Apr 12, 2013

A start!---April Showers blog hop schedule

Well, here is the stack of fabric for my next "It's for the Birds" blog hop entree.  Shop the stash first, right?  Or use someone else's, LOL.  Actually I think that I have my mom and my dear departed friend Theramae to thank for a good bit of this.   The beiges, tone on tones were mine and have been used on quite a few projects over the years.  Other stuff, who remembers?  Some I recall, some I do not but I think it will all combine to produce the look I am going for.  I plan on cutting today and starting up the sewing machine.  I have guild on Saturday morning so I may not get back to it till Sunday afternoon.

So the hop has been, as usual, inspirational.  Such talented quilters out there.  The other day someone showed a flower made from two different hexagons, smaller one atop a larger one on the slant as the flower center and then a free form cut leaf.  My eyes perked up there! There is a piece I have wanted to do but am not so nuts about the flower shape on it so this idea may just work.  You never know what little gem might spark your interest!  Well here is the LINK---scroll down!  If I do manage to use this at some point, I am linking back to her again.

Here are today's featured bloggers---again, no hopping on the weekends but they will be back at it come Monday!


Bobbie @ From This to That
Leslie @ Les Quilts
Kristen @ Meadowbrook
Lavonna @ ZellerWear
Lynn @ Thimblemouse & Spouse
Amy @ Sew Incredibly Crazy
Martha @ Living Life
Shawn @ Creative Inspiraciones
Rhonda @ Sunrise at Ravelly's!
Toye @ Quilting Adventures of a Ginger

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