Jan 13, 2011

next up

After I posted last night about what I might do next my eye kept wondering to a piece of the "Pay It Forward" (PIF) challenge fabric. What did I have that might work with that stripe? LOL, it sort of reminds me a pair of bell bottom pants I had back in the late 60's.

I only have a yard of it so I needed to do a little math to see if could squeeze what I needed out of it. That plan started with what size background squares I needed to cut. EQ to the rescue! You can probably see my scribble notes on the printout to aid in cutting.

I could not match the yellow but what worked was the leftover border fabric from my big bargello bed quilt. It is a creamy yellow background with brighter yellow flower and the same colored green leaf. Not ideal maybe but it would work plus I had enough of it---31 x 108 long piece.

The green in the stripe is pretty subtle esp from a few feet away. Too bad I goofed up and cut up most of that green into binding for Bridge Creek Blossom. I haven't decided for sure if I want that blue border or the green border fabric for binding yet but leaning toward blue. See how I wind up with lots of binding on storage?? Anyway, that left the denim blue or the pink-y red.

A huntin' I went. Amazingly I found the perfect red mixed in the mid to darker blue basket, not where it really belongs. It almost looks like someone tried to dye it and is only 36 wide. It should be fine for those cornerstones and little quarter square triangles that will be needed. My printout page copied from my quilt bible Fon's and Porter's Quilter's Complete Guide to the rescue. That and another cheat sheet on how many squares in a strip and strips in a yard hang off the pegboard for quick consultation, always!

This might not be the world's most attractive quilt but it should work. Two challenges met: to use the PIF fabric for a donation quilt and a personal challenge to use the stash when possible. As you can see, I cut it out this morning after living with my decisions over night. The photo at right shows you were I am headed. Stripe fabrics work great for these though the ideal would be to use strings or piece it in some manner. I was stash busting on that long ago donated one too. I have done it both ways in the past. Once I even cut the stripes the "wrong" directions and it made it look totally different! It is doubtful that I will border the present one as all that is left is that pink-y red that I may be able to use up on the back. As printed, it will be in the WTIL size range.

So after lunch, I'll piece the backing and binding(s) for Bridge Creek Blossom and start on the RR Crossing. So far it has been a jammie day with the morning sneaking away in pursuit of my hobby and obsession. Shower time and get dressed by lunch!

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  1. Hmmmm, I think you did an excellent job putting that quilt top together! It works great! :)


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