Dec 6, 2013

home sew-in

I was supposed to go to the guild "impromptu" sew-in today and tomorrow but elected to stay home and concentrate on sewing here at home.  Minus about 4 hours of driving time, the fee for the sew-in and whatever I spent for lunch/gas.

I had to put my plans for doing "On Parade" on hold as I do no have enough of the background fabric it would require.  I did order something but it will not be here for a few days and I will be busy with something else by then, LOL.  You know I will!  I'll be serging pillowcases  (probably!)  and then quilting those three donation quilts soon enough.

I pulled out something that has been in my storage stack for a long, long time intended for a donation top.  Chances are, I would have been working on something pro bono there.  The friendship block can wait a day or two and requires some hand embellishment.  I will have plenty time to do that at the hospital next week.  This particular quilt kit, a large 4 patch on point with a zigzag setting, was taking up a ton of room since I had the backing and all the extra fabrics stuffed in with it.  I elected to move it along, get it out of there.

In the midst of sewing these ginormous 4 patches I elected to change my mind about the design.  Now I am doing Billie Lauder style Puss in Corner or uneven nine patches alternating the background colors and what fabric will show up in the corners of the blocks.

I think what clinched my decision was a picture of a scrappy one that cycles through on my screen saver but this will be more planned as I had a stack of leftover Oriental fabrics in pinks, aqua, yellow one of the Belles had passed on.

Here is the older quilt from August 2012 but I have made others over the years.  Triple Rails, bowties and Puss in the Corners are often my go-to scrappy quilts.

Well, I have a stack of blocks pinned and ready to feed though the machine so best get back to it!  I can talk about piecing or I can actually DO it.  Hope you have had a good day.  You know where to find me this weekend!


  1. Changing your mind is sometimes the most fun part of making a quilt - there are SO many possibilities - and it's not too late until you take that last stitch - ;))

  2. Definitely loving that easy piecing quilt. Scrappy quilts are always fun to do.


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