Dec 3, 2013

Finished--temporarily anyway.

This was this morning around 10 with one long edge to go.  Skyler parked and did not really want me to proceed with the rest of  the binding.  You rotate anything and he'll nip at you.  I gave in and headed to the shower, LOL.

I finished the binding about 3:30 and then called Gene to see if he was available to deliver this one and the other 6 that I was donating on behalf of Bama Belles.  I don't live far from his work site so said I would be there in about 10-15 minutes.

However, I needed to get a picture of it for the Wrap Them gallery pages first.   Now I see how truly awful that picture turned out.  Very fuzzy--sorry about that.  DJ was griping at me that his shoulder was hurting from holding it up, especially after the last time when he had to hold up about 15 of them.  This is "oversized" compared to the usual ones too.  I was griping at him to hold it straight at the top when all he wanted me to do is hurry up.  

This is Hopscotch, a Terry Atkinson pattern.  I like it and would make another one but in different fabrics. I was using what I had on hand and busting stash.  I do not think that this pattern is available any longer though I did spot one at The Virginia Quilter but there are some listings in the secondary market as well.  

So what is next?  The Belles Mumm challenge project.  I was emailing back and forth with my lefthanded quilter friend yesterday and mentioned that I needed to get a quick quilt ready with challenge fabric.  She suggested a tesselated friendship star on delaware quilts.  I will not link to it directly as it takes you to a pdf file but you can find it on this page and look for 2008 Mysteries for Relay and then right click on her link.   Great two color quilt, I told my friend, but I had a mix of two maybe three fabrics to use.  Save that tesselated star thing for a two color donation quilt.

 I am toying with this one---from my pattern files 

OR this one which might play well with the subtle stripe piece

LHQ:I like the second one - it looks more complicated - but if you're short on time - pick the easiest one - ;)) 

Me:I'll do that one but think I will use some fabric that I stumbled across (again) in an overflow bin this morning.  Trust me, it will be prettier with that mix of fabric than these Mumm prints---which you haven't seen, come to think of it, LOL.

You all will see if soon enough.  I'll be cutting tomorrow but I already know that I am going to do a strip piecing approach  to the "On The Boardwalk" rather than cutting and then sewing long strips of pieced sashing bits.  Sew it and then cut it makes more sense than the designers direction.  In the end it looks the same.  

I have also found a couple of idea for the door stop or "pincushion on steroids" hop.   Pinterest, etsy and craftsy looking.  Googling.  I've got some time there but it is good to have a plan.   Should be fun.  Formulating my action plan and keeping busy is the name of the game. 

It turns out that DJ will be having a surgical procedure later next week.  There will be time spent at the hospital and a couple nights stay for him.  It needs to be done and I'll work around it.   He apologized to me because I had planned on attending the Friendship Quilters Christmas party.  He didn't have the calendar with him to check if it was okay.   Really he does not ask a whole lot of me so I just let the leaders know that I will not be at this weekend's sew-in or the party.  I need to use my time wisely the next couple of days and running back and forth would waste 4 hours of sewing time.   There will be other sew-in's.   

And sew it goes--------

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  1. Ooooh, I really like "On Parade" option... And best wishes to your DJ.


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