Dec 1, 2013

two down!

In the picture below I had 106 more inches to finish binding-----------

I had this all done by 4 p.m. Saturday afternoon.  Then threw it in the washer along with the Juggle and Reflections quilts I had made for the last two hops I participated in.  Now all three have that crinkled aged look.   I will be mailing it on to my niece as soon as I find a box to put it in.  Folded up it measures 14 x 14 x 4 so good luck with that, huh?

Then I moved on to Harvest and finished it up around 4 this afternoon.  Horrid picture of it though.  I need to borrow Glynda's fence or put a rod on the back of the shed again to get an outside shot.  I pinned the paint chip to the piece so I don't forget to take it with me to guild.  Hooray for a finish even if I won't display it this year.

When I stripped the sheets off the bed to launder them this morning, I switched over to the Christmas Patience Corner.  Then switched out all the wall hangings to the winter/Christmas themes.  Other than getting out the Nativity set and maybe the ceramic Christmas tree that might be it for decorating this year.  DJ and I will have to decide if we trust Skyler enough around the artificial tree.  Lately I have had to tell him he is getting a lump of coal in his kitty stocking, LOL.    Biting and getting on the kitchen counter to get in the sink!  Bad kitty, bad!

I also had  him help me get pictures taken of the donation quilts we had on hand.  I needed to put numbers on the ones most recently turned in and get them logged into the document.  Also I was looking to see if any were large enough to go to teens 12-17.  Looks like I will have 7 to take to Gene for the Angel Quilt Project once that binding is done on the last quilted item.

So donation quilt binding awaits but I decided to give my hands a rest and think ahead to my next projects once I am done.  I DO have friendship block to do for someone special but first, I need to visit that Debbie Mumm challenge fabric to see if I can come up with a fairly quick top idea for Belles.  Needed by Tuesday the 10th.  HMMMMMM

Longer range goals:  quilt the three donation quilts that remain atop my armoire.  They need to be gone and start the year off fresh.  Also I signed up for the "pincushion on steroids" blog hop in late January and need to entertain some ideas for that if I get in, LOL.  Other than that I am still forming some ideas of what I want to focus on in coming months.

Hope you have had a good weekend----


  1. Of course I love to see what you are working on, and glad to see that you have good help!

  2. Two down - WOOHOO!! - ;)) And - just so you know - I had to look twice to find the paint chip pinned to the piece - haha - ;))

  3. I certainly understand about the artificial tree and Skyler. My little buddy, Bandit (RIP), was constantly taking down my tree. I finally quit putting it up and did alternative decorations.

  4. I love the idea of having quilts for every occasion. I have one fall one, and I'm quilting one Christmas one, so I better get on the schtick! Wow 7 teenager quilts is quite a good donation! Love your harvest wall-hanging. So definitely fall! And tree skirts and cats - what could be more natural to photograph together? LOL

  5. what a lovely tree skirt- hurray for finishes! and taking a break too..your poor fingers.

  6. your tree skirt is wonderful, hurray! for finishing up several projects, well ahead of deadlines too. I am glad you are resting your fingers...that is a lot of binding to get done


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