Jan 17, 2011

Design Wall Monday

"Winter" officially finished when I sewed on the beads this morning. Glamour shot, LOL.

Now moving on to the design wall part----Twisted Sister blocks below. I decided on the "truly twisted" version for the blocks. Half twist clockwise and the other half, counterclockwise just by flipping the strip set over and cutting from the wrong side.

The other blocks are orphan blocks from my mom but the primrose star thing is one of mine. One of these days I will assemble all of them, plus more, into a donation top.

I have 13 of the required 24 for the top done. I'll get back to piecing in a few minutes though I doubt it will get the top assembled for a few days anyway.

Tomorrow I clean up in here since company is coming soon. I doubt that the pile of binding will still be sitting there for much longer. Of course, cleaning up gets me a few days of handwork as I don't want to make a big mess and track strings all over the place----again, LOL.

And so it goes-----------

1 comment:

  1. The embelishments really finish off the Winter wall hanging! I love the Truly Twisted Sister blocks. Could it be because they are green? LOL Here's to getting the necessary/required house cleaning done so we can get back to what we really love--quilting!


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