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WIP Weds

Happy Halloween!

This is one I made a few years back----well, I made three of them.  My FAB pals Pat and Norma each have one but it was too darned cute not to make one for ME too.  Amy Bradley pattern in a McCall's magazine, if I recall correctly.

Tomorrow I'll switch out the Halloween stuff in favor of the fall themed pieces.

Meanwhile------my WIP.  The photo below shows how far as I got with the Happy Halloween #BU 19.  The photo jacket calls for tan but the picture looks like a light yellow to me.  After digging around in my stash I came up with this "honey" Moda Marble---mostly because I had enough of it though I still need to piece a bit on the last row of the pattern.  It also shows some bands of green fabric---oh I can come up with that in several shades.   My FAB pal Cher even had something that might work in a box she had gleaned from her sewing room organization project and passed on to me!  Thing is, that green was based on having a green and black p…

Monday check in

I have to laugh at Skyler.  First he rousts me from bed anytime from 0545 to 0630 usually insisting that we go to the kitchen to get his treat bite.  The heck with the crunchies since he ate those all up before he got me up.  Pony up with the good stuff, Mom.

So I head back to the bedroom to get dressed and make the bed and look who crawls back in the sack?  (He was sleeping till I got out the camera and gave him some pets).  Bed is still not made and I'm still not dressed as I'm blogging, LOL.   Pretty chilly this morning so I am debating what to put on more than anything.

Well, how do you follow up a great week of sewing with your buds?  I don't know that you can necessarily. Yesterday I decided to not even start up the machine.   I pulled out my Halloween blackwork piece and later the hat I had started knitting while Cindy was here.  She makes hats and mittens for kids in need at the schools near her as an on-going project.  When she pulled out her knitting needles on Mo…

Retreat---what fun!

Friendship Quilters Guild had the retreat at the Chula Vista Conference Center the past three days----as I have mentioned in previous posts.  This is an Assembly of God no frills facility near Pell City.  We have had sew-in events out there before---quiet, near some water, back in the woods.

The retreat committee allowed us to go as day trippers if we wished while most of the group stayed over.  They started on Thursday morning while I was home "sewing in spirit" with them.

DJ, unbelievably, had decided to play golf on Friday---the first time in a very long time.  The house was quiet, dark. cool---ideal situation for sleeping.   I had not told him to make sure I got up before he left as I have been routinely waking up anywhere between 6 and 630.  I didn't need to set an alarm.   Even if I wanted to sleep in, Skyler gets me up wanting to get his treat bite.  Even he fell down on the job!!  I woke up at 0830 and that was when I was to meet Aline at her house, about 20 minut…

Moving along

Hopscotch top finished up---what I had been working on at the Tuesday sew-in.

Then I moved on to the revised Debby Kratovil Chantal quilt that I wrote about back in THIS POST a few months back.  It is originally designed as a square quilt featuring fabrics from Blank Quilting.  If you like square quilts, you can find the original pattern on the Quilter by Design site HERE along with others from Ms. Kratovil. 

The pieces are large so the assembly is minimal---mine will finish at 7.5 inches to get the size I need for a WTIL quilt in an on-point set.  The diagonal of the blocks always adds a little bit more to the length and width of a quilt.  I cut the background colors over sized so that I will not have to add another border, floating the design.  Using one of the charts for setting triangles I just go about 2 inches bigger than my block actually finishes.  Here is one such reference chart from Bethany Reynolds website.  I keep a copy from Fons and  Porter's Quilters Complete Guide

WIP Weds

Me, working on my current WIP.  Cindy had just finished the joining rows on her 2nd top of the day and I was trying to get the last pieced border on my Hopscotch top before we left for my house.  LOL, she tried twice to get my picture but I kept looking back at my work.

Today I just need to add a 3 1/2 inch border of that same rust print all around and then this puppy will be done!

I'll post a few more pictures later in the week but here is Aline with a top she had recently completed from leftover bits of batiks and such.  It will be large enough for taller person so that is always good.

I've got some batting bits to stitch onto an existing piece that I had already prepped before we can pin it up.   Cindy had brought some fabric to share with the Belles, some large enough for backing---there was a perfect neutral toned piece among the selections.  Woohoo!  Love it when a "plan" comes together!

 And here is my pal Cindy with her first completed quilt top.  Cindy is more…

Design Wall Monday---10-22-12 edition

I declared my part of the great fall clean up detail done after the kitchen floor was mopped.    Then I decided I was going to sew anyway and vacuum it up again if I made too big of a mess.  After all, my friend Cindy knows I sew.  Threads happen!

My design wall shows where I left off last night.  Notice that I did clear it off a good bit and filed the display pieces away for the most part?   I can drag them back again when I'm ready to sew on Christmas stuff.

I got the 12 block assembled for my Hopscotch pattern and moved on to the pieced sashing last evening taking into account that this is directional print.  This pattern is from my fav designer Terry Atkinson but is no longer shown on her website.  You can still get copies if you search them out, however sometimes in the secondary market on ebay.  The link goes to Virginia Quilter who has a good representational group of Atkinson Designs.   I know Norma found a mother lode of her patterns at a different site but I cannot find t…

Break time

Most of the thorough house cleaning is done--at least for me.  After stringing it all out over two days, I am ready for a break!  My two rooms are done, my bathroom and all the dusting in the living room and kitchen.  I'm on my third load of wash in as many days.  Bedding, curtains, table skirt, etc.  Towels, rugs, shower curtain.  Now regular laundry.    DJ has his marching orders for tomorrow to move the kitchen chairs out and sweep/vacuum so I can mop plus vacuum the living room and hall.   I hate to vacuum, he hates to dust so that division of labor works for us.  

I know what I am going to fix Monday evening while Cindy is here and what I will take to the Belles Sew-In on Tuesday.  Just need to get groceries tomorrow.  I already did the Dollar General run along with a stop at the Oriental grocer and the meat market spot that has a 5/$20 deal on some bulk frozen items we use.   It is all getting done.   I got supper covered so just re-heating required.  

So what can I do that wo…

Today's project

between some cooking chores (Fish tacos with avocado sauce and homemade salsa---yummo!) and an errand or two----today's project was getting the Twister Wreath quilted up. I will still need to hand sew the binding back but the label and hanging sleeve sections are also applied. Closer to a finish in fairly quick fashion when you compare how long those donation tops waited, LOL.

Tomorrow I start cleaning, room by room, more than the high spots. Not that it needs it or anything, as my husband would say.  My pal Cindy will be coming down from TN on  Monday in order to be here for the sew-in date on Tuesday spending a couple of nights in our home.   Looking forward to it but no sewing mess for a few days---maybe some hand work with binding or embroidery but frankly I am looking forward to a little break from the machine after hitting it pretty heavy for 4 days on those donation quilts.   I've got three sew-in dates coming up on the 23rd, 26th and 27th so a break may well be in ord…


Well, I just got the 4th one of my pinned donation tops quilted--reaching the bottom of the pile!  Binding and label are also applied.  Pattern:  Bridgecreek Blossom from Atkinson Designs.  Top finished in Jan. 2011----in other words, about time for the last bunch of quilts!

There are other tops in the closet---4 are personal tops and one a pro bono for Friendship Quilters.  All membership is being asked to make 1 donation quilt minimum 45 x 60.  It is in the bylaws that the executive board re-worked and I should know since I had to type it all up along with the minutes announcing it, LOL.

BUT I am planning on quilting up my twister wreath before I close up shop and clean up around here.

I am just glad to be done with this one as I was getting tired of wrestling it around.  Hope you have had an enjoyable day.

some progress

The scene early Monday afternoon----last of the hearts quilted in the lower half of the quilt.  Binding applied by machine and label put on.  Skyler wasted no time in hopping over from the window perch to test it out.

This is a Faux Railroad Crossing quilt in that I used a striped fabric to make the bands rather than string pieced sections.  The striped fabric was a "Pay It Forward" selection sent to me by Over the Rainbow in Washington State.  The picnic fabric in that recent BQ1 completion came from there as well and there is still some more that I have not quite found a use for yet---but will.  I dressed it up a bit with the double heart quilting pattern.  Top was completed Jan 2011 so closer to a finish.

Same spot about 8:30 last night----Skyler is in the recliner with DJ watching TV and napping and by that I mean BOTH of them.  Binding and label to be done today.  This one is a Modified version of Prairie Window from Quiltwoman dot com meaning I left off that last border …

Design Wall Monday

This was yesterday's view.  No sooner did I set up to machine quilt and wind some bobbins then you know who was piling on the quilt.  I had to look high and low to find that new cone of thread that I had ahem, "put in a safe place".  Skyler was taking up residence and of course, I wanted him to decide to leave on his own (he bites!) rather than me make him get down, off the quilt, whatever.

 I even went so far as to put the regular sewing foot on the machine and started laying out Hopscotch sections only to find out I had lost 2 of the HSTs.  Thankfully I found a bit of the background fabric up in the bin as it was NOT in the kit box for some reason.   After I had those whipped up he decided to vacate to the window perch for a nice long nap.  I got all the locking lines done and half the motifs I had put on the top so will finish that up today.

The Design Wall
Honestly I need to take some of this stuff down
 and put it in the Christmas pizza box.   It is looking too cluttere…

Saturday check-in

My Saturday started a little earlier than most as DJ and I HAD to get up in time to be downtown at the  Pancake & Sausage breakfast at Jane's husband lodge.  They do these 3 or 4 times a year Jane and Hugh are so kind to share tickets with us.  We had somewhere to be by 9:30 with about a 40 minute drive in between.

Today was also Friendship Quilter's guild meeting day, being the 2nd Saturday of the month so Jane, Terri and I would shoot over on AL 78 to Pell City after we ate, leaving the husbands to fend for themselves.   We got there plenty early to have time to visit with some of the gals ahead of time and hang the Show and Tell items we had.

Jane had gotten both of the QOVs bound but the coordinator was to have made the label for it.  Jane was stitching it on at the meeting so she could leave them both with the coordinator.  The latest word is that the Veteran's Home is open on November 1 with a ribbon cutting and tour of the facility.  The guild's goal is to a…

WIP Thursday

Yesterday's project----get the twister wreath to flimsy.  I had asked DJ to hold it up so I could get a picture but he and Skyler were entrenched in the recliner at the time.  He didn't want to crawl out of the recliner and disturb the cat.  I just temporarily pinned it to the wall hanging on the sewing room door and snapped it that way.

Marilyn had called me last night to see if she could possibly work out a swap with me for some "green" fabric.  She is doing  that Sentimental Journey 2010 BOM from Block Central with the JOY group.  Lovely quilt, huh?   But her version will use a lovely pink floral as the focus piece and I think greens, burgundies rather than reds and browns.    What would I want in exchange? she asked.  I knew she had a bolt of backing fabric at the meeting on Tuesday and said a yard of that would be fine provided I had something that would work.  She and her mom would be over across the lane getting their hair cut at our mutual hair dresser'…

meeting date

Meeting date today---fun time!   We had a special guest---one of the girl's cousin was here visiting from Indiana.   We also had a "not originally planned" potluck lunch that allowed us to keep sewing/cutting/playing without losing time.  Miscommunication may have set it up but it worked out just fine!

Teresa had her pink rag quilt done and just about ready to turn in but washing had made some pills on the back that she wanted to de-fuzz.  I am sorry that I did not get a picture taken of it to share.

I also failed to get a picture of the fall Log Cabin blocks that our guest had won in a block lottery from an online Facebook group.  They were gorgeous!  Sorry about that too but I was sorta busy today and dropped the ball.

This one is called Night and Day, I believe.  I think Lois said it came from Quilt in a Day and there was an easier way to piece this than you might originally think.  LOL, I'll take her word for it!  I did mention that something like this is supposed …

WIP Monday

Today, overall has been a fairly laid back day.  PJ day literally for far longer than I should admit to.   I didn't have anywhere I needed to go.  No one was dropping by.

Oh, the laundry got done.  Files and pictures got organized a bit better.  Norma, Cher and Pat were in and out to keep me company in chat.   My mom called to tell me about their recent trip to Denver-----my oldest nephew Blake was married this weekend to a lovely girl named Julia!!  Woohoo there.  I switched out some of the summer clothes for the fall/winter wardrobe.  I fixed some Chicken Gnocchi soup to take to Belles tomorrow for an impromptu potluck with our sewing project day.  I packed up my stuff to take to Belles tomorrow.  Eventually I finally got dressed but only because I needed to go out to use the grill for supper.  We enjoyed watching the Cardinal-National game too.

Still , no sewing till 7 p.m. and even then I only did a pile of  half square triangles for 12 blocks of the Hopscotch quilt I talked abo…

more twisting

Here is the finished up Halloween row---first of about 7 or 8 we have planned.

You may be wondering what size the block 2 x 2 grid blocks finishes with 5 inch cut squares and 3 inch border sections----9 inch finished, 9.5 with seam allowances.  Nice size for a row quilt if you are involved in one with your quilt group.

Norma and I were debating about how wide we wanted to make our rows.  I said I was going to start with 36 inches and adjust with spacers and/or make more blocks if I change my mind, aiming for lap sized quilt.  Our inspiration piece has a silhouette of a tree in a night sky but I don't know if I will do that part----we'll see. 

I got the Christmas wreath base seamed together and started cutting so the girls can see what this might look like "in person".   leaving the last bits uncut for demo purposes.  I think they will be able to see what is going on with the cutting, leaving me a bit to cut and finish up.  Even if I DID cut out my whole piece, I could …

Twistin' the night away---twistin'.............EDITED!

This is how I spent the last few days----machine quilting this monster donation quilt.  Really it was about time as this was the challenge quilt fabric choice for 2010.  The quilt was done in December of that year.  Yesterday all I had to do was the top and one side of the quilts piano keys and put on the binding.

Then I started piecing the giant 4 patches that will become the twister row for a Halloween row I will be doing with some of the FABS.   I called it quits when I had the longer pieces of the 4 blocks' "borders" to apply.  They are on now and ready for me to get out the twister ruler.

We are using some elements of a quilt we saw on anna lena land as inspiration.  I also ordered the Spooktacular Row quilt kit from Connecting Threads as I needed the fabric.  The pattern is gravy!  I like the cats face row and the candy corn row the best so they will probably be used in my version.  You can see some of the fabrics from the kit in the twister block starts above.  OR …