Jan 12, 2011

WIP Weds. wk #2

Bridge Creek Blossom assembly, it is for #2 of 11 in the 11n11 challenge. I had made enough blocks in a bright colorway for donation in mid 2010 so this is the 2nd set of blocks. Yeah, I cut even though I was not really in the mood to do so mostly because it meant ironing first.

HERE is the shot of the first one as a flimsy. I quilted that version in late November and my friend Jane took it and a couple more for binding. Of course, with the holidays and the inclement weather it has not been turned in yet for its "beauty" shot.

I am using that nice blue with itty bitty cherries on it for borders instead of more jig saw fabric as the first one used. While that jig saw was a fun print, it was also directional and I am not in the mood for more fabric matching, LOL. Did that once! The bright green will be the narrow inner border or a flap just to add a spark between the floating white setting triangles.

I left off last night with the top half done---today, the bottom half. You know where to find me.

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  1. totally awesome! Glad you have found your mojo and ambition to sew again! :)


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