Jan 4, 2011


As I was pressing the miles of binding I had piled up on the table and winding it on the cardboards it made me wonder how others might store theirs.

I picked this habit of rolling it up over cardboard flats from my friend Joy. She had to have been one of the most organized people I know/knew. It will tuck right into the folds of a top or pinned top making it easy to find it when you are ready for it. Many times she would ask "where is the binding for this one?" if she was going to quilt it for you. Eventually I got over my phobia about machine quilting and could do my own relieving her of a lot of extra work on behalf of Wrap Them In Love.

Most of the binding you see in the box is from times when I over-cut. Sometimes I cut it out, sewed it up or not and then changed my mind about the colors. Often there is enough in there for a donation quilt and definitely plenty for scrappy binding on scrappy quilts. This bag holds the "binding bows". The little bits and bobs that is not enough wind up. Mostly these get shared with my pals that do scrappy binding but I have been known to dig back in there myself on occasion.

A few errands to run and basting after lunch or I may not have anything to share for WIP Weds, LOL.


  1. I am impressed with your binding organization! So often I go to put binding on a quilt and I have used the fabric that I wanted on some other project. If I was as disciplined as you, I wouldn't have that problem! Thanks for the tip.

  2. Thank you for your suggestion. It's a great organization tool.


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