Oct 13, 2009

meeting day

Today was our quilt meeting day. Since I have been quilting all last week, I personally do not have any quilts to share but our friend Lois did. I told her as I snapped pictures that here was some "blog fodder", LOL.

Tennessee Waltz--Eleanor Burns pattern--a little girl somewhere is going to adore this one

Traditional pattern--Squares Within Squares. She put lizards at center and it has a fun backing---a boy should love this one.

I think this one is pretty cool and made a little dent in her 2 1/2 inch squares stash. Some of the fabrics in here might be from Linda C or that might be the top that she was preparing to pin?? It is almost a joke between the two of them. Linda gave up on her scraps too soon if Lois whips them up into something interesting later.

I had intended to sew some 3-D bowtie blocks at the meeting today but when I opened up the sewing machine carrier I realized that I had left the open toed foot on my Jem rather than the 1/4 inch foot. The feet, bobbins and other accessories were 10 plus miles away at home. I DID make a couple of them but just to show Linda C how to make one and one to play with so she could remember how it was done by the time she got home. I'm set up now at home to do a few more this evening.

Since I had been machine quilting all last week, I had taken the last two days "off" leaving off eight block into the last one in the stack. I had found that next to last one had some issues and would need a border removed and re-pinned so that one was taken to its maker to straighten out. Marking my FAB challenge top was the only quilt related thing I did other than surfing with Norma online for some donation quilt ideas and such.

I pinned that top this morning. Lois had a couple tops and 2 world map panels from Joy were pinned with Jane's help. I kept busy laying out the blocks for my strip twist top since I had plenty of room to spread it out on the fellowship hall floor. We went out for lunch a shop that re-opened under new ownership just down the road from the meeting place.

Guess that's it from this entry. Hope you have had a good day and thanks for stopping by--------


  1. Thanks for sharing...it is always fun to *see* what other quilters are creating! :)

    Hope you and Norma found some fun patterns to use!

  2. Thank you for sharing. I like the way the quilts are hung between the door on a rod for the photos.

  3. I love the quilt made from the 2 1/2" squares.....could it be that wonderful green that she used to frame the squares? LOL


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