Jan 24, 2011

Design wall Monday, wk. 4---amended

Not much on the "wall"---the next donation quilt top from the fabric that keeps on giving. This is the last of the green habitat fabric, it and its companion print that some of the group got when we did the challenge. I don't have enough fabric to make another BQ 2 from this same stuff so I came up with this instead. The Patience Corner top will be the 4th one I made using this particular challenge fabric. Apparently the challenges continue long after they are officially completed, LOL. I stumbled upon some of the paint splash stuff from the 1st one the other day!! And there is still some of the most recent Romance stuff left. Some point down the line, I will come up with a plan.

No, I am not crazy about this combo but I am busting stash. I found the tan print the other day when I was hunting for backing yardage. It had been used for backing and/or some long ago quilt. Nice Moda Marble left from a previous project too---a past t-shirt quilt if I recall. It is only 12 blocks and maybe it will be okay.

I told Norma yesterday that I may be in the process of making the world's ugliest quilt. I thought that there should be a name for committing this "crime"----quilticide or fabric abuse, maybe? Yeah, I am stash busting but at what cost to the eyes for this combo?? I like the EQ printout, LOL...... and if I were not whining, I would have to admit to having made or quilted worse in the last 11 years, I guess.

The previous shot shows the pile that I had chained thru Sunday evening,adding the short strips to each square. At right is another trick I picked up from my friend Joy. Hiding under the block components is a flannel (actually this one has heavy dressmaker weight felt on it) covered piece of cardboard/foamboard. She suggested that you lay the block out as it should be pieced---always a good idea. It is easy to get confused about what goes at the top and sides on this pattern. Ask me how I know! The board is big enough to cover the bottom of a pizza box for transporting and light weight enough to carry it to your machine. In my case I will pull out the desk flat surface so it is right at my workspace and ready to nab a section.

Hopefully the weather will hold off on the precip and freezing temp combo so we can have our quilt meeting. I have already started making the strawberry pretzel salad/dessert that I was taking for the potluck part. Just waiting for the crust to cool down a bit and then the strawberry jello/frozen strawberry part can happen. I'll prep our supper taco toppings while I am out there. Because I shared our Sunday supper with our recently hospitalized friend, I'll have to fix lunch today too. I am beginning to feel like I am taking up residence in the kitchen but some days are like that. I really don't mind as it is just another way of being creative, right?

Better get going or I will be chopping tomatoes at noon!


  1. Not all quilts are beautiful but all are loved by their owners! Hope the freezing rain holds off until after your meeting.

  2. I usually just lurk and read the quilting blogs but your strawberry pretzel salad/desert sounds really interesting. I am going on a quilt retreat the first weekend of February and I would love to take that dessert with me. Will you share the recipe?

    Debbie in WV

  3. How can you go wrong with a quilt that has green blocks? Any quilt with green is a beautiful quilt in my eyes! LOL

    I love the mini flannel board idea. I know sometimes I think I have everything organized the way it should be sewn....but then I still end up with something going the wrong way. This idea might keep me on the straight and narrow.


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