Feb 4, 2011

Design Wall Friday?

Or today's project, LOL. The base for the SPRING Nancy Halvorsen seasonal wallhanging from her "In Seasons" book.

I figured while I was cutting I would get that rolling too---even though I still have a February QOM and a birthday present to finish first.

I pulled some of the applique motif stuff and that is what you see hanging around the periphery. That and some pieces I cut to audition on the base. Live with it a bit before I sew it.

And this is what the one on the book looks like. My borders will not be so olive green in color. I can't begin to replicate those fabrics in the first place but it is fun to raid the plaid and strips box anyway.

Once I get the base assembled I plan on starting one of the kits---Right Angles featuring a girl's sports fabric Red Rooster's Sports World. Stay tuned, LOL!

It is pouring down rain and the temps are just a little above freezing. I'm crossing my fingers that my car doors don't freeze up again or the roads get icy and cause havoc for those who have to drive in it.

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  1. good jump on your sewing day tomorrow! er, when is THAT fab bd due?!


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