Feb 12, 2017

Checking in

Checking in from Wedding Central.  I couldn't sew in my sewing/computer room even if I wanted to.  And who has time for it anyway?

 A couple last boxes are expected to join all this mess in the few days as well.  My sister Diane who is my matron of honor is helping me with the decorations for the fellowship long distance.  She worked on adding bling to some practice glassware to decide on the color and shape for about a week.  Then we debated about glass stones versus water beads too, Skyping, texting, calling and emailing, LOL.

To that end we have 6 inch hurricane vases (36 of them!) along with octagonal mirrors, aqua and clear water beads and silver beads etc that she had shipped to me. My "colors" are teal and gray/silver but only because my dress is teal and his suit charcoal gray!  Now they are part of the decorating scheme.   Thursday night before the wedding when Mom, Dad, my two sisters Diane and Janet along with my niece Randi who will be our videographer arrive, we are going to have a glitter applying party.  Diane has the process down and will get us work bees in gear.  I am to get the water beads to soaking in two separate large Lowe's paint buckets on Wednesday evening.  The buckets are hiding behind the boxes.

I think I am done with all the shopping until Melissa gets me the shopping list for the foods she and my future son-in-law Brian will be preparing/setting up for us. The reception supplies and punch ingredients are on hand.   The attendant's gifts are purchased and wrapped.  I spray painted that basket for any cards our guests may have and turned part of the driveway, several rocks and a one of my socks not covered by my sandal straps and lovely teal color.

We meet with the florist one of my Belles had recommended.  Miss Pauline will be working on them once the Valentine's Day craziness is done (going with silk).   We got the marriage license on Wednesday.  I got invitations sent out for Friday lunch out with my friends and family as well as invites to the Rehearsal Dinner.  I am not fond of having to write things out by hand anymore but did it anyway!

I also got music discs together for the fellow who does sound at church but then Charles and I drove ourselves crazy trying to label the darned things for Tommy for 2 days. It took that long to pick out the songs I wanted to use!  I tunes was not cooperating with either of us in that regard.  I could read the labels on the one I burned it on but not the other three available computers.  He even tried on his old home computer thinking that software would be more cooperative.  As long as Tommy can pull up the first cut on disc one for lighting the unity candle, I decided I was not going to worry about any of the rest.  If it will play while our guests find their seats or at the reception, then I'm good, LOL

I've got a few minor things to tend to tomorrow but I think I will done with wedding related tasks till the follow week and crunch time.  As of this writing we are 13, almost 12 days away.  Next week I will be concentrating on cleaning house and readying for house guests.  Mom and Dad will be staying with me here.  The girls have a hotel room.  One brother and niece will arrive on Friday and my brother and SIL in TN will be driving down on Saturday as well as another friend from TN and her husband.  Two friends from high school will be coming too, much to my surprise.  This is going to be fun!

Today at church some of the parishioners that we normally sit by were saying "you're getting married!" or "when's the big day?".  The one woman with three young sons that almost look like triplets said she assumed we already were married.  Apparently word is spreading!   Pastor said he would put it in the bulletin and announce it next week but had wanted to check to see if that is what we wanted.

Other than that the usual household stuff is keeping me busy.  I am always washing something it seems.  Washing or cooking!  Charles has been working a bit out in the shop organizing his space. A couple days ago we went out for two 4 x 8 sheets of pegboard and furring strips to mount it on the studs out in the shed.  He has been digging into a big ziploc bag of hangers I had to hang a lot of the most used tools and supplies and clearing space from the shelving and floor out there.  This afternoon he was doing some preliminary wiring for a ceiling fan and track lighting that we had brought back from the damaged building at his son's. Eventually we will run electricity out there but until then we can string extension cords out from the carport should he need some power tools.  They were supposed to cut up the downed tree at his son's this past Friday but that was dependent on the weather.  Charles went out anyway to dismantle his work tables in that space since the lumber could be re-used when the new building goes up.  There are still things buried on the other side of the tree.   I went out with him the day he needed to try to label the playlist but stayed home Friday working on the invitations and other home tasks.  Saturday he got a call from his pal Paul (the best man) about the 220 wire to his outbuilding being cut by some workers on the septic system.  Electrical work---man, he was out of here like a man on a mission!

LOL, in his spare time he put some bling on my treadle machine.  One of these days I will have to try it---when I am not steam cleaning my rug, for example.  Always something!

I may not check in until after the wedding--and have some pictures to share.  Till then------