Dec 8, 2010

Challenge reveal/Group Christmas party

We had our annual Christmas party yesterday at our pal Judy's lovely home. Good food, good friends and just a relaxing day. Time just flew! A few of the gals who have not been able to come very often this year were able to attend as well.

Part of the event the last few years has been the reveal of our challenge tops which will be donated to Wrap Them in Love. I thought that I would share those with you today.

This year's fabric was "Romance" designed by Michael Miller but you will see some of the lunch box fabric from the previous year's that were turned too. I don't care when the quilts get turned in, just as long as they show up at some point since that was the stipulation of the donor. We each had about a yard of fabric to work with so it is fun toss how we all find ways to work with that limitation.

Beverly was concerned about decapitating the figures so she fussy cut the squares using a Block Aid AKA Patience Corners block. (shown above, left) I love the bright frames she chose! The top is not assembled yet but I suspect we will be pinning it at our first meeting.

The quilt at right was made by Nancy, Beverly's daughter-in-law You will spot the lunch box fabric here. Nancy used the quilt as go method so there is a lot of hand finishing involved on the back side. She used a star fabric and a blue forming a checkboard design on the back. Beverly said that Nancy also used strings of our friend Theramae's (who passed away) fabrics in it.

These two tops were made by Aline's grand-daughter Leann with some help from her grandmother on the outside border on the one of the left. I quilted both of them along with a 3rd top Leann had sent during my recent donation quilting binge. They need the binding from Aline's stash so yes, you are spotting untrimmed batting and pins.

At left is Betsy's food themed lunch box challenge quilt. She quilted in the neatest spiral in the blocks. I need to learn how to do that, LOL!

Marilyn had three tops but as you can see, she combined the two years of challenge fabric in the top at right.

Here is her #2 top but I suspect maybe it was the 3rd one pieced since she added the 4 patch blocks to have enough. Marilyn was working with some of Lois' leftovers so she had a little extra yardage.

At right, top #3. I can see that we are going to be busy finding some backings and pinning up these tops.

Lois borrowed my Trudie Hughes Crib Quilts book to make this Interlocking Squares quilt. At one of the earlier this year we had been looking thru our photo albums looking at possible choices with large display areas. She said something to the effect that she and the ripper became quite close. The red, green and yellow are so striking against the fabric, aren't they?

And here is mine. I shared it on my bed in the last post but maybe you can see it a little better with this full on shot.. I do like that black against the aqua fabric that keeps photographing like turquoise, LOL.

There are a few more quilts I wanted to show you but I will do that in another post so I don't upset Mr. Google with too many pics.

Stay tuned!

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