Feb 8, 2010

FAB reveal

After the last of the FAB challenge packages arrived, it was time to round everyone up for the reveal. The challenge fabric was a piece that reminded us a bit of winter sky so it was dubbed "Baby, Its Cold Outside" but a winter theme was not required.

Norma had my name this round and made me these lovely placemats to brighten up a dreary winters day. The florals were some she had used when she and I were sewing together in cyberspace on our Daisy Chain tops. Additionally, she made me this wonderful sturdy tote bag that is lined with the same fabric. See the butterflies on the bag outer fabric? I love it!

I had Cher's name this time but got in such a hurry to mail it out that I did not take a picture of the completed project. She will post the small wallhanging I made her on her blog if you follow the link.

What fun! From the chat we 5 were having we all had fun making our pieces, changed our minds umpteen times about what we wanted to do and outdid ourselves again. Now I want to see some pictures, LOL!


  1. I still can't believe that package only took a week to get to your house this time! It seems funny to think that those items were sitting on my sewing surface but a week ago--now they made their way all the way across the continent to your house! What a fun challenge this one was!

  2. Hi Linda...thanks for stopping by fabricmom. Glad to hear we have a dear friend in common. The snow was nice while it lasted. Now we have big puddles.
    Love the place mats and tote bag you received. Hope you have a blessed day.


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