Dec 8, 2010

WIP Weds. wk whatever

One more post and then I will hush, LOL. Three in one day! That doesn't happen much any more.

Other than putting a few stitches in my #12 redwork Santa block this is what has had my attention the last two days. I am working on the re-design for my Oxmoor House Christmas quilt. I gave my pattern book away but because I had no intention of making a duplicate of the original. I don't really need it.

Now, some of the blocks won't quite look like this---like the church and mittens for one. Some designs are placeholders for a different pattern from another source that I don't want to bother to draw in EQ--like the teddy bears will probably be gingerbread men if I can get them down to fit on 3 inch squares, that is. The colors are not etched in stone either.

So far I have only made some of the top two rows: the big pine tree block, those three star blocks and most of the flying geese. The church block is an entirely different block but finished. The big blue square is done too: an appliqued cupcake/stars/buttons thing. The smaller blank one you see, is a small redwork Santa that I re-sized to a 6 inch block from a transfer book.

I spent a good part of the day looking for gingerbread houses and gingerbread men. I remembered sewing Diana McClun demonstrate a gingerbread house on Simply Quilts some years back that she trimmed with giant rick rack and stitched over it with perle cotton. I did find a video of it but no pattern though I could probably make a stab at it if I want to use it. Sindy Rodenmayer has some really cute Christmas designs on her fat cat site that may well find their way into the quilt. I also have a stack of books and patterns piling up with flagged pages for other things I have spotted in my quilt library---Debbie Mumm flying angel, for one.

I also spent some time re-drawing a wreath I want to use from today's date on my 365 Quilt Blocks a Year calendar to foundation piece it to eliminate some lines. I did the same thing with the ribbon block from a few days ago, come to think of it. The train area was another spot that needed some re-work. It uses blocks from Sew Precise 3 with some adaptation---coupling between the cars, etc.

I am visualizing this and just need to make things fit into the available space. Some things that I put in the one I finished for my friend Betsy's family will go in mine, some already are in the design. Photo of that top is shown HERE. It all keeps me out of mischief.


  1. I love your blog design, I am guilty of reading my favorite blogs on Google Reader so I am not sure how new this is! Very nice. I see you have the 365 quilt blocks a year calendar, it is on my wish list this year. Have a great day!

  2. There's a little paperpieced pinwheel pdf on my blog that would look cute in red and green (for a holiday quilt) if you wanted to put a pinwheel between gingerbread men. ;)


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