Nov 24, 2009

A finish

Okay, the challenge top is done about an hour ago. I don't know how successful I was with this one. Now that I look at it, that red piece looks too bright in the picture but in person not so much. Maybe because the plaid reading more as a dull red from a distance? Actually I had put more of the plaid piece in there first and ripped it off as there was not enough contrast and now I am second guessing that decision.

Some of the fabric is from my stash, others were donated so it has found a new home. SOOO I will say what Pam says---IIWII and done is a good thing since the deadline was a week away. Only thing left is the binding seaming. I should have pics of the other Belles efforts next week and will post.

Skyler just popped up here as I loaded pics to the computer. Don't ask me what he wants---a mouse and a squishy toy are sitting there but he wants neither of them. A puff ball instead or more pets?? Funny boy!

Jane called this morning with an invitation to join her and Aline for a movie this afternoon plus a stop for lunch and a Hobby Lobby run. She picked me up about 11 and off we went. I've hardly been out of the house lately except to run errands so it was good to have a girls day out.

Tomorrow it will be cooking day. If we are going to have Thanksgiving meal at noon time or thereabouts, I want to get as much prep work done as I can. Not unlike a lot of women in that regards. You'll know where to find me--I'm the one in the red chef's apron, LOL.

If you are so inclined, please say a prayer for my BIL Rick who is recuperating from heart surgery done today. Sister Diane said that surgery went well, praise God. THX

Guess that's it for now-----


  1. Are those mitered corners, I see? good job on the Challenge Quilt :)

  2. Nice finish on the challenge quilt!

    Good news on your BIL's health. We will be remembering him in our thoughts and prayers as he moves through recovery.

    Holiday meals are such a lot of work on the prep side, but well worth the effort. Happy Thanksgiving!


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