Jul 23, 2009


I finished up the 2nd of the Snuggle Up tops today so shanghai'd DJ after he got off his exercise bike for quilt holder duties. You may think you are seeing double and you sort of are, LOL. They are different but subtly so. I think that these would work for either a boy or a girl.

If you read my last post you know about the over calculation I had done on the 1st top. By the time I decided to do another with the extra strips I had cut, I was out of a few of the fabrics.

2nd one

1st one

I was able to squeeze out just enough fabric for the narrow flap and binding for both quilts from the same yardage----woohoo! The only thing that remains is to cut some fabric for backing and then we can pin these at the next meeting. These are such a snap to quilt up too which makes them even better for pro bono tops using as many colors as you want or as few.

So what is next? I was talking to Pat this afternoon on IM and said that I should just close my eyes and reach in the UFO hamper and pull out whatever my hand grabbed first and finish it up. I should be making an effort to empty that thing as I want the space for something else!

A phone call from my mom this morning told me that she and my dad had disassembled an old treadle machine into three sections for transport. They are in purge mode right now tackling the attic and some other rooms in the house. "Less is more" after all. DJ said he didn't understand why they were clearing stuff out---wasn't hurting anything up and out of the way, LOL. The out of sight, out of mind philosophy for him, obviously! (thought you would get a kick out of that, Mom) I had mentioned on one of the trips back this summer that I would not mind having it "some day" but of course, it may have been promised to my sister or sister-in-law who also sew. Mom has had it for some time and it once belonged to the church my dad pastored. The church women sewed for one of the local hospitals at the time. Well someday is going to come a lot sooner than I thought. I guess I know what we will be hauling back in the car next trip back. I haven't told DJ that yet, LOL.

I DID pull out a project bag and it looks like some string blocks that Theramae had made are next. I planned to sash and cornerstone them for a larger top and some of the sewing is already done. I don't think I have to make any blocks to go with it but will count up again to be sure.

It has been a pretty quiet day otherwise---just the way I like it. I took the day off from walking so slept in a little bit though Skyler was bound and determined that I get up at the summer schedule time. I ran a couple errands, fooled around a bit on the computer mostly answering email and looking for a particular recipe that I may try tomorrow. Guess that's it for today's post.


  1. My husband's family had a treadle machine. He learned to sew on it.
    He thinks their is nothing like them. He can sew better than I can.
    We needed seatcovers for our Jeep, so he made some!! Enjoy your blog Linda. Come and see me on my blog sometime. Love to have you.

  2. These tops look great!
    What a score to end up with a new to you sewing machine - and a treadle to boot! You can't beat the stratight stitching on those machines. I have one as well - but mine was converted to electrical power some years ago when that was in vogue. I always thought it would be fun to explore putting the belt back on and pumping that treadle again.


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