Dec 5, 2006

not much happening

Pippi on her scratchy box. One of her little safe spots to be that is out in the open. They sent her home from the animal shelter with one of these almost 10 years ago. The mouse is largely ignored though she used to routinely toss and throw them around, many times losing them under the opening at the coffee table base. The little blue thing sticking up at the end of the box is rubbery tennis shoe shape that came with some Reeboks that I stuck a little chain through for more dangle enticement. She will pluck that out of the edge of the box and drag it up the hallway to me like a mouse she has caught, mewing all the way. She doesn't do this as often as she used to but still enough to make me laugh at where I might find it in the morning

Not much happening here--the creeping crud symptoms continue but perhaps a better night's rest. I mostly feel like someone ran a weight up and down the length of my body and have zip energy. Yesterday I managed to cut up a bunch of my purple fabrics in either 6 1/2 inch squares or 5 inch nickels for the "thank you" for the fill in person in our round (and some for me as well) . Actually I needed to find space for some of that round robin/fats purchases from last month-- this method seemed as good as any. Can't bring anything else in here without using something else up first. Some got tossed (poly cotton or just sick of that piece) but I have a nice pile of bowties cut and some 2 inch strips to add to the strip basket.

Other than that, just pressed miles of binding for the commissioned quilts and two WTIL tops. Took a nap which I rarely do--DJ was so sweet and came in and put a throw over me. (I was on the bed fully clothed so I had not pulled up the covers) Today I am going to make myself go pin these SEC quilts in a few minutes since I unearthed the batting rolls from the sewing room closet. I doubt I will feel much like quilting them once I get home. As far as I know, our guests are due back sometime tomorrow evening for a couple of days. If my husband gets the phone call, I wish he would discourage them from coming and let them get up to their son's house in NC a little quicker. We are both not well and he has no business dragging out to the golf course for 2 rounds of 18 holes in the cold weather mornings. It might get up to 40 or 50 by afternoon but it is supposed to be below freezing most of the week. Neither of us has the energy to want to clean up the house again either.

Tonight is the round robin pass off thing. DJ was going to go with me for the BBQ but he didn't want to stay long. It will take some time to show the quilts so I am guessing that he will decide to stay home if he doesn't feel any better than he does this morning. I can't blame him and can't help but wonder how many of the spouses are going to show up anyway. I'm going to take my digital camera so I should have some pictures to share--there are 14 quilts so not all in one post anyway. You haven't even seen the ones from the other group of 7--just the ones I have had in my possession minus one from Aline who might check my blog.

DJ had to run the neighbor down to the gas station and left instructions for me to pull the clothes out of the dryer about NOW so best get going. I guess whites were getting low, LOL.

(Norma, I think I got the email thing straightened out now? Let me know--I knew the setting was okay in one spot but forgot about the profile thing. Changed the picture while I was at it too)


  1. Cuuuuuuuuuute cat! Hope you're feeling better soon!

    God bless :)

  2. The more I read, the more I find that a lot of cats are a lot alike!

    My girl loves her scratcher (luckily she demo'ed it for my MIL who was convinced that the cats would destroy our furniture) & my boy talks with his mouth full of cat toy!

  3. hope you enjoy the RR hand off. If nothing else it'll be a few minutes distraction from feeling bad :-)

  4. Oh, I would love to see pictures of all the quilts for the RR. I might remember a few of the ones you showed us along the way. I'd like to find out what others did on their rounds!

    I hope you get to feeling better. Hubby got sick and tho they said it was a 10 day flu, he said that last night he thought one more day and he would feel all better...just 5 days into the start. I go overboard with keeping away from him, but I have so far missed getting sick, so who's nuts? I can't get sick, with my condition it would take me a month to move again, so careful and rediculous works for me!!

    DJ needs to point out to his friend that you guys are awfully sick just incase he wants to keep driving. I bet he chooses to not stop!

  5. Looking forward to the RR pictures! I hope you are taking good care of yourself - it's good that you were napping. How awful to be sick this time of year.

    What cute stories about your cat! I want a little kitten so badly but DH says no, we aren't cat people. I tell him to speak for himself. For someone who isn't a cat person he sure likes to entertain our daughter and son-in-law's cat!

  6. Hi Linda,Pippi is so lovely!!!! Fantastic your RR!!!!!

  7. I bet you are going to breathe a big sigh tonight when the RR is officially ended *s*

  8. Take care of yourself. I've been fighting the creeping crud since last Thursday. I thought I was getting better, but I was wrong. Extra rest never hurt anyone.


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