Dec 14, 2006

Christmas party, part 2

A few more pictures to share from the Christmas party. Judy's home was decorated for the holidays and the tables set beautifully in the "sunporch" that overlooks the woods and the lake. Each place setting had a pomander (picture below) for us to take home matching the gold charger and the gold colored floral piece that she had fastened around it for a napkin (cloth) ring. I should have taken a picture of the tables! Fresh rose floral arrangements on all the tables too.

Judy had purchased this cute arrangement at craft sale---set up on a man's cane

The tomato cage Santa that she found last year--I was trying to tell Mel about this around Halloween so will need to direct her over here to see this. Every quilter should have one of these!!

The pomanders (I've got Linda S's too--yum smell with the cloves)
Jane in the foreground with Judy's "Monticello" quilt in the back---Jinny Beyer pattern

Pippi playing with the tissue paper around a gift Aline had given me

And, the contents of said package, LOL once she got off the package
The "little kitty" nest is set up with one of the SEC quilts that I had completed along with towel covering it. Mostly this is to give her a spot to lay which in NOT on the one I was working on. Spoiled rotten kitty! I can be delusional and think it is on MY terms. Both SEC's are now done except for the opening left for the label---I need to call him to finalize the text for the t-shirt quilt so I can print all three at once.
Veronica, I'll post the mulligatawny recipe on my next post. It would be good with turkey too so might be a good post-holiday meal when you are trying to come up with alternative ways to use the leftovers.


  1. Love the Tomato Cage Santa!!! Especially the quilt Coat....It's a keeper.

  2. That is the exact quilt hanger that I am looking for.... Any ideas where she found it?

  3. Judy's decorations are wonderful!! Love the super tall Santa! Her quilt is also just gorgeous! From far away you can't tell it's a log cabin variation, but closer up...there it is! Sounds liek a super party Linda!

  4. I love the Santa on the cane -- reminds me of the last scene from Miracle on 34th Street *s*


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