Jan 3, 2011

Design Wall Monday

Well, make that design "table" instead? And more like a WIP judging from the pile on the ironing surface ready to be pressed if you want to be more accurate. That and a pile of binding for three other projects soon to be joined with more for this one, LOL.

This is #1 towards my goal of 11 n 11 donation quilt projects. BQ2 from Debbie Bowles at Maple Island Quilts. I have a made a few plain BQ's in the past but never this pattern, till now. I see from the website that she has a BQ3 now in a wonky version---not sure that I will "bite" though. She shows two sizes of blocks---18 inch and 9 but I scaled mine down in EQ to an 8 inch finished block to accommodate a pile of cut 5 1/2 inch squares.

The green fabric is one that we used for the group's 2008 challenge quilts---shown
HERE. As the group's leader I ended up with the leftovers to come up with another use for them though I already made a Jungle Nine Patch and a Puss in the Corners with my own. I still have 25 more green squares left but used 35 in the BQ. I'll think of something--- Warm Wishes maybe?? The fabric that keeps on giving, LOL. I swear that it multiplies over night like gremlins.

Break time is over. If I want to get these blocks into a flimsy by day's end, I best be getting back to the machine. As planned I DID get all the machine button hole embroidery done on Winter and the January JATH BOM so either of those will be ready for basting and quilting. Make a donation top and back to the "rewards" project---that's the action plan for 2011, after all!

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  1. BQ, BQ2, and Warm Wishes are all favorits of mine! I have made them all more than once! You are making a great start on your 11n11 goal for 2011! I will have to catch up to you when I get home.


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