Dec 13, 2010

what cats do at night

DJ and I often wonder what Skyler is up to at night. Sometimes he is in bed with us, but not always. Does he take that opportunity to do all the things that he is scolded about during the day? "Paws off the table, stay off the counter, don't chew the Christmas tree..........." mean nothing when kitty mama and daddy are not around.

Yeah, I know--- like he understands anything we say but " NO" and a sharp clap of the hands as a deterrent. I have noticed that he does stop messing with the tree after DJ scolds him and I come in the room. That is all it takes---he comes meowing to me as if to say "I was being good" pleading his case. Yeah, let me be the enforcer, DJ.

DJ put up the tree a few days ago. I know what Skyler has done the last two nights besides dump over the living room wastebasket. See Mz. Mousie sitting under the tree? Someone, not mentioning any names here, has been dragging her around by that long braided tail. He does this mostly with his teeth as he has no front claws................

Night before last he managed to pull it to within 4 feet of the kitchen entry way. Last night he got clear into the kitchen with it!! I suspect that it drug a whole lot easier on the laminate floor than the carpet. DJ stepped off the distance as about 22 feet away.

What a busy, busy boy! Bet he takes a long, long nap this morning.

The overgrown cat toy was made by my dear friend Joy when I was her secret pal. It was made from a man's sock and lightweight stuffed with fiberfil as it is.

What antics will we awake to tomorrow, I wonder? LOL

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  1. Cats are so funny...and very entertaining. Skyler is such a handsome boy.


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