Mar 8, 2008


"Tada" is a word the FABS have been using a lot today as each one of us finished up the body of our Convergence Quilts. As you can see I did not waste too much time putting to use the mostly Moda Blackbird "Water's Edge" I got at the ATL area shop hop last Saturday (previous post for picture). What is on the shelves behind the wallhanging is making it bow out a bit---flat, it doesn't look so warped, LOL. Color is way off but the lights are soft yellow so maybe not as off as I think

Pam and I got started just slightly ahead of Norma since we were all up by 8 CST and chomping at the bit. Cher came along a bit later so we were all at slightly different stages in the making of the top. We kept in touch by IM and photos of our progression so it was fun to sew together across the miles and cheer each other on plus "ohh and ahh" over the different color combinations we used. All so different!

I will use the other fats I got for outer borders and a piece of the line called "wallpaper" cut on the bias for borders. I ordered some possible fabric choices online for a small framing border once I came to the outer border decision. This as far as I will get for the weekend so it will be back to quilting after supper.

At right is one of the 10 donation quilts I have quilted since 2/26. My mom made the one pictured---I hate to free motion but could not figure out what to do with those snowballs so ended up writing MOO. LOL, didn't kill me. We had joked about appliquing the Chick-fil-A restaurant slogan to spell out "Eat" "Mor" " Chikin" when we pinned it but doubted that many would get the joke. Moo is probably the same in Spanish as English? This is one of at least 12 headed to Pam for the Mexico project. I have 5 more pinned tops to go and am determined to be done with these by next weekend. Also I vow not to bring any more home with me from the meeting on Tuesday. Planning on our working on binding---BIG Time!

Pam asked "what is on your design wall?" Well, no wall here but this is what serves as one as shown by my hanging the Convergence piece up there this afternoon. I took the pic a few days ago but didn't post when I got too busy quilting. That same piece of redwork that needs a pieced border---someday. Two blocks in 30's repros that goes with my row quilt from last year---need 6 more blocks. Then over on the other shelving unit attached to one of the baskets, some challenge blocks from one of the Belles---I will be putting the resultant quilt together but mine aren't done yet. Below that leftover binding "bows"---usually shared with Cher or Pam once the bag is full.

Supper is leftover turkey loaf from the freezer but I need to make the side dishes. DJ had me give him a haircut after I finished my quilt top so that's out of the way. And, that is how my day, and week, has gone---busy as usual.


  1. I really like your convergence center. Pretty! Sounds like you are getting lots done.

  2. yours came out great LJ! love how different they all look and turned out...guess you are stuck waiting for that border fabric to arrive..too bad!

  3. We came, We sewed, We converged! whoo hoo!! We even survived! LOL

    I love how yours turned out with that soft feeling about it. They are all so different...

    Your design wall is sitting in a box in my kitchen...will mail it. SOMEDAY!


  4. I love that you quilted "Moo" in the snowball blocks! Very cute and clever. Glad you all had a great time together.

  5. Your quilts are all so different - how fun to watch the four of you complete this project!

    Writing "Moo" in those squares was inspired - great solution!

  6. The convergence quilt is so interesting. I have some of that fabric, but what am I making? A boring ol' Log Cabin. It's a pleasure to see creative projects like that.

    I am impressed that you have quilted 10 donation quilts in 2 weeks. You can be my inspiration, since I have 5 tops waiting to be quilted for Project Linus. That is first priority starting tomorrow.

  7. I stopped by your blog for a visit. Your Blog title intrigued me!

  8. Love your Convergence . . . another that is on my 'someday' list *s*

  9. Sounds like a lot of fun! I am just a beginner quilter if you can even call me that. I love your quilts


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