Dec 29, 2010

almost finished to flimsy

Tada! Done with today's sewing with almost a completed flimsy of the January Joined at the Hip button-up. There is supposed to be a snowflake made with wool strips on either side of the wording. I'm not sure what I can substitute. Felt maybe?? The vest is supposed to be embellished with buttons but not till it is quilted!

I will work on the machine applique part tomorrow. While I am it, I plan to do the honors on the "Winter" wall hanging. It has been up waiting for me on the design wall since mid-November and last seen HERE.

That's my plan. It has been fun playing with this project!

It has been a busy day. Because we are expecting rain by week's end I thought it might be a good idea to take down the Christmas decorations. We store the boxes out in the shed so this way there was not tracking in mud or the elements. Why does it always take so much longer to put this out than up? The snowman decorating stuff will remain out and all the wall hangings were switched out. Guess we are all ready for 2011 now!


  1. That looks great! What about cheniel by the inch for the snownflakes?

  2. Looking good...leaving a few FABs in the dust?! Lol.

    I need to de-frock the tree than DH can take off the lights and take it apart. Oh, and he needs to pull the lights off the house! :)

  3. JATH BOM looks great! I love the background fabric! I can hardly wait to see how you quilt your version - then I will have an idea how to quilt mine. LOL

  4. slow down are way ahead of me!!!


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