Jun 1, 2006

goal reached--yahoo!

I honestly did not think I would get all 7 WTIL tops quilted in a week's time-- knowing me, that seemed a bit overly ambitious. BUT, I'm "done" As my husband says, "you are never done, Linda. You just start on another one. " True, that. I just ended quilting in the chevron shape in the ditch on this one I first showed you on 5/21.

I should be getting ready to go to the quilt guild meeting in a bit but am a little ambivalent about going. I want to mainly because I have things to deliver to some of the Belles who are also members--not the most compelling of reasons. I don't want to go sit through the meeting itself. Does that make any sense? This seems more like a "bathrobe day" to me. It's dark, looks like it might rain and I could oh, so easily crawl back into bed since I have been waking up far too early for the time that I get to sleep.

The road crew seems to be finished with the bulk of the re-paving project though the outside of the lanes need to be striped. Access in and out of our lane was a little problematic Tuesday since the flagmen were parked right at the end of our lot in effect. It is a lot quieter now that the heavy equipment is not out there working.

I opened the kitchen blinds for Pippi's microwave viewing yesterday afternoon to discover some of the gardenias had popped open. Right on schedule. DJ said he had not seen a single one when he had watered it earlier in the day. This morning I see probably double the amount of blooms. It smells heavenly!

Of course Pippi thinks everytime that I go out in the utility room in her presence that she is going to get something. Her Petromalt, catnip and cat food are out there so sometimes she does. I came back in from taking the flower picture and this is what awaited me. What pet owner is not familiar with the "expectant" look or the "stare job" She just made me giggle......... As you can see she doesn't need a thing but that doesn't keep her from wanting it anyway.

Jane, I should tell you that my microwave potholder thing is just a magnetic backed hook. Some little thing I probably picked up at Walmart. Works great and I guess I have always kept my hanging potholders there no matter where I have lived. There is one on the side of the refrigerator to hold the spare keys as well.

I believe I have talked myself into staying home today. Take a day off from sewing and tackle some paperwork that has been postponed in favor of quilting. But first, I'm climbing back in bed for just a little bit--because I CAN.


  1. Yes, isn't it nice to know that you can. Good finish there Linda! My goal list was less than stellar for May, better luck for June.

    Those gardenias made me think of my grandmothers house right outside the front door was the most amazing bush that smelled wonderful. We always grabbed flowers and took them home wrapped with a wet papertowel and tenfoil. Fond memories!

  2. Oh boy,oh boy, I knew you could do it...that's the kind of gal you are!! Hurray for those last 7 getting quilted in the past week!
    You definitely CAn go back to bed and have a another nap!!! I love being home on rainy days...won't even tell you how often I am in my jammies all day long..*G* Got no where to go, and no one to answer to..*VBS*
    Pippi looks sooooo incredibly sweet in that expectant pose of hers...how can she be refused????
    See you later, hugs, Finn

  3. woohoo! I love bathrobe days-and you certainly have earned it LJ!
    way to go to stick with the quilting. Now you can do the piecing you love so much.

  4. have fun on your day "off", and hooray for the WTIL finishes!!!!

  5. Linda,
    Our dh's know us all too well!

  6. Enjoy your bathrobe day ! Very good going on 7 finishes in a week. I am taking a bow to you :-)

  7. You are so productive with your quilting! Well done.

    Pippi reminds me of my Joey. He too, thinks he should be getting something when I go to the utility room (his food is stored there as well). If he asks just the right way, I usually give in. How can you resist the "look", right?

  8. Congratulations on getting the WTIL projects done.

    Why did you have to mention gardenias? I miss those so much. I planted a couple the first year we were here. They didn't make it through the winter. Planted them again, didn't make it through the winter. After about the 4th winter, I accepted that gardenias will not grow in zone 5 but I'm still not happy about it.

    Judy L.

  9. way to go Linda! 7 tops in 7 days is really ambitious. You deserve a bathrobe day!


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