I hope to have this done by Thursday and possibly pin on Friday.  My original goal was that she would have it by Thanksgiving and it may be close!

On another note:
I want to thank all the blog hoppers who dropped by and made my feature day so special.  I had a several people tell me that they would take the quilt I made off my hands since my husband is apparently not too enthralled with it. LOL.  Good to know!

There will be another hop starting in a few days to end up 2013 but I will be cheering the others on with that.  Hoping to get my deadline items done in early December, quilt up the ones in my stack (currently 4) and then see what Mdm Samm has in mind for the latter half of January.  I've got a mental list about a mile long of things I would like to make but maybe can narrow that down to a workable goal list.  Pipe dream or not.

Nov 14, 2013

Last Day "For the Boys" Blog Hop

Hasn't this been a fun hop!  THX so much to our leader Mdm Samm of Sew We Quilt who keeps coming up with ideas to challenge us.  Also a shout out goes to Amy of Sew Incredibly Crazy for being an incredible head cheerleader.  Sponsor this round is Camelot Fabrics and I believe she said that whoever is lucky enough to win the fabric packets will be getting some of their boy themed fabrics.

Here is the group of ladies that share this last day---I just know you are going to be in for a treat when you see the 5 names I am most familiar with!

Life, Quilts and a Cat too     <<<  THAT'S ME!!   >>>
Sew We Quilt 

So what did I make this round??  Just one item as I had not even started piecing this until the 30th of October or so.  Well I thought I was making this for my husband for Christmas but he has not shown much interest in the quilt.  No comment about the pattern or the colors.  Mostly I got some comment about when I told him I had sewn some sections with the wrong side of the background or a couple of the sections in the wrong spot.  "How do you keep messing up like that?"  Beats me but I did.    He doesn't want it?  Well, I guess Skyler just got himself another quilt to play or hide under or treat as a "kitty" shoot.  My boy can be a furry one, can't he??

The pattern is from Billie Lauder's Quick Quilt Tricks and is called "Reflections".  I cut the blocks out way back in September 2011 using a batik layer cake that a friend had shared with me from Connecting Threads.    I supplemented it with fabrics from my meager stash of batik fats, some I won as a door prize at a quilt show.  I had just enough of the background fabric to make this lap quilt.  The backing that you will catch a glimpse of below was supposed to have been a summer pair of overalls/romper type deal that had been waiting for years!  Stash busting at its finest.

Since this is a sew and then cut type project you get a dark and a light half block from 2 squares cut and sort of decapitated.   I posted about it way back when but what ever you see pieced  below, I had to take apart due to an bad tension issue on the machine I was attempting to use.  I would be hard pressed to even call this much of start a UFO.  It is barely a work in progress either.  Maybe a test block would be more like it??

Showing the quilting a little better.  Basically a lot of in the ditch pivoting, LOL.

Initially I thought I was making this for my husband for Christmas but he has not shown much interest in the quilt.  No comment from him about the pattern or the colors.   Mostly I got some comment along the lines of "How do you keep messing up like that?" when I told him I had sewn some sections with the wrong side of the background or a couple of the sections in the wrong spot.    Beats me how I did it but I had to do a bit more unsewing than usual.    He doesn't want it?  Well, I guess Skyler just got himself another quilt to play or hide under or treat as a "kitty" shoot.  My boy can be a furry one, can't he??  Or I may donate it at some point.  

Rolling around and absorbing the smell of outdoors and the grass.  

 It looks nice on the couch so a couple of us will enjoy seeing it anyway.  

THX for stopping by and I hope you will enjoy the remainder of the hop.  Remember there is always the opportunity to see the overview of the hops on the Pinterest site.  Here is the link for THIS hop----

4 patch stacked posie

Several weeks ago some of the gals in my local quilt group and I explored the 4 patch stacked posie technique.  I didn't get pictures at the time as I was helping some get started on the cutting procedure, the concept of stacking the fabrics, etc mainly.  Once these are cut then it is just a matter of finding a pleasing layout.  I did get 21 blocks made that day and have 21 more ready to stitch up possibly at our next meeting.

Janet was using a gorgeous fall print, Marilyn went off without her foot pedal or power cord but she had a country floral and has since done some stitching.  Lois chose a very feminine piece with a strand of pearls and ribbons running through it.  Valera stitched up some wonderful blocks at home with tans, greens and a rusty brown shade that she showed me yesterday.  Of course, no pictures.  I'll get them as they finish up their tops.  I am pretty sure that Jane, Aline and Donna were all working on their own projects that day.

Then there are mine which I CAN share since I finally remembered to take some pictures.  My lefthanded quilter friend is waiting to see some pictures as she too is working on her own version right, posting them as a Wordless Wednesday  post.  Actually that might be what reminded me that I was supposed to post my blocks, LOL.

I don't know that there will be a whole lot of variety in the blocks since the fabric is all pretty similar in the motifs.  It should make a fairly girlie quilt for donation at some point.  I have my own quilt that has been waiting to be quilt for some time---uh, clear back in April 2009 and last shown HERE.  Maybe in the new year it will cease to be just a flimsy I move around in the closet?

Tomorrow will be my feature day on "For The Boys" blog hop so I hope you will consider dropping by to see what I have made.  I was out taking some pictures yesterday morning so will be writing up my accompanying post next and schedule it to go live at the appointed time.

And sew it goes---------

Nov 13, 2013

Lucky, lucky me!

In the last week, I have been quite the lucky girl! Not only did I find out I had won the sponsored giveaway from Sew We Quilt after the Wicked #3 blog hop but I also won one of the door prizes at quilt guild on Saturday. Woohoo!

Wanna see?

From guild, a 10 minute table runner, two fat quarters and that cue little PC sitter made from a paint chip sample.  Really pretty clever, that one and probably on pinterest, LOL.

Folded up to look like one of those thread and needle deals you carry in your purse, just in case you have a tear or loose a button.

And the beaded pins on the inside

Of course you know who was enthralled with the pom pom trim.  Yes, I know the picture is quite fuzzy but you try to get a picture of a cat who is rolling all around and biting on pom poms.

Then yesterday, the mail was very, very late in arriving at our home, like almost 4 pm late when it is often here at 1130 depending on the carrier.  Hooray my red bag from Mdm Samm had arrived.  Here is part of what was in there.  A cute Amy Bradley pattern---you know I will be making this one!  A packet of Red Rooster Toyko 4 inch squares.  One of Mdm Samm's lovely Halloween pin cushions, fuzzy pumpkin decorated with her cool button pins.  She tells how to do this on her blog and I'll provide the link later.  (I've got a doctor's appointment soon and should be getting dressed!)  Oh and a wonderful packet of Gutterman thread too.

And here is the wonderful fabric from Windham Fabrics---Ghosts and Ghouls.  Two different black prints and you know I will have to come up with something for Wicked #4!  I have some ideas actually.

This piece is the coordinating panel that goes with the fat quarters.

Thank you all!  I am indeed a lucky girl

As a personal catch up note, I had an eye doctors appointment on Monday so even though I was ready to start binding on my For the Boys hop item, not much got done due to my eye's being dilated for hours.  I can just see what a mess I would have made of it when I was seeing double and having a problem being around light.  As it was I had to take the sleeve stitching out that I did later in the evening as it was showing through to the front.  I poured it on at the Belles meeting yesterday getting three sides done while there and finishing up the 4th side after supper.    Woohoo, it is done and I hope to get pictures later today.

Next up:  switching holidays to Christmas and Kristine and Andy's promised tree skirt.  I would like her to have it by Thanksgiving in case they decorate early.

Now must get showered and dressed, quickly!

Nov 11, 2013

envelope purse tutorial

My next hop entry is finally quilted and I am down to the hand work part for binding, label and sleeve.  Woohoo there!  Now that I have breathing room, I though I would go ahead and post the photos/tutorial for that little trick or treat bag/envelope purse I made for the Wicked #3 hop.

Again, I do not know the source of it or I would share it. I don't really know what to call it either but chose envelope purse as it does remind me of that.   The girl showed me was not aware of where it came from--"something that they did a guild and no pattern", she said.  A commenter in Wicked Hop thought it might be from the Spring/Summer Quilt Sampler 2013 but I believe Donna's bag proceeded that.   Plus how do we know that the construction technique is exactly the same just by looking at the exterior.  One might have trimmed off a point, layered it differently, turned it instead of bound it, etc.   This is soooooo simple that anyone could have come up with it or added their own twist to simple pattern.

Okay with that out of the way----this is how I did it.

Select two fabrics for the body of the bag and something contrasting for the binding.  I cut mine 20 inches square.  Donna had the Belles who tried this at 18 inches so you could use a fat quarter.  Cut the binding your preferred width.

I knew that I wanted a narrow strap and would use the purse cross body.  I went for 2 1/4 inch strips and two strips for a finished length of 53-55 inches.  I lost about an inch or so inserting it in the final seams.

In case you don't know how to make the strap.  Press the strip in half as you would for binding but then open it up.  You should be able to clearly see the center fold.  Fold half of the strip to the center fold mark and press.  Do the same with the other half.  Then press it in half again.  Stitch about an 1/8 inch from both edges.  Trim to your desired length.

Other option:
My girlfriend did a matching cloth braided strap but I have no idea what length those strips were cut to obtain that.  I also considered using some braided rat tail cording.  If I had had some yellow on hand to go with the lime green and orange I did have, I would have in a heart beat!

Cut a batting square the same size as your cut square.  Quilt it in some manner.  I don't free motion so I marked a 2 inch cross hatch grid with my Frixion pen.  Trim once completed.  I lost about a half inch all around, making me wish I had cut it bigger to begin with.

Bind the piece.  This was one of those rare times where I did it on the machine rather than by hand.  You may prefer to use some rick rack or trim and turn it.  Bet that would be cute too.

Fold it roughly in thirds at this point.  I needed to adjust mine as it was uneven when I folded it up.  Press in a nice crease with your iron and maybe a damp pressing cloth.  I did not measure it, just eyeball it.

Mark a square even with the binding----it will look like a square on point.  This should catch all of the layers so I suggest using a jeans needle and a walking foot on your machine.  Mine was already on the machine because of the quilting but I did switch to a heavier needle.  You'll need it for the final step for sure!

Fold up the bottom half.  Press firmly to set the seam.  Stitch close to the edge all around the bag but near the top open it up a tad to insert the strap.  Catch the strap in the seam line.  Almost done!

There are four small interior pockets and one larger one.

Embellish as desired.  I did a yo-yo and button deal on both sides.  Others did kanzashi flowers.  You might want to tack the flap down, one side of mine keeps flipping up as I did not sew the yo yo through all the layers.

And there you have it-----

Nov 7, 2013

oops---more than once too!

I continue to piece my next blog hop entry and this morning finds me with just 3 blocks to go.  I am hoping to get this pinned tomorrow which was the goal I set for myself over the weekend.  BUT it has not been easy!  I don't know that I have ever had a project where more un-sewing has been required of me.  I do like how the joined rows are looking and am not sorry that I am making this quilt but what is my problem??  I may have a few theories.

 The time change?  Well, I have often have problems sleeping under the best of circumstances and messing with the clocks is no help there.  Pushing myself too hard to get this finished?  Could be.  Normally you can walk away when things are not going so well.   Take a few hours or days off.  Time is not on my side at this point.   Not paying attention?  Well, maybe. "Measure once, check twice" works for sewing too but twice I pinned the wrong seams resulting in an incorrect section.  That could have been avoided if I had verified first.
Then we have the 5 or 6 sections that needed to be re-sewn completely.  SIGH  How this one happened will be a bit more clearer when you see the finished project.  The background fabric is only a hair lighter on one side, more subtle coloration.  Yep, sewn with the wrong side out.   DJ heard me groaning about this a few days ago and again yesterday.  He thinks I don't mess up when I sew, the poor deluded man.   "How is that happening?"  I told him to take a look at the fabric and he might see.  He persisted with the "how can you keep on doing that?" line showing just how clueless he is.  Teasing me really.   At that point I "ordered" him out of my sewing room with a "you don't know anything about sewing" .  To that, he said something along the lines of  "apparently you don't either"   Point taken, LOL.  Once or twice was bad enough but I crossed over to repeatedly territory.  I am not a perfectionist but I do try to do my best work on all my projects, avoid sloppy work, do the best I can to nest the seams, not chop off points, etc.  He knows that.

One other spot I un-sewed was intentional so I don't mind that so much.  It was because of a color choice. The block I wanted to replace was on the end of the row on the edge where I could get at it though the top half was assembled.  I do not agonize about color placements so much, not having wall space for a design wall.  Toss the blocks on the floor, I'll step on them.  Clipping to the book shelf  or laying on the pressing table will work for a while.  Toss them on the bed and Skyler won't leave them alone or worse, starts chewing on any loose strings I may have missed.  Besides that, I hate moving one block and then ending up moving 6 more!  I concentrate on a couple rows at a time and as long as the same print does not land right next to each other, I am normally good.  Working with a limited palette and bold, masculine colors there is a not a whole lot of variety in this project to start with.   Most of the primary contrasting fabrics are from a layer cake which to me means, not a ton of variety in colors or textures.   The eyes may be popping all over like a ping pong ball in viewing this one!

So, here is hoping that today's sewing goes off with any hitches.  I checked and do not appear to have any backwards fabric on these last 3 so it should be okay.  I found some fabric in the garment sewing basket that will work for the back but it will need to be pieced for backing.   I am reserving judgement on the binding choice at this point, LOL.  Pin tomorrow, guild on Saturday but I think I will take the remainder of that day off before I start quilting it.  Something tells me I will be binding up till the last possible minute but it will get done-----For the Boys.

Scoot off to see the hop participants when you get a chance,  cheer them on.  I'll keep plugging.

Nov 4, 2013

For the Boys Blog Hop Nov. 6th through 15th

NOTE:  Extended to the 15th!

The next blog hop is coming up this week as the badge indicates.  Once again Mdm Samm of Sew We Quilt, the queen of Sew & Show Blog Hops has extended a challenge to the participants to come up with something "for the boys" ---boys of any age!  Head cheerleader is Amy of Sew Incredibly Crazy and the final schedule is listed below.  Mdm Samm will list the sponsors when the hop starts.

I am participating on the last day of the hop this time. As of this writing, I am no where near ready for this one though I did hit the halfway point last night.  Thankfully, things seem to be going a little more smoothly and I am settling into a bit of a rhythm with this project.  Whew there!   If you don't see me for a few days, assume that I am sewing.  LOL 

Wednesday, November 6th

Thursday, November 7th

Friday, November 8th

Monday, November 11th
Tuesday, November 12th

Wednesday, November 13th

Thursday, November 14th
Friday, November 15th 
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