Feb 27, 2007

meeting day rolls around again

Pippi this afternoon when I came home from the meeting---sunbathing. What a little cutie, IMHO. It got up into the mid to high 60's today. Gorgeous weather with no rain due in till late tomorrow.

Mostly we pinned today---7 of the 8 (miscounted yesterday) tops that I brought plus Theramae had two tops and Beverly, one. Fleeta and Rosa were working on some more Heartstring blocks and Beverly brought in some she did up at home and will make me three more since we figured that we could squeeze on three center strips from the red center fabric.

Another group followed us in the fellowship Hall this afternoon. One of our members was on the decorating and set up committee for an event that is actually tomorrow. We left just a little bit earlier than normal but to be truthful, I don't know if my back and legs would have wanted to stand on that concrete flooring for another 3o minutes to do that last top. I had to seam the batting for 4 of the quilts so my knees were begging me to sit down and stay down, LOL.

The quilt pictures I am showing are a couple of the tops that my mom sent featuring the same John Deere tractor print. I don't think I showed you these before. ( And if I did, it was month's ago.) I quilted both tops last month on the last quilting blitz. Theramae did the binding honors. At right is the double attic window set. Below a churn dash variation. How very different they both look.

After supper I whipped up 5 heartstring blocks. I am going for a 5 x 7 block set on this. Cher was saying how heavy the quilt had gotten with the muslin backing so I'll just add a border to bump it up in size when I join them. I spent the rest of the evening sorting out the 2 inch strips into darks and lights. I pulled out all the short pieces which can be used for a pineapple log cabin I have started or some narrow strips for a Railroad Crossing. I also pulled out all the Christmas strips too ---would anyone want these for some Christmas crumb blocks or something???? I really don't have much use for them. It has taken some time but I am down to two partially filled baskets now from what had been a packed to the brim Xerox paper box. String blocks galore and several log cabin quilts as well as Pineapple Blossoms will do that.

That's it for tonight---bed is going to feel good. I am SOOOOO behind in reading and commenting but one of these days........


  1. I hope I can find a nice sunny window to relax in today. Pippi is an inspiration.

  2. The quilts you post are always pretty, but I really enjoy Pippi.


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