Mar 29, 2006

Good things come in small packages

My friend Linda S handed me a package yesterday in a plain brown wrapper. NO, not that kind of package, LOL. She said it was "just because" but there was a challenge involved. I am to use the contents for me, myself and I--any scraps can be worked into a kid's quilt but the main quilt or wall hanging is to be for "me". Well, take a look at my 2006 stats and you would see why she might make that stipulation--my personal stuff always seems to take a back seat.

Isn't it cool! Cats from Timeless Treasures . Of course, she knows how much I like cats! I've got a few ideas here but may need to get a bit more of the contrasting fats depending on that pattern decision. No time stipulation, thankfully as I do have some other things that need done first "for pay"

I got distracted when I started to open it though. At a meeting-- what else is new? I can get like a kid with ADD with so much going on. Like, did we have enough batting to pin my last quilt top and was there a big enough piece left somewhere, I think at the time. I am sorry, Linda, that I didn't finish ripping into it and took away some of your surprise element. I don't tear into my mail or packages I get at home either though DJ would like a kid at Christmas. It is wonderful-- I appreciate it and more so, you.

This morning: paperwork. This afternoon/evening: quilt the heart memorial quilt. That will go pretty fast as I have "ghost" hearts marked in the alternating blocks that makes " ditch" work in the hearts and quilting in a zig zag effect in horizontal rows. Any time leftover: binding but I doubt it, LOL. I have to set some goals for the day or I could (and do, far too often to suit my DH) stay in my jammies till noon and play on the computer far too long.


  1. some days are just meant to be jammies day I say. and if you can hang out in them and quilt, all the better. love your new fabrics!

  2. Hey my jammies are probably my best friend at this time in my life. On good days,really GOOD days, I can shower and change into cleans ones, for bed..*VBG*

    Love, love, love the kitties and fats from Linda S. Such bright and happy fat cats!!! For sure I think you need most fats tho...purple bing one!! You have my permission to buy as many more as you want..*VBG* Wonderful surprise, and how lovely that Linda S. did that!! Hugs, Finn

  3. Cute fabric - I spend the majority of my time on donation quilts too so I know what you're talking about.

    After this string quilt I'm piecing now (another donation quilt) I'm going to start piecing a king size quilt for me. Simple pattern so it should go quickly. It's a UFO that I started cutting on in Nov but haven't done any piecing on yet.


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