Jun 11, 2006

2nd of 2 and revised

See post below to see why in the world I am showing you this!

These two are probably enough to put your eyes out---sorry, Finn--you might need to look away or they REALLY will make those eyes water.

Still I hope that some child somewhere is enjoying them even if they probably are not getting much rest. Someone gives us fabric and we try to use it if we can------

Edited note: The quilt on the left is a Patience Corner which we did as a free mystery quilt from Judy Hopkins. She called it BlockAid because she meant it to be used for charity quilt work. We cranked out a bunch of these probably back in 2002 or 2003. Good one to do scrappy or with two colors of fabric.

Finn, I know the quilt on the right as "Bonnie Scotsman" or "Scotch Quilt" BlockBase #1390 so you are right in your identification of it. I have made several from this design--my favorite is a green with a lovely black with the same shade of green ivy but I did the first one in WTIL fabrics and it turned out pretty much like the sketch in BlockBase. I'll see if I cannot round up a couple of those pictures to show in series. Fun quilt and easy to strip piece. I've got the directions written up around here somewhere and could try to post them. Not sure we can put up a table though so it may need some revision for blogger. HMMMM

Just back from errands--bank, gas up the car, ran by Hancock's for some backing fabric and found a neat toile hats in pink that I think I will use instead of trying to squeeze the heart top onto some pink that barely fits (save that for a smaller quilt). I have also walked though DJ thinks I won't go without him, got all 3 loads of wash washed, the dishwasher run and will take my husband for lunch as soon as the dryer permits. Then back to sewing two backs and cutting some binding--piece a bit if I have time. The Belles meet tomorrow so I know I'll be pinning rather than sewing, no doubt. That means, back in quilting mode very soon!


  1. The second one I could live with...the top bright yellow I might need to wear sunglasses to use.

    But I'm sure that some kid looked at that quilt and claimed it for their own, and LOVES it!

  2. Morning Linda, thanks for the warning..LOL. My eyes are dancing a jig again anyway, so a little more won't hurt...*VBS*

    I think you gals do a great job of using what falls to your hands, and you know how much I truly admire that trait. Great job!! I really, really like the second one. Is that Scot's Plaid as a pattern??? Kind of looks like it. Have a great day!

  3. Thanks for the update Linda, they look nice side by side. I saw them before your editing I think..LOL
    Actually, late yesterday I was looking through the Belle quilt pictures for 2001, and was pretty sure I saw a Scot's Plaid in those pics. I also looked at the Belle's themselves, such a fun looking bunch to quilt with, includin Cher...*VBS*

    AND I think I saw that Scot's Plaid in the 101 Rotary Cut Quilts book awhile back. It stuck me that it would be easy to make it in flannel. I'm always looking for something besided 4 patches and 9 patches to make up in flannel for those grandsons. Sounds like a very productive day to me!!


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