Aug 25, 2007

Happy dancing and cutting up

Wahoo, as of 10 p.m. last night, I finished up the last of the 9 quilts in my stack. Very productive day yesterday as I bound three and quilted two. The first one was very easy, just channel quilting on some horizontal rows. The 2nd was a little more challenging as it had a bit of a wavy on one side, wider than I normally would use on my own border---so I marked and quilted a cable and dart design. I also realized that one edge had been shorted of fabric when it was pinned so I had to add a bit before I could bind it.

Aline had brought over some fabric late Thursday evening when I mentioned that I needed something "black" for the binding. She had 3 pieces that were "possibles" and told me to keep them--some her daughter who will be relocating from England back to the States by year's end had sent her to use. DJ took one look at "more fabric" and said if I keep it up, I'll have to move out some furniture, LOL. He might be right.

Pippi has grown attached to the bedroom window perch in the past two days. If not there, she is stretched out on the bed. Anywhere but under the bed, please and thank you. Just before I took the picture she was chirping at some birds and peering upward to the eaves. Naturally, she quit that when I tried to get her picture. With company coming late tomorrow, I probably won't see her for a few days.

When I got back from my morning's walk, DJ had already started cleaning up his area of the house a bit, not wanting to have to do it all in one day. I MAY get started at least in the sewing room. Part of it that straightening up was to get a box emptied out---my challenge box from Ellen specifically since it was sitting where I have been storing the table I put in front of the sewing table to hold the quilt weight. Bust that stash, after all, for some future or current projects.

I had mostly fats and some odd bits of yardage and I have some specific scrap quilts in mind for this. I cut some "nickels" and squares 2 and 2 1/2 and 3 1/2 squares for bowties. I also cut strips 2 x 3 1/2 for Grandma's Scrap Bag and strips 2 x 5 for some more basket weave sections to add to the leftovers from the top that Nancy had started . Also 2 1/2 inch strips---Faux Log Cabin and "Ducks in a Row" from Claudia's Quilt Shoppe which were presented as a part of her "Short 'n Scrappy" series from a few years back. The link will take you to her gallery page where she has a planned quilt shown. I believe that she has the actual pattern in a booklet for sale now--Slash Your Stash, published by Leisure Arts if that is the correct quilt whose corner I see. I have resized mine down to a 6 inch block so I can use more of those 2 1/2 inch squares and strips.

Some bits were tucked away intact in the fall colors box since I have three Thanksgiving/fall themed row robins coming up. A few bits of purple got stashed as well as couple of bug jar fabrics---one of the Belles gave me a jar quilt she had half started to finish up for the kids at some point. But I cut up most that didn't have another obvious purpose for a planned project or current UFO. In the foreground, I cut out what will be a Puss in the Corner in two colors. The EQ printout is hanging on the pegboard.

After that week's worth of quilting, I believe that I could use a break from the machine for a couple of days. Best get a handle on dealing with the aftermath of concentrated sewing and put the cut bits away. Oh, and run to the store for some celery--got a taste for Manhattan Clam Chowder for supper tonight. I'd rather be curling up with the Fons and Porter mag that came today than clean, any day.


  1. Wow, what a productive day you had, I'm so impressed! Way to go!

  2. Congrats on getting so much done. It's always nice to read about someone finishing some quilts...I'm hope to get a few finished myself in the near future...but someone a husband and 2 daughters and making meals seem to get in my way :o)

  3. love the fabric Ellen sent...I know you will enjoy using it and using it and using it! reminds me of the time I brought back a roll of that blue veined stuff. Gosh, the gals in my group came to simply hate it LOL. all great quilts you have finished-hope the visit goes quickly and you enjoy some down time.

  4. Wow - 9! quilts finished in your pile. You never cease to amaze me *s*

  5. Hey Linda, great job on getting caught up on the quilting..! WOW!! That is one impressive pile of quilts.
    I hope you took some time to have a little "Linda do for Linda" stuff.
    Great patterns over at Claudia's..I'm not familiar with her site, but have bookmarked it. I'll be gatting a box off to you soon..waiting for the dust to settle and let Sept's pension hit the bank..LOL Hugs, Finn

  6. Congratulations on getting those quilts done. I'm with the cat - snoozing in the sun sounds like a great idea.

  7. Boy when you buckle down to sew you get MOVING!!!

  8. Ms. Pippi feeling better?



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