Nov 29, 2013

staying on task

I'll get the glamour shots later when these are completely finished but this is how I have spent my week----quilting, quilting, quilting!

After I posted on Monday, I quilted Kristine and Andy's tree skirt, shown in THIS POST.  It is on the bottom of the pile in this picture.

On Tuesday:  I had my Bama Belles meeting.  I cut the center holeand side slit and got most of the binding attached to it before I went home around 2.  I needed to do the join essentially and did not have what I needed to finish.  I finished off my afternoon evening by completing that and started quilting my paint chip challenge.  That is it on top.

On Wednesday:  finished the challenge piece, put on the binding and tabs.  I marked the wide border and locked in the blocks. Pressed the binding for it.  Then I headed to the kitchen to make cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie, pumpkin muffins and our supper.  I finished off the evening by working on the tree skirt binding for a couple of hours and read part of a e-book on the computer.

Yesterday---yeah, I know it was a holiday but we were not eating our holiday meal until evening.  I told DJ that the Wednesday leftovers needed to be consumed first to make room in the fridge for turkey leftovers. I also needed some of the baking dishes.  So I quilted most of the day, before and after our meal watching "Castle" marathon on TNT.  I was just about done!  More binding and finished the e-book.

This morning:  I finished up between laundry detail.  about half of the last side of little blocks, all around the outside border and slap on the binding.  I remembered to put labels on the challenge piece and the donation quilt too.  I do not know how long that Hopscotch top (Pattern:  Atkinson Designs) has been pinned and waiting but I finished the top in late October 2012---shown here.  I know that I was working on it at the Belles fall sew-in date when my friend Cindy came to join us.  About time it was moved along!  It is about 55 x 68 big so should be good for an older teen and I hope it will work out okay for Gene's Angel project.
Next thing I knew it was time for lunch---fast food run, showered, vacuum up the strings and put things up a bit, now posting.

Now I will spend another 5 or 6 days working on binding.  I WILL make my deadlines even if my bottom is permanently stuck in this desk chair doing it.  Maybe I can finally catch up with the blog hop---yeah, today is the last day but you see, I have been a busy girl! Three more await quilting and that is part of my December goals.

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  1. Girl, you wear me out just reading your post - where do you get all of your energy? - ;))


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