Dec 14, 2010

hot off the press

Woohoo! I just took the last stitches in my Christmas Patience Corner, joining the top and bottom halves. I had left off last night with 5 1/2 more blocks to make in the last row.

12 inch blocks 6 x 7 set. At present it should measure about 72 x 84 but I'm shooting for about 88 x 100 when done.

A pattern is available on Quilter's Cache linked HERE but I did not use her cutting measurements. Come to think of it I didn't sew it like she said either, LOL since I was using a mix of 5 inch charm squares I had collected or was gifted with. (Thanks to Cher, Norma and my mom) With the changes, I cut the sashing bits 2 x 5 and 2 x 6.5 for the same sized finished block. Personally I like the sashing a bit narrower so it doesn't looks so "clunky" and overwhelm the feature fabric.

I started sewing on this 2 weekends ago---sewing on parts of Saturday and Sunday ea weekend plus yesterday and today. Not bad for six days of sporadic sewing!

DJ asked me what I was going to next. Not entirely sure but I am leaning towards quilting some of those tops atop my dresser, antiques all. One is a Christmas log cabin so who knows---maybe that could be done in time for some seasonal use??

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  1. Your top looks wondeful Linda!! I do like the narrower setting lattice, as the Christmas fabric show up more now.
    It was a long journey, but you did a great job. Gotta pop over and see Normas. Thanks for letting me know. Hugs, Finn

  2. The Christmas Patience Corner looks great! I need to finish mine up now!


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