Jan 6, 2011

all in a days work

Quilted and binding done yesterday---all 3 pieces. Last stitch taken in the sleeve and label application about 9 p.m. last night. Woohoo for setting and meeting the day's goals. I still will need to hand finish the binding which won't be easy on that black or dark fabric I used.

I just got home from a quilt group meeting so have not had a chance to start on the binding. While I was sitting for 2 plus hours, I got a couple of redwork cornerstone motifs done for my Bird Brain Santa quilt, shown HERE. May as well do something constructive, right?

At right is the block that I made for my friend who will be having surgery next week that was supposed to be included in a comfort quilt for her. Turns out another faction of the guild had something else in mind for her so the donated blocks will be used for other comfort quilts. Makes no difference to me as it will still go to good use. Block pattern: Friendship Quilt Brackman # 1648 and attributed to the KC Star 1934.

Jane invited me to go to Pell City with her on Saturday to another quilt guild meeting so I will probably go. Apparently that group is doing a BOM this year that is pretty much a "do your own thing" but they pick the pattern and you keep your own block. Should be fun and I know that the January block is Weathervane from the Quilter's Cache site. Just looking at it though I am NOT piecing it like she says! Too many un-necessary seams for me.

So you know where to find me---binding or stitching.


  1. WOW - you have been busy! Well done :-)

  2. So pretty!!! I want to learn too!!

  3. That's how our block of the month is going too - people seem to really like keeping their own blocks. www.ucquilts.com is the addy.


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